Buying Ammunition Online, Our Top GoTo Places to Shop

Opinion: Here are AmmoLand’s top ammo retailers that we use to get the best prices when buying ammunition online for our guns.
AmmoLand Editor’s Note, ammunition prices that are shown in online seller’s screen-grabs are only valid at the time of the article publish date. Internet ammo prices always subject to change.

Buying Ammunition Online, Our Top Ten Places to Sho
Buying Ammunition Online, Our Top Ten Places to Shop

USA – -( Lower Prices, bundle deals, discounts, and convenience are just a few words that come to mind as to why buying ammunition online is a good idea.

Often prices at retail are nearly double the online prices, which, for the avid shooter, makes life a touch more difficult. Online sales of ammo typically help you avoid sales tax unless you live in the same state as the company itself, however, in most cases, you can save your self 8-10% on your purchase by purchasing online. If sales tax saving is not enough, online shopping provides much deeper inventory opportunities.

These days, and due to public pressure and anti-gun measures, many major storefront ammunition retailers have eliminated ammo sales from their operations. While this seems like a loss for the public, it strengthens the ability to support real pro-gun industry and 2A supporting companies. Here are our top ten online ammunition retailers in no particular order.

Buying Ammunition Online, Here Are Our Top Ten Places

Brownells Bullets Ammo Buying Ammunition Online your place for Bullets, Ammo and Buying Ammunition Online.

Brownells, Ammunition Sales:

Led by the Bureau of Propaganda, Brownell’s own staff who’s unafraid to troll the folks down in Bentonville and stand up to the digital powers in California, Brownells offers a smooth process for selecting, buying and shipping. The Brownells website features make it easy to quickly narrow down what you need by ammo subcategories and even price range. Brownells understands the needs of shooters and even help you narrow in on price per rounds and display in real-time what is on clearance sale. [check AmmoLand’s page tracking the best of Brownell’s ammunition deals]

Choose from Handgun, Rifle, Rimfire, and Shotgun on an easy-to-use scroll down menu and sift through over 3,500 options to find what you need for your weekend at the range or to stock-pile your safe room. Brownells has a fair shipping policy with the free shipping threshold starting at $99 with coupon codes.

Sportsman’s Guide, Ammunition Online:

Sportsman's Guide bullets ammunition sales bargain
Sportsman’s Guide: bullets, ammunition, and sales bargains.

The Sportsman’s Guide club membership of $49.99 per year provides ample value for purchasing ammunition online. Not only does Sportsmans Guide give you a variety of options when buying ammo online for handguns, shotguns, and both rimfire and centerfire rifles, Club Members never pay a penny for standard shipping on orders of $49 or more, and they give you 5% off on guns & ammo daily. [AmmoLand tracks Sportsman’s Guide ammo bargains here.] Sportsman’s guide has highly competitive pricing on bulk 1,000 cans of .223 ammunition and all the hunting ammunition you need for your season.

Gorilla Ammunition, High-Quality Ammunition:

Gorilla Ammunition Premium Quality Ammunition
Gorilla Ammunition Premium Quality Ammunition

Unlike others, Gorilla ammunition is its in-house brand manufacturing popular calibers for hunting, target shooting, defense, subsonic, and polymer. According to their website, they host one of the few in-house ballistics laboratories among manufacturers equipped with pressure sensors and Oehler 85 Acoustical velocity & targeting system to build the best ammunition possible. [find Ammoland’s page tracking the news & deals at Gorilla Premium Ammunition here] Free shipping is available when you buy ammunition online over ten boxes. Additionally, Gorilla Ammunition offers firearm parts through their store. Don’t forget to check out their great apparel available as well.

True Shot Gun Club:

True Shot Gun Club Screengrab
True Shot Gun Club Screengrab

True Shot Gun Club is full of options to outfit your gun room, from brand-name ammo from CCI, Aguila, and Hornady ammunition to gun parts and deals on premier shooting sports brands. True Shot Gun Club is dedicated to providing shooters with the best prices on quality bulk ammo to allow our customers to spend less money and spend more time at the range. The company was started on Jan 1st, 2017, and is veteran owned and operated. Their aggressive ammo pricing and dedication to customer service have allowed us to make a huge impact on the industry as we continue to grow!

Primary Arms, More Ammo Deals:

Primary Arms, More Ammo Deals
Primary Arms, More Ammo Deals

Primary Arms hosts over 24 brands of ammunition, including Sig Sauer, Barnes, and Sellier & Bellot all available buy online through their website. Both handgun and rifle rounds are available in both popular centerfire and rimfire calibers, and Primary arms host some of the most reliable brands like Federal, PMC, and Hornady. In addition to ammo Primary arms is also home to full lines of firearm parts for popular caliber guns such as the AK-47, the AR-15, AR-308, and handguns. [check AmmoLand’s page tracking the best deals at Primary including ammunition.]

Sportsman’s Warehouse, Clearance Ammo:

Sportsman's Warehouse, Clearance Ammo
Sportsman’s Warehouse, Clearance Ammo

Sportsman’s Warehouse is a time-honored brand known amongst sportsmen across the country who buy ammunition online. They proudly host 12 popular brands which equate to over 287 individual ammo SKUs of available rifle, shotgun, and pistol ammunition to buy online. Sportsman’s Warehouse might be a waterfowl hunters’ best friend as they position their steel shot ammo competitively. [Ammoland’s deals page for Sportsman’s Warehouse] You’ll want to check this site out if you hunt ducks and geese before your trip to the blind.

Botach, Surplus Ammo:

Botach Ammo Store Retailer Bargain Price Coupon Codes
Botach Ammo Store Retailer Bargain Price Coupon Codes

Everything you need to outfit your tactical shooting needs and to outfit your wardrobe with street clothes from Adidas and Under Armour. If you were disappointed in “Richards Sporting Goods,” look no further than Botach when you need to buy ammunition online. Twenty-four brands and 143 SKUs of ammunition. Botach features not just popular calibers for handgun, centerfire, and rimfire rifles but also provide opportunities to buy defense ammunition online with options such as SDI 12-Gauge 60-Caliber 3 Rubber Ball Round and the SDI 12-Gauge Bean Bag Round. [Check out all the great savings we have recoded at AmmoLand’s Botach deals page.] Don’t forget to pick out a great deal on ammunition storage while you shop as well.

Optics Planet, Brand Name Ammunition Cheap:

Optics Planet, Brand Name Ammunition Cheap
Optics Planet, Brand Name Ammunition Cheap

To finish up the top ten places to buy ammunition online, it would be remiss if we left out the expansive options available on Optics Planet. With 476 ammunition products to choose from, you’ll be able to find what you need for every gun you have. Optics Planet gives hunters and shooters alike consistent discounts on ammunition and shows you the percentage savings. [track AmmoLand’s deal page for Optics Planet here.] Optics Planet also allows you to compare attributes of ammunition side-by-side with each other.

Buying ammunition online gives you options, discount values, and the ability to find great bundle deals to save you money and time. With a bit of planning and persistence, you can take advantage of what is possible through our top ten online ammunition retailers.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, Ammoland will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.
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SG Ammo is another great place.
Target Sports has free shipping on case lots.


Check out in OK.
Great prices huge selection,and fast shipping.

Dave in Fairfax

Jason, I use to find exactly what I’m looking for at the lowest prices at that exact moment. They check all the suppliers, and allow searches with a wide variety of filters. They update the search every several seconds and remove items as they get outdated.


And, it let’s you compare shipping charges, too!


SG Ammo has been my bulk Ammo connection for years. Lower shipping costs than most and good prices. It’s to bad they started charging sales tax in September, but they all seem to be doing that now. There are a couple left that don’t still so the total prices are better on sale items. “Prepare for the revolution”


SGA Ammo online better than any one of these list by ammoland!!!




I’ve bought ammo from most on that list. I can’t believe targetsportsusa didn’t make the list. Free shipping always in bulk. And they offer ammo prime for $95 a year with free shipping on any amount and with discounts.


Some of those places shipping charges are horrible..

Target sports, CDNN and grab-a-gun are three good ones..


Really? CDNN only has 26 different items for ammunition – total!
GrabAGun’s search is horrible.

MBeach222, TargetSports, LuckyGunner, Academy…


Ammunition depot and Angelfire are both sources I’ve used in the past in addition to those already mentioned.

I quit using Sportsman’s Guide after years of buying from them either on line or at their store in South St. Paul. Their Buyer’s club has over doubled in cost since I first became a member. I can o to Cabela’s virtually any day and get as good of a price on ammo as their “5% off” at SG.


Ammoseek lead me to and I really haven’t been able to find any place with better bulk prices and shipping. Their single box shipping sucks though.


Here is my search for 2 boxes of Federal 300B 180 grain 300 Savage. Prices include tax and shipping to Rochester, Minnesota.

Target Sports $80.01 Cheshire, CT 06410
Foundry Outdoors $73.68 Bedford, NH 03110
Outdoor Limited $82.63 High Point, NC 27263
Sportsman’s Guide $85.86 St. Paul, MN 55075
Brownells (Win 150gr) $89.39 Grinnell, Iowa 50112
Palmetto (Win 150gr) $86.41 Columbia, SC 29210
Natchez $98.86
Gorilla 3 pistol and 5 rifle calibers
Rainier Arms Nothing
Primary Arms Nothing
Sportsman’s Warehouse $64.14 Pick up in store is the only option
Botach Nothing
Optics Planet Nothing


I checked a few of the other suggested vendors:

SGAmmo $75.06 Stillwater, OK
Vizard’s $70.81 Tamworth, NH
AmmunitionToGo $94.62 Houston, TX
Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore $78.80 Heath, OH
Midway USA $91.31 Columbia, MO


For years I consistently find the best deals and quality ammo (every caliber I need) through I recomend them highly.


Why leave out LuckyGunner, the best of the best? Order on Wednesday and shoot Friday every single time.


The shipping charges..


I’ve also used Surplus several times with good results. Their prices and customer service have been excellent.


I’ve been happy with my purchases from


I also like Natchez and Freedom Munitions. rcorrino I believe Freedom is in Cal.


Freedom is in Lewiston, Id. As well as RMR Bullets.


Freedom munitions is now owned by lax ammo.
Another fine place to order from.
I just got 300 rounds of 45 win mag from them.

Sam in New Hampshire

DO NOT TRUST SPORTSMAN’S GUIDE. In July of 2020 I ordered 1,000 rounds of Winchester “white box” 124-grain 9mm FMJ. Including just three dollars for shipping, the price was $241.48 — 24 cents a round. After a while, they estimated the ship date to be 10/27/20.  Over the next YEAR AND A HALF, they changed the estimated ship date to 4/25/21, then 7/24/21, then 10/25/21, then 6/4/2022, and finally — after I mailed a check for the original amount in March of this year — they said they couldn’t fulfill the order.  Translation: “Piss off, we were never going to honor your sales contract… Read more »


Exactly why I cancelled my membership.

Dry gulched

It’s nice to see everyone on here arguing about ammo instead of buying it when you could find it a year or two ago. Natchez is my go to. They have it in stock and prices are good. Hang loose and never, ever give up your guns.

Wild Bill

Or solvent traps.

Dr. Strangelove

I’ll bet that there are still a few bump stocks out there, too.


I’ve always got my best bulk ammo prices through Natchez.

Hankus is a good place to hang out.


I’ve never understood why Ammoland pushes the SCAM site Botach. This company preys on Americas first responders. Botach is ripping off your readers Ammoland.


amoland survives on advertising money ,so yes they take from good and bad you are supposed to check prices let the buyer beware


I’m surprised LAX ammo was not on the list, they carry a lot and have great offers.
I got 300 rounds of 45 win mag ammo a few months back at great prices.
They also own freedom munitions.

Free Shipping for orders over $99! Ducking fantastic and fast.

Allen B

I’ll stick with Super Vel for 9mm


Sorry to say it, but my online experiences buying ammo were not positive. Cost Savings were eaten up by exorbitant Haz Mat Fees and High Shipping Costs.


Left off targetsportsusa and a few others. Some of those listed charge insane shipping. Target sports is free by the case. Ammo is 100% more than it should be and was just 2 years ago.


SGAMMO free shipping over $200.00. But I have seen the prices be a bit more than others these days.They used to have real good deals before the sweet & sour sniffles. But then everything is crazy these days. And they got bills to pay too. I do like how fast they package & ship.


Most of the ones contained in this article are some of the higher priced ones. And Most charge OUT OF STATE SALES TAX. I can find much better ones myself, and no, I will not give you my secrets.

Dr. Strangelove

Well, la-dee-da.

Wild Bill

You could’a been a hero.


Bill, I was thinking he could mean to buy directly from the manufacturers, but with the exception of Federal and sometimes Hornady there’s really no savings in that anymore. That ole boy does keep his secrets don’t he?

Wild Bill

Yes, he does. Had he shared his secrets with this small but illustrious group of readers, he would have been a superstar!!


Bill, I can only assume he has his own reasons for it. Disclosure of that information would had made him very popular on this site.


Can someone make a list of online vendors that will ship to California, to your address, if you have an FFL3/COE? A lot of online vendors won’t do this even if it is completely
legal. The only ons I know of are Brownells and PSA.


Ammoseek is good, but not all inclusive. For example, a couple years ago Natchez had been on them, then were not. The big cheese at Ammoseek said it was because Natchez would not set something up like Ammoseek needed. Don’t know what it was, didn’t really care. Not my businesses.

I still think both companies are awesome and both are on the check list, along with a couple other search sites. Just be aware the seek may not be as complete as you’d think.