‘He Shot My Arm Off!” Video of Foiled Robbery Shows Downside of Crime

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- A California liquor store owner whose quick action with a shotgun Sunday in Norco sent four would-be armed robbers fleeing—one to the hospital and three others into the hands of sheriffs’ deputies—is being hailed as a hero, both locally and nationally, and is another in a growing cadre of armed private citizen fighting back against crime.

The owner of Norco Market and Liquor, identified as Craig Cope, has become something of a national icon, same as last month’s hero, armed citizen Elisjsha Dicken, who fatally shot a would-be mass killer at a shopping mall in Greenwood, Indiana.

AmmoLand reached out to Cope, but did not receive a reply. The voice mailbox at the store is now unsurprisingly full, and a message on the store’s messaging system went unanswered.

Video of the incident has raced across the Internet, complete with audio of the would-be robber screaming in agony, “He shot my arm off! He shot my arm off!” All four suspects are then seen via another security camera fleeing the scene.

Messages left on the store’s website reveal a witty, if slightly macabre, sense of humor among customers and supporters.

One man wrote, “Great place to come get snacks/drinks. Just a heads up, if you come in with an AR, you won’t be leaving with a functional arm.”

Another left this message: “This place is great. If you walk in with cash or card, the cashiers will help you find a fine whiskey or cold case of beer. But if you walk in with a mask and AR15, you’re likely to get your arm blown off.”

Several more messages with a similar perspective have also been left on the website. There is no sympathy for the wounded robber.

Norco Market and Liquor Yelp Reviews Screengrab 8-4-22
Norco Market and Liquor Yelp Reviews Screengrab 8-4-22

Likewise, when the story was reported by KIRO-TV in Seattle and posted on the station’s Facebook page, it garnered hundreds of comments.

One KIRO respondent observed, “That’s one way to disarm a person.”

At this writing, more than 245 comments had been left at the KIRO Facebook page, all of them supportive of the Norco store owner and many reflecting the same sentiments toward the wounded would-be robber.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s office is investigating the incident, captured on the store’s security camera video system. The video shows one masked suspect entering the store, raising a semi-auto rifle toward store owner Craig Cope, only to take a solid hit when the 80-year-old small business owner beat him to the trigger as he attempted to flee after spotting Cope’s gun.

When they were arrested at the nearby hospital, deputies discovered that the getaway vehicle, a BMW, had been reported stolen, and “several stolen firearms” were allegedly inside.

According to Fox News, Cope told a reporter, “I did a lot of hunting when I was a little kid.” The experience evidently paid off as the one shot he fired connected on a moving target.

Cope reportedly suffered a mild heart attack following the incident, but he was back to work Tuesday, according to ABC7 News.

The sheriff’s department released a terse statement that indicated this was a self-defense shooting.

“In this case, a lawfully armed member of our community prevented a violent crime and ensured their own safety while being confronted with multiple armed suspects. This investigation is active and ongoing and no additional information will currently be released.”

The white-haired Cope told a reporter, “Everybody works hard. They got bills to pay. These guys are going to come in and take it away from you. Not here.”

According to at least two different legal websites, California allows the use of deadly force in cases where the intended victim is “reasonably fearful” of rape, robbery, murder, mayhem “or any attack that would cause great bodily injury.” That threshold was definitely met in Norco, as the security video of the shooting clearly shows the suspect raising an AR-15-type rifle and aiming it toward where Cope was standing behind what appears to be a display case on a store counter, presumably for cover.

The three identified suspects come from Inglewood, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The suspect who was shot has not yet been identified. His comrades are being held on $500,000 bail.

It was not the only shooting of an armed robbery suspect on the West Coast this week. A thousand miles to the north, in Auburn, Washington, a 19-year-old man is dead after allegedly attempting to rob a gas station Monday night. The attendant was armed and fired one round.

According to KCPQ, the local Fox affiliate, the dead suspect was also reportedly armed. Local residents have reportedly been alarmed by increasing crime in the area. Auburn is some 20 miles south of Seattle.

While getting a concealed carry permit in California is difficult, up north in Washington, it is easier thanks to that state’s “shall issue” mandate enshrined in state law. The state Department of Licensing told AmmoLand News there are now nearly 654,000 active concealed pistol licenses in the state, down slightly from last month’s record high of 655,700.

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Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Dave Workman
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This man is classified as a hero, to me. One of many everyday heros who
take a stand agsinst evil.


See what happens when the left tries to convince the idiots in government to disarm society? Stupid criminals actually believe it has. Society is safer when criminals don’t know who’s armed.


Hopefully they’ll begin to think EVERYONE else is armed everywhere.

Knute Knute

But, hopefully, they won’t wise up until the herd is sufficiently thinned! 🙂

Wild Bill

Hey Knute! Long time no hear from. I want to put a spring kit in my wife’s Smith and Wesson, J frame, model 360. Will I need any specialty tools?


Thanks Dave for the Throwback Thursday Feel Good Story of the morning. I heard two additional items about the Auburn, Washington attempted robbery. It happened at 1:00 AM and by 5:00 AM the coroner had removed the debris and the store was cleaned and open for business! I also heard an audio clip of the father of the perp complaining that “his son was in the wrong and should have been punished, but the store clerk didn’t have the right to be his son’s judge, jury and executioner.” I of course sympathize with dad, I’m a parent too, but this… Read more »


I just noticed, the armless perp had what looks like an extended magazine in the black scary AR. Gavin, what say you?


I noticed that too. Wasn’t certain it was Norco California until after I’d checked the text after seeing the vid, but I did notice.That was at least a 20 round mag. I also noticed it was pretty straight, NOT like a mag for 5.56. That was an AR 10. Or close to it. SO he was also violating Clifornias hi cap mag ban Hope he gets charged for that one, too. Along with his perp companions.


this nice old man needs better ammo…..slugs or som of the combo defense rounds make the arm usless


Was thinking the same. Looked to me like he had birdshot and a tight choke. Otherwise I don’t see how perp was able to run off like that.
Birdshot might do the job. When your life is on the line, will you be satisfied with “might?”


The former dad of the ded Auburn perp needs to find a large clean mirror and gaze into it for a long while. He will see the ONE PERSON most responsible for th death of his son. Did he know where his son was during his teen years? Does he know with whom he was ‘hanging out”? No? Then it is HIS fault his son “went bad” God;s Word COMMANDS: FATHERS teach YOUR children. This is one father who failed to do that. Perhaps through his tears he will realise how he has failed his now dead son, and the… Read more »


If you’d ever dealt with anyone truly mentally ill, you might be a bit more sympathetic. At least in California, parents and family have virtually zero authority to do anything. Best one can do is call cops, provide evidence and talk them into picking up the individual and taking them to mental health facility. Then if you can convince a judge, they’ll hold 72 hours. Doesn’t matter if involuntary patient has been there before, or if you provide records from any number of other psychiatrists, they’ll insist on doing their own workup, tests, and diagnosis burning up most of the… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

The robber was lucky that he didn’t get center punched with buck shot or slug. Hopefully he and his co horts have re evaluated his/their lives and decided to live righteously. Carrying an AR is not a crime, but POINTING one at someone can lead to lead poisoning. Criminals like the ones shown tend to die of natural causes —– natural to their line of work. This is why we carry, this is why we are armed. Self defense and defense of others and defense from a tyrannical government. Glad to see the store owner stand up and defend his… Read more »


Well said…

Deplorable Bill

I also have little doubt that they will be back although I hope they have learned their lesson. Yes Sir, if they return, they will likely walk in while putting rounds down range. Gangs are like that. Out here in rural Az. we have a sure cure for terrorists, cartel operators, murders, armed robbers etc. We shoot back. Aiming well and placing your shot in a timely manor tends to work well. To the store owner and everyone else, I would remind you of what you must already know; Be aware of your surroundings, this will give you the edge… Read more »

Knute Knute

One of the big advantages we have as the defender, is that most aggressors, particularly gangs, don’t bother to learn their firearm, or bother to practice with it. Usually not even one round. They tend to just shove whatever they think might fit into a magazine (sometimes loaded in the mag backwards!), and set off to find a victim. If that victim happens to be armed, and also knows which end of his firearm the bullet will be coming out of rapidly, he has enough of an advantage to balance out the surprise attack, which is usually on the side… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Knute Knute

how can you say those words about those fine examples of woke society ……


Not likely. They will be off the streets for a long time. $500K bail each, possession of stoen vehicle, of multiple stolen arms, armed robbery, possession of gun illegal in California (that AR was NOT state compliant), possessionuse of HCM, possible attempted murder, that’s a pretty harsh rapsheet. No jury in Riverside COunty will let them off, If they bring in the feds for possession of stolen firerams, that’s ten years each charge, for each of them. But they’ll probably keep it local, with state charges, having ween BATF go light far too often lately. I think those guys will… Read more »


Criminals parking in the handicap spot !!!!! Mask wearing Criminals !!!! Caught on Camera , Stolen BMW. Coming to OP Nation this weekend. The store owner, was it a rifle or shotgun he defended his own life with. sorry to hear about his heart attack. Brave man returns to work criminal gets shot his buddies get caught. This is the perfect example of how the police will not be able to save your life,This is the reason that the armed citizen should be left alone by Biden and his democratic schmucks., The store owner sure was in reasonable fear ,… Read more »


The robber screaming from good contact was good to hear, but the screams that matter most are the ones of excitement coming from the car. They are having fun endangering anyone they happen to come in contact with, like the store owner. The only cure for those kind of savages is a bullet from a Citizen. Thankfully, the store owner did not die from going in the black with his fight, flight, or freeze adrenaline rush, aka buck fever. That is what folks need to train to control the body, since a gun is not a magic talisman and requires… Read more »


Running to the getaway car, that left arm was flopping in directions
not intended by nature’s design. The perp may have made an accurate diagnosis. The ONLY reason to save that arm, is so Doctors can improve their proficiency through “practice”. Otherwise, Puck the Funk!

Last edited 1 year ago by Ram

The 2nd amendment at it’s most basic showing what the right to defend one’s self with a firearm looks like. It won’t last as long in the news cycle as a “mass shooting”. But at least it’s getting news time. I bet all of the robbers will be back on the streets within a year.


Oh I dunno…… you have tounderstand the Riverside and San Bernardino sheriffs are NOT the same sort as they are in LA and SF counties. They are for law and order, harshly prosecute stuff like this (didjya notice the bail? Have a $Mil each. Ths won’t be a catch and release and rerun event. These dirtbags came up from LA area, and one down from Vegas. Bet they did not realise the mindset of the sheriffs running those towns. With the sheriffs getting on board, praising the store owner, heavy bail, harsh charges for the three accomplices, the stash of… Read more »


The had every right to be there. Some liberal was probably “celebrating” diversity nearby.


Guy I work with is from there. He was just there for a visit last week. One of his friends posted the video. I saw it the night it happened when we were on break, before it hit the net hard. We were rolling. lol


Somebody taking a shotgun blast is quite rare. That’s because shotguns most always gain compliance. Please note that shotguns became one of the few bright spots in the Vietnam war. Because the enemy was terrified of being shot with them. Contrasted to the light hitting M-16 [poodle shooter] that hardly ruined with their day at all.

Knute Knute

That is why my bedroom gun is a double shotgun. Because, first off, no one thinks they can be hit by a shotgun blast and live. That big hole in the muzzle is a very good persuader. Second, I insist on a double with two hammers, two firing pins, two sears, etc. Two guns just stuck together, but no parts common to both barrels that might break. This way I know I have at least one shot, even if the other should fail. My technique is to just pull both triggers simultaneously, throw the empty firearm at the nearest unfriendly,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Knute Knute

These kids are going to end up in the ground. Law abiding citizens have had it.


New York City became the largest municipality in the US to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections .The crime rate continues to escalate daily while the elected democratic politicians do more for the criminals then the law abiding public. As crime rates continue to escalate in democratic controlled cities due to no bail catch and release policies. The democrats continue to abuse the constitution now openly saying that they will subvert it break the law and no longer abide by the supreme court’s rulings. Our federal government is vested in a one party government that is criminal in its… Read more »


So true John. Didn’t that non-citizen voting idiocy get stayed by a judicial decree?


2021 In a vote of 33 to 14, the NYC /NYS Democrat-controlled city council passed the measure known as “Our City, Our Vote.” Under the legislation, noncitizens who have lived in the city for at least 30 days and are legal permanent residents in the US — including green card holders, individuals with workers permits and DACA holders — will be allowed to vote in city elections, including mayor, public advocate, borough president and city council. 2019 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed into law Assembly Bill (AB) 3675, the “Green Light Bill,” on June 17, making New York the 13th… Read more »


Store owner will NOT get sued. No attorney in the area will take the case, no judge in the area will allow it to be filed in HIS bailiwick.