Clearly… ATF Needs to Go as 4 Million+ Face Gun Registration

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives Flag iStock-mirza kadic 1371231628
Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives Flag iStock-mirza kadic

Washington, DC –-( According to an exclusive story published by AmmoLand News, the ATF is about to force millions of gun owners to register their pistol braces as short-barreled rifles, which will then be regulated by the National Firearms Act.

To be clear, this is exactly the type of jack-booted thuggery we’ve come to expect from a morally bankrupt federal agency, which has outlived its usefulness.

According to the AmmoLand News story, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) calls their monumentally stupid idea an “amnesty” because they won’t charge the normal $200 fee for an NFA tax stamp.

Wow. How magnanimous.

Of course, the Bureau’s new rule negates and invalidates all of their previous opinion letters, which told us it was perfectly fine and absolutely legal to install a pistol brace on our guns.

In other words, they told us we wouldn’t have to worry about politically motivated enforcement actions like this if we bought a brace, and an estimated 4 million plus people did.

Then, after Joe Biden declared war on guns, the ATF changed its mind and bent over. Now 4 million law-abiding folks are about to pay a steep price and face having their names entered into a national gun registration database.

ATF Funding Request for Pistol Brace Amnesty Screengrab
ATF Funding Request for Pistol Brace Amnesty

What does this have to do with reducing the skyrocketing violent crime rates plaguing Democrat-run cities across the country? Absolutely nothing. This is just another way for the Biden-Harris administration to screw over legal gun owners.

In fact, this won’t impact criminals at all – it won’t even slow them down. Do you think Joe or Kamala actually believe criminals will register their braced pistols? Of course, they don’t.

Once Biden shuffles off into history, I hope his replacement takes a hard look at the utility of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) because I certainly don’t see any. They have yet to focus on getting guns out of the hands of criminals because they’re solely focused on persecuting the law-abiding.

This plan could turn millions of gun owners into felons overnight. There’s a word for a law or rule that instantly criminalizes the law-abiding – tyranny – and tyranny is what we’ve come to expect from the ATF.

About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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SCOTUS already said chevron could not be applied to criminal law. Turning legally owned pistols into nfa items is criminal, and beyond the authority of the BATFE. WV v EPA, Bruen Heller! McDonald and others all decimate the BATFE claim to authority to do this. As does the Congressional authority to legislate.



Wild Bill

BATFE does have to go. All we need is to elect someone that will write the memo.


Oh but when that happens it will be found unconstitutional, you watch. Think DACA and obummer saying “I know it’s illegal” let the courts fight it out and then President Trump saying, this is illegal we need to reverse this and then the courts said that what Trump wanted to do was unconstitutional.
That alone is proof that our master overseers are corrupt.

Truth Jurist

No, it is not proof, it’s proof that Trump was a dipshit. If he had listened to legal scholars and brought together some legal brain power with conservative ideology, he might have had some lasting impact. His legacy at least at this point is seating some sound conservative SCOTUS Justices, various federal judges, and being impeached twice. Who knows if an orange jump suit is part of his future.


The orange jump suit is not part of his future and is a pipedream of the left just like Jan people were insurrectionists. They are trying everything they can still to stop him from being president again because they like the status quo and the power of the swamp and not how he was tearing it up and messing up their game. That’s why the RINO’s were against him and they are afraid that if they lose that there will be investigations on them and that they will be wearing the orange jump suits. I think we are both smart… Read more »

Last edited 22 days ago by musicman44mag

What a load of BS. Your portrayal of this reveals you as a dipshit. Trump’s picks were all “Federalist Society” sweethearts endorsed by “legal scholars”. All 3 voted with the commies and John Obamacare Roberts to give states the right to steal elections from their own residents and those of other states, denying standing of other states to challenge what the SupCt has clear original jurisdiction and DUTY to hear. His biggest mistake WAS listening to “legal scholars” without doing any vetting of his own.


Yeah, too bad Trump was too busy giving them more authority. By banning “bump stocks”.


One of his few downfalls. I don’t think he wouldn’t make that mistake again but then again he supported oZZ.

Truth Jurist

“Few”? You are kidding, aren’t you? Trump was a loser in every sense of the word. He had two years with Republican control of the House and Senate, and he brought forth nothing of substance. No protection of our rights and privileges as gun owners. And he couldn’t even build a damn wall when he was offered the money by Pelosi in exchange for Dreamers having a path towards citizenship. Some of which had already served in our military and were honorably discharged. Trump thought he would dictate through executive order, only to find out his were struck down at… Read more »


Right. As if Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell weren’t sabotaging Trump the whole time.

Last edited 22 days ago by Russn8r

I think that you are on the wrong web site because your statement sounds like a Kool Aid swallowing sheeple. Let’s take your own comment for an example. You stated that President Trump never served a day in public service like as if a public servant is a good thing while neglecting to realize the current professional liar and thief in office, Joe kamalatoe obiden is a professional politician. Now think about how screwed up things were when President Trump was in office and how screwed up they are now with obiden professional politician coke snorting anti-military, anti-Israel, anti-gun and… Read more »


Just thinking, 4 million users, isn’t that in itself “common use”?

AZ Lefty

There are 125-200 million gun owners making 4 million 2-3% of those based on % not common use. Not disagreeing just throwing hte justification out there


Incorrect. Common use per SCOTUS is 120,000, the number of tazers owned by the public which were determined to be in common use and protected under the 2nd.

SBR’s, suppressors, machine guns and obviously AR’s and AR pistols are ALL IN COMMON USE and thus not subject to NFA garbage.


He’s a troll and a clown yet good at neither, don’t give the imbecil the dignity of a response.


That’s it. Use the same tactics that the left does. You have stated what made precedence in the past and was used to make a ruling. Good job.


When I read the common use verbiage it looks like “in common use for lawful purposes.” To large extent this statement does not depend on how many there are, but how they are used. Thus if there are a thousand and over ten years one is used in a crime once – either 0.1% have been used in crime or per year 99.99% are used lawfully. Sounds like commonly used for lawful purposes. Lefty seems to think we can ban ford mustangs simply because they constitute only a small portion of US automotive fleet. Maybe he’d support banning 2” paring… Read more »


Why do you comment here as we know your a Democrat Obiden troll apposed to freedom and the second amendment ?

Roland T. Gunner

Go away. Ammoland is not a Vichy territory.

Ansel Hazen

Just thinking, isn’t 4 million gun owners about half of III%?

Last edited 24 days ago by Ansel Hazen

Gee, I don’t ever recall seeing a weapon with a pistol brace used in a crime after looking at the pictures of it and I don’t ever recall having to register something that was once legal and then made illegal by the same government entity or recall them coming to your door to take it away from you. I think we are turning more into Nazi Germany every day. Even our stolen election president is copying Hitler with his tactics and speech.

ATF and other alphabet agencies breaking the law for political reasons. It’s all got to go, especially obiden.


As I recall an AR pistol was used in Dayton attempted mass shooting. I had assumed it was braced, but could be mistaken.

Perfect example of exception proving the rule. One singular use of an AR pistol, and one example of police being there and springing into action to end the shooting. Against, vague recollection but I think perp was dropped after shooting two people so not a mass shooting. He was also a warren supporter and vehemently anti-gun — no surprise he failed his tactics and gun skills test (thank goodness).


Isn’t it ironic what he did. Makes as much common sense as a demonkkkrat hasn’t. I hate fast cars and are totally against them, that’s why I drive a Ferrari.


Do you REALLY drive a Ferrari?


LOL. I only own American vehicles all the way down to my Polaris UTV. Proud Americans pay the extra bucks for American rather than support other countries like Subaru and Prius and Kia.


Some proud Americans would buy American cars if they built ones that would last and have some performance. Which is why this American owns two BMW’s. And as for supporting other countries…is that what the billions that were spent on equipment is supporting in Afghanistan and Ukraine?
And one other thing… if you need a part for your American car, and even buy it from a dealer, look at the Made in sticker. Made in Canada, Made in Mexico, Made in India, Made in China. on and on.

Last edited 24 days ago by CourageousLion

an american car means one made before1980s but I have a “new” truck 1993 dodge with a Cummings only parts on dodge that suck dash is electronic and never worked ..made in china

Roland T. Gunner

Did you mingle “BMW” in the same sentance as “performance”? My pair of American Ford Mustangs my around 1500 horsepower between them. American, and unbelievably entertaining to drive.

Last edited 24 days ago by Roland T. Gunner

I liked your post, but the counter stayed “0” when I clicked like.


All cars today have components from all over the world regardless of where they were assembled or what nameplate they bear. Both of my Subarus were assembled in Indiana. Last time I checked, it was still part of the US. The newest one (bought new) is 23 years old and is still going strong and is quite presentable. Ditto for the older one that’s 25 years old. It was bought used in ’05 or ’06. The CD players and cassette decks in both still work. 🙂 I look at it this way. American companies have been outsourcing the jobs of… Read more »

Last edited 24 days ago by buzzsaw

My cars, Motorhome and American made pickup go from 1993 to 2004. My tractor was a JD not a kubota, my dozer was a Cat not a Niponsiki. My silverware, cooking utensils and plates including glass are all made in America. The only thing I have is a knife set made in Germany and a pewter drinking set but they were gifts from relatives in Germany. All of my appliances are Maytag before the merger with Whirlpool. My thousands of dollars of music equipment were all made in America except for Turkish symbols on my drum set and I never… Read more »


It sounds like you have or had a lot more heavy equipment needs than I do. I’m just a suburban homeowner, but my lawn tractor is a JD, from about 1984. I could use a dozier, and some dirt to push up to my foundation and to lessen the slope of that part of my front yard. My house is “brick to grade” but grade is too low and a bit of my foundation, which was definitely not meant to be visible, is. I agree on the musical equipment, though my music tends more to acoustic and classical. My violin… Read more »


If you are referring to the 2019 shooting in the Oregon District of Dayton, OH, nine people were killed and 17 others were injured. Yes, it was an AR platform pistol with an arm brace, that the police stated was ‘designed to be used as a rifle with a shorter barrel’. The perp, a self-proclaimed leftist and Antifa supported, was (allegedly) dropped 32 seconds after he started shooting (definitely an outlier in the reported LE response times).

We’ve been fighting repeated attempts at increased infringement on our God given rights here in Ohio, ever since.


it has happened, have seen at least four in the last two years covered by media.


Cannot give enough thumbs up for this article.


I will remove the brace. Compliance is acceptance of the gun registry effort. Who cares if it’s “free” to form 1 it? This oppression will only get worse after the mid terms. Who staged Biden with the sinister red back lighting for his address? Stereotypical dystopian stage for a speech from the 1st Citizen. Every single thing he accused “MAGA” republicans of… his own party is currently guilty of.


It won’t matter if you remove the brace. The point system will still total out your “pistol” and it will still be an “SBR” under this idiotic “ruling”. FJB.

Last edited 24 days ago by CourageousLion

The point system only applies if there is a brace. No brace, no points worksheet.


Can you send me a link to the sheet? I did read it before and I do believe you are incorrect.


That was my understanding as well. However if this rule is not prevented, what’s stopping them from rectifying the “oversight?” You know the antis will be screaming about this “loophole.”

Worksheet is a minefield. Watched many YouTube videos of people attempting to score their equipment – few believed they scored low enough to pass. Then I read ATF examples, they were far more generous with points – to point I don’t think anything could pass.

in particular- most braces I’ve seen are adjustable. Saw no provision for permanently fixing brace position to eliminate adjustability provision and reduce maximum LOP.


the origina friction-fit Sig/SBT cuff brace and the first generation Shockwave Blade will easily pass the test, others…. not so much.


there is still the point system even without any brace but, there are multiple configurations that will only get two or three points on each of the two pages when you look.


Some people actually want to own a SBR, and won’t object to getting one for $200 cheaper. Many of my guns were purchased in stores, with a 4473, so they’re already on paper. I have numerous AR lowers. If I register one and it gets confiscated 10-20 years from now, that’s fine. I’ll strip all the parts off and hand over the striped lower. I can always ramble the same parts on an unregistered lower later if I want to go full “will not comply”. Lowers are cheap. I’m willing to risk losing a $100 lower someday, and in exchange,… Read more »


Appeasers like you are truly who the 2nd Amendment is meant to be used on to remove from this mortal coil. You are the kind of cowardly person, that gets lots of their countrymen killed by the government. Like you are doing on here by justifying tyranny by law. Check out Sam Adams talking about wealth over Liberty, and that is you. The liberals are at least honest with their hatred of the Constitution, and traitors like you make it to where a socialist enforcer can harm us Citizens over our rights. To any living combat veteran from a combat… Read more »


So according to you nobody should register their suppressor, SBR, SBS or AOW? And never use them in public (or for self defense), just keep them “because?”. Seems to me that using the “items” in question until the questions are settled in court (how many years?) would be the better of the situations. Now I get it, you’re a hard-core, patriotic keyboard warrior and all, but why not tone it down a smidge? It’s not like they don’t already know you’re a sympathizer, you’re not doubt purchased a gun or two with a 4473, or ordered supplies with a credit… Read more »


He’s more just a hardcore moron.


The domestic enemies have learned much from, “Operation Paperclip”.


I thought the number was closer to 20 million. Regardless, this is not legal. We need those lawsuit printers to start going BRRRR!


I’ve read as many as 40 million. In another words, NO ONE REALLY KNOWS! How many companies were selling their versions of braces as well as complete “pistols”? Maybe this will stir up some of the pro gun people in the legislature to put their foot down and stop this absolute bullshit.


A few years ago SIG was selling 14.5″ uppers cheap (for them) and they came with a free pistol brace including the correct buffer tube.


So legal gun owners will have to register there gun, submit their picture and fingerprints. Them after approval engrave their name and city on the gun and have it refinished. I’m sorry I’m and many others are not interested in buying a gun someone else’s name on. It unless it’s Jerry Miculek or Taran Butler. This is one of the major reason I never SBR anything.
NFA and the “AFT” needs to go!

Roland T. Gunner

Do all you gentlemen feel oppressed by your government yet?

I sure as hell do.


If you are just now feeling oppressed, you are a late comer. I’ve been feeling oppressed since I was forced into the cattle farm called “public school” in my early years.

Last edited 24 days ago by CourageousLion
Roland T. Gunner

Well, now that you mention it…


Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Mussolini and the rest of the monsters smile up from the lowest pits of Hell and, are waiting for Biden and his “Crackhead son the join them!

Truth Jurist

And Trump to join them too.


4 million +law abiding gun owners file federal charges against the ATF for trafficking firearms to the Mexican drug cartel(s).Fast & Furious.


“According to the AmmoLand News story, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) calls their monumentally stupid idea an “amnesty” because they won’t charge the normal $200 fee for an NFA tax stamp.”

I don’t think the ATF can “amnesty” and waive the NFA Tax Stamp fee of $200 without the US Congress, as the fee is legislated. Since when can an agency of the Executive Branch override law?

And YES, the BATFE needs to become the BAT, and NFA & CGA need to be found unconstitutional.


“Since when can an agency of the Executive Branch override law?” Since nobody tells them not to. Congress started handing the “fine print” duties to the Executive Branch years ago, completely ignoring the separation of powers doctrine when it was to their advantage to do so. This way they don’t get involved with the icky details and can blame the loopholes on someone else. West Virginia v EPA might be the beginning of a change in that regard. P.S. Hey, Congress! If you don’t think you have the time to write a bill correctly the first time, when do you… Read more »


The concept of a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) is an anachronism. With the advent of powerful handgun ammunition and widespread availability of optics the classification should be removed from the U.S. code (and the States.)

Wild Bill

Why not just repeal the whole thing while we are at it?


When NFA was conceived the idea was to ban handguns. Barrel length restriction was to prevent chopping down long guns to make pseudo-handguns. Thus barrel length restrictions should have gone away with handguns, well before bill was voted on. Leftists argue that SBR and SBS are concealable and “super powerful.” Braces AR pistol with 6” barrel is still over 20” with significant protrusions (grip and magazine) underneath. I challenge anyone to even partially conceal such in an IWB holster, much less fully conceal in a manner supporting quick usage. Contrast to any standard pistol which can be comfortably carried through… Read more »



Lauren Boebert should cosponsor next.


That would be great but, it was introduced over a year ago and, I won’t be holding my breath. Once someone gets power, it’s damn near impossible to get it away from them.


Lots of comments calling for lawsuits over this, and that is good. But unless you are filing your own suit, your indignant words should be accompanied by a sizeable check made out to GOA, FPC, NRS/ILA, and or SAF. Liars lawyers aren’t inexpensive.
Also: call, and or visit your senators and representatives, often and loudly.


Correct. I hear a lot of wailing on these boards. It is time to put your money where your mouth is. The burden of battle is always borne by a very few. All this requires is money.

Dr. Strangelove

I belong to, and contribute to, SAF, GOA, NAGR, as well as my local groups in IA and IL.


it is time to arrest atf agents when they show up ,disarm them put them in a cage ,title 18 is clear and they are in violation the whole bunch including eric holder and obummer need to be in jail crazy joe a rubber room

Wild Bill

It is time for the NRA to tell Trump, “If you want to be president again, you have to get rid of the BATFE … all of it.”


Whoa there Wild Bill, I thought comedy hour started after kids go to bed!


Seems to me it is time for those close to Trump to recommend that he get 2nd Amend. advice from GOA or FPC in his campaign, and in the event that he gets re-elected to ignore Lapierre. Ever since he stood shoulder to shoulder and promoted the “Bumpstock Ban” and “Red Flag Laws” things have gone downhill faster and faster.

Last edited 24 days ago by Considerthis

Being handicapped, a pistol brace is most helpful in enjoyable shooting.
What happened to the ADA?
My pistol brace will be removed. It is attached to the receiver with a big screw. It is easy enough to return it to the pistol’s original configuration or, maybe, replace the brace with a sling mount.
I do not want to participate with an illegal and unconstitutional gun registry.


Lawsuits have to be filed. It should be open and shut.


“What does this have to do with reducing violent crime rates plaguing the country?” My wife asked this question. NOTHING. “Do you think Joe or Kamala actually believe criminals will register their braced pistols?” Actually, I think they most likely wouldn’t HAVE a pistol brace. Why would they? So that they were following protocol while they robbed, raped and murdered? “They have yet to focus on getting guns out of the hands of criminals because they’re solely focused on persecuting the law-abiding.” Actually they were focused on getting guns INTO the hands of criminals. Remember “Fast and Furious“? My question… Read more »

Last edited 24 days ago by CourageousLion

LOTS of ‘mostly’ positive comments regarding getting rid of the bats, NFA and GCA but no one mentioned Ex Post Facto laws, especially ones ‘enacted’ by unelected bureaucrats. Only CONgress can make federal laws, all others are either ‘rules’ or ‘regulations’ – granted once they are codified they in effect have the force of law. Little nuances like that is what keeps the liars oops lawyers ‘gainfully employed’.

Wild Bill

All true!


The NICS Background Check System and CJIS is FAMOUS for ex-post-facto actions.

Who would have ever thought that that is the FBI’s primary mission is to DEFEND OUR civil rights?


Well, my brace went on an 80% build, so I’m more inclined to “lose” the gun in a canoe accident in a nearby irrigation ditch.
“I’ve moved since purchasing the brace Mr. Geheime Staatspolizei agent, and that box of parts got lost in the move, as I haven’t ran across any of the parts in that box since unpacking.”

I just really have an aversion to putting my name on an Unconstitutional list.


This is exactly why we, as gun owners need to look at Constitutional Law on a much broader perspective and front. The battle lines are not just about features and waiting periods but are about the ability of the Administrative State to create law out of the vapors. Current standards such as the Chevron standard need to be rebuked by our Congress. Congressional intent and Congressional wording is the law. Bureaucrats simply enforce it. They do not rewrite it to suit their ideological whims. This goes for canned peas as well as suppressor cans. The law is what the law… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

The courts have recently rolled back Chevron, specifically in regards to criminal prosecutions. But AFT just go about their business as usual, ignoring the law.


epa as well, scotus needs to stomp on atf like the nasty bug it is


THAT IS TRUE (SPLAT), shoud ge done to all of the ALPHABET organizations that think they are above the LAWS, push it for the FBI also, Reign them in also!


Register your firearms…. if you are a chump!!!

The other Jim

The radical Left Democrats and their good friends and anarchists that burned down the cities, broke down our historic statutes and professed “Defund the Police” as they burned police precincts two years ago, now want it all to be forgotten. Hannity did pretty good this week in bringing back the memories of the Radical Lefts attrocities via statements and video.
Idiotic…defund the police; but “Defund the ATF”…now that is true good reform.


If you own any NFA item you are already on a carefully maintained list. So I’m thinking free tax stamps. Unfortunately it does not sound like there is any way to (legally) get a free stamp on what is already a rifle.


They’re talking about pistol stocks on AR pistols. Not rifles.


Democrats learned after Sandy Hook that they can not confiscate without a registry.
Everything since then has been to achieve that registry.
NY’s new law requires a “license” for new semi auto purchases.
FFL’s now keep records forever to be turned over to ATF when out of business (and to be scanned before)
Bringing certain firearms under NFA.
At this point EVERY gun owner can have no doubt that their TOP PRIORITY is to confiscate guns.


Your legal options will be to register, or to remove the brace. Noncompliance is always an option, but let’s be honest: you complied the moment you bought a pistol brace in the first place. Some people want SBRs. I bought an AK pistol with the plan to SBR it. Now you’re telling me that I can do it for free if I 3d print an arm brace for it. And AR lowers? They’re like $60 each. Buy a half dozen lowers, put a brace on ONE, register it, enjoy it for a decade, and hand it over if it ever… Read more »

Last edited 24 days ago by Cymond
Joe in Missouri

This is a perfect illustration of pastor Martin Niemoller’s poem.

When they were coming after others right to self dense using illegitimate “laws” such as the 1968 gun control act, lifted directly from Nazi Germany, the gun community turned a blind eye.

Like Niemoller’s poem says what you ignored is about to bite you in the ass and no one is there to protect you…..

Last edited 22 days ago by Joe in Missouri

Just where in the Constitution is it written that the Government has the right to infringe on our “God-given rights”? The Government is meant to protect us and serve us, nothing more nothing less.

Wild Bill

The answer depends upon what you consider your God given rights to be. For example, do you consider taxation infringing on our God given right to keep what we earn?

Rob J

Piecemeal erosion of the second ammendment. That’s what this is, plain and simple. This is the agenda of Handgun Inc, after they decided to divide into the various anti groups of today and hide behind closed doors, brought to life. It has been happening for decades. Each and every “compromise” is another step forward for their agenda. Every single “compromise” has been forced down the throats of the people under threat of incarceration or violence, the acceptance of the Fudd, and the apathy of the majority of firearm owners. We have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing this… Read more »


You are absolutely right.


Can’t confiscate without a registration database! . . . I mean a confiscation database, let’s be real.
NYS couldn’t confiscate every AR/AK rifle after Sandy Hook, because they didn’t have a registration database, which is why they made law to give the “you can keep them if you register them” option.
NYC didn’t have that problem because in NYC EVERY GUN IS REGISTERED! They just send a letter – “Your gun is now illegal, you have 30 days to surrender it or we’re coming to get you!”
4% of AR/AK owners complied with the NYS registration law after Sandy Hook.


“You’re going to need a bigger boat.” — Chief Brody They didn’t have even 10% of the cops needed for door-to-door confiscation searches. And that was before they started running cops off with their “defund the police” madness. Just consider the number of cops needed to secure two guys after the Boston marathon bombing. Social workers are not gonna suit up and do “kinetic entry” at 0300. The Left is famous (infamous?) for proposing things they haven’t thought all the way through. Look at California’s proposed EV mandate. They don’t have the grid capacity to charge the EVs they already… Read more »

AZ Lefty

You forgot to thank Trump who showed the Biden Admin they way when he banned Bump-Stocks.

Truth Jurist

Bingo! Trump was incompetent in about every way possible.

Truth Jurist

A couple of delusions seem to prevail on this website among my fellow conservatives. First, Trump lost big last time, and he will lose even bigger next time if my fellow conservatives cannot get it through their head that conman Trump is a loser. Lose him! Stop feeding the conman! Pick a viable candidate! Second, the BATFE isn’t going to be going away, so be productively active at shaping policy.

Last edited 23 days ago by Truth Jurist
Dr. Strangelove

Leftist kool-aid is bad for your mental health.

Truth Jurist

The populist delusion over Trump is bad for our country and bad for our health, it’s a lose-lose-lose situation all the way around, kind of like Trump himself, a big fat conman and a loser.

Wild Bill

BATFE exists based upon a memo, not an act of Congress. Put another way, BATFE is not protected by an act of Congress.
Trump is by far the most popular Repub candidate, and as it stands, anyone could beat Biden.

Truth Jurist

I hope anyone can beat Biden but our populist delusion with Trump will probably fail us again. Trump barely won in 2016 in key swing states while soundly losing the popular vote. In 2020 Trump received a sound ass-kicking in both the electoral college and the popular vote. I sure hope conservatives have the sense to send that loser home to write his memoirs and enjoy his grandkids. He will be damn lucky if he isn’t wearing an orange jump suit in the future.


Even Kameltoe

My Name Is

He is indeed a conman. The self-proclaimed “friend of the 2nd amendment” ordered the AFT to ban bumpstocks which only whet their appetite for other accessories they can ban. Now it’s forced reset triggers, pistol braces and solvent traps.

As for abolishment, that’s one hell of an uphill battle, but I remain optimistic.

Last edited 22 days ago by My Name Is

and yet, trump never went after the host weapons which every other politician would have done. remember that as you wallow in your pit.


Thx to your beloved NRA telling him to do so. And that’s a lie about “ever other politician”. Not all are closet gun grabbers like Kathy Hochul & Kirsten Gillibrand, both of whom corrupt NRA rated “A” to elect them, and both quickly F’d us. What did Metrosexual Grifter LaPierre get in return? Quid Pro Blow?

Last edited 21 days ago by Russn8r

The mental gymnastics you perform in order to justify infringement is mind boggling. At the bare minimum, he could have done absolutely nothing but let’s not forget he had a Republican majority in Congress so he could have actually repealed some arms laws. Let’s also not forget how he said in his book that he supported the AWB and said on camera to Feinstein that he would be open to considering another ban so your claim that he “never went after the host weapons” isn’t entirely accurate.


I’ll bet that’s nothing compared to his gymnastics under LaPierre’s desk.