ATF Requests Funding for Pistol Brace Amnesty & Registration Program

An ATF Pistol Brace Amnesty Registration / Program was uncovered in recent funding requests.

SB Tactical Stabilizing Braces
SB Tactical Stabilizing Braces Target of ATF Pistol Brace Amnesty Program

Washington, DC – -( AmmoLand News has uncovered information showing that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is planning to force gun owners to register firearms with pistol braces as a National Firearms Act (NFA) ATF Form 1 item.

The document (embedded below) was uncovered in a budget justification from the ATF to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). This form confirms the leaked information AmmoLand News has heard for months from our inside sources at the ATF.

The document reads: Due to the upcoming Amnesty Registration of Pistol Brace weapons, photos of the weapon being registered will be required to prove the weapon does utilize a pistol brace in its configuration and would qualify for an amnesty registration.

ATF Pistol Brace Amnesty/Registration

Our ATF inside sources have told AmmoLand News that the ATF was planning for an amnesty period where gun owners would be able to register their braced pistols as short-barreled rifles (SBR) and that it is expected they will receive a free tax stamp. The ATF charges $200 per SBR. Currently, there are at least four million braced pistols in the United States.

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The ATF posted the proposed pistol brace rules to the Federal Register late last year for public comment. Over 250,000 comments were submitted, with most comments being against any new regulations. The gun community let their voices be heard, and the ATF ignored them.

ATF Pistol Brace Amnesty Funding Request - Screengrab
ATF Pistol Brace Amnesty Funding Request – Screengrab

According to this document, owners of braced pistols would have to submit photos of their firearms to the ATF to prove that they qualify for “amnesty registration.”

The ATF has issued multiple letters stating that pistol stabilizing braces are legal to put on pistols, but this action would change agency’s course.

The White House ordered the ATF to redefine the definition of a firearm and change rules surrounding pistol stabilizing devices. The proposed rule covering frames and receivers was unveiled 30 days later, and the proposed rule for braced pistols was revealed 60 days later. The frames and receiver rule went into effect on August 24th, 2022, after a 120-day grace period.

The final pistol stabilizing device rule has not been finalized. Based on this budget request and information from our sources, it seems to include a registry. The ATF recently implemented the eForms systems for some Form 1 NFA items. The new system automates a lot of the tedious work that ATF employees and the National Firearms Act (NFA) division used to do manually. It remains to be seen if the system can withstand millions of additional form submissions.

This influx of millions of new applications for the ATF Pistol Brace registration would also backlog any other forms submitted through the same processing. The ATF promised that the average time to process a Form 1 tax stamp application would be 90 days. The ATF is nowhere close to that number, with only 30% being processed in the promised time period. With millions of additional applications, the 90-day period seems to be a pipe dream.

The new rule is expected to be announced by December of this year.

ATF Pistol Brace Amnesty Registration Documents

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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4 million braced pistols are common use. As are SBR’s. Even machine guns are owned in quantities SUch that they qualify for common use. They are protected and not subject to unconstitutional poll taxes. The NFA is garbage and violates your rights.


The ATF is acting like a bunch of vindictive little teenage bitches here lately. Legal yesterday, illegal now. We need to have a class action lawsuit for the ATF’s incompetence, reneging and backtracking on compliance letters, illegally making law that make normally law abiding citizens criminals overnight. The Republicans need to reel them in now! Maybe a few 2nd amendment states can get involved.


So will a f***ing their wives while they’re out going door to door.

Wild Bill

Yes, invite the neighbors over for finger food and photographs.


scotus needs to release a statement that illegal actions by government employees are criminal actions,and may rise to level of treason


Why would the Republicans do anything pro-gun?

They already have your vote, and that’s all they ever wanted.


Welcome to being taken for granted…


Registry, hunh? First step to confiscation. Boil those frogs slowly…


Registration? What is registration? Oh, now I remember… that’s the worthless law some states have that is written to only penalize non-felons.

Watch um

I just put my money where my mouth is
Renewed my membership to Gun Owners of America

Wild Bill

I will be doing that soon, too.


know-nothings like you are easily fooled. the Pratt boyees love your gullibility.

Wild Bill

Take it easy. We all support the Second Amendment. This is no time for dividers. Wouldn’t it be easier to just make your case?


Pretty difficult to make a case when there are so many verifiable instances of the NRA working with government to violate our rights.

Wild Bill

Well, let him try. It is better than insult and unsupported conclusion.
In our situation, we just do not need dividers.


Pretty bold of you to say he is easily fooled when you are the one always defending Wayne and the NRA.


More reasons to make damn sure you vote this November and make sure everyone you know votes too, even if you have to take them to the polls yourself.

Roland T. Gunner

Good luck with that. They are going to either steal the election again, or cancel it.


then everyone converts all ar platform guns to full auto ,or burst, this is a real attack by the government on us , there are no good people working for atf good ones quit , there may be a mole or two that will attack from inside but i doubt it , a good cop would shoot a bad one if he could not stop them …how many good cops have you heard of???? 0……1………when I worked for dea I met 100s of bad ones and some apathetic its a job ones…only ever met 1 that would always do the… Read more »


If we don’t vote, donate & sacrifice to win, they don’t even have to steal elections.

At least make the enemy steal them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

If the steal’s perfected everywhere, Virginia & many seats wouldn’t have flipped. It’s not enough to vote, especially in states like CA, NY, MA, OR, IL, WA. To save the USA we need to sacrifice, money where mouth is, donate to election integrity legal groups like America First Legal, Thomas More Society & tight viable elections in other states not just where we live.


DemComs are outspending viable conservatives in tight races who should be way ahead like Ted Budd, Kari Lake, Herschel Walker. Thx to AK’s rank voting scam it’s now a runoff between conservative Kelly Tshibaka & corrupt RINO Murkowski. Tight but tough. No Ds on the ballot so Dems will vote Murky.

Sen races are costly. The enemy funds theirs, we need to fund ours. We need to at least try, or stop complaining about the consequences.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

May not count in states like Cali but I agree it’s critical in the still-viable states. But voting’s not enough. See below (actually above, I guess)

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

If they make guns illegal nobody will get shot anymore that’s how they stopped everyone from doing drugs


what you saying…more people died from drug ods than covid ??? say it ant so…more than 30 a day dealers should be given their own product as much as they have on them


I think you missed the sarcasm.


no I got it just doubled down with more, and it is true that more have died from drugs than covid. I would like to know if it is world wide. central and south america have HUGE drug problems they dont count the dead Europe is same as here Thailand has a big problem, I guess when people see no hope many take the easy way and cloud their minds

Wild Bill

All joking aside, more people die from drug overdose than all classes of accidents combined, in America, now.


It is way past out of hand, I joined dea after seeing all the ods at Woodstock, and that was no where near as bad as now, when I was in mass last fall witnessed at least three one dead on the beach bus driver giving narcan to someone on a bus bench , the dead woman on the beach was there with a baby people checked on her because baby started screaming and she did not react mid twenties. they are not all homeless.. the beach is privet the houses start at 1 million in the area

Last edited 1 year ago by swmft
Carl up North

Mine will roll with buffer tubes and naked. One a pistol is SBR’d you must ask ‘Mother May I’ from the ATF deities to cross state line prior to.


In Maryland, the free State, One is FORCED to have Home Made Guns numbered and REGISTERED with the Maryland State Police. I believe the date of CRIMINALIZATION is in March of 2023. After that time, a person who made a gun will face the full RATH of the ILLEGALLY FORMED BUREAUCRACY of the AFT/ATF!


a republic is not a democracy ….the majority will follow whoever gives them shit , every one I know asks why arnt you taking ss and medicade you paid in , the government has no right to any of my information and I want nothing to do with them, I pay my doctors my file is paper it stays with me , I dont give a ss# on places that ask none, if there was a bank doing business with illegals would use them


so a real fake id , guess i will be hunter biden


That’s repugnant to the COTUS and has no force of law.


Do you have an AR pistol?

Lowers are cheap. But an extra lower, register it as a SBR. Use the SBR lower in your home state, and swap the upper onto the naked buffer tube lower when you need to travel across state lines.

I only spend a few weeks outside my home state per year.

Also, you can always unregister a SBR. You just convert it back to a normal gun and send the ATF a letter.


once they have it on a list they will never remove it even with a judges order. look at fbi steal peoples stuff from safe deposit boxes when the company renting out the boxes is the “target” and judge told them they could not open boxes so much for law and order…thieves in uniform

Watch um

Looks like I will send in another donation to GOA. I will just not buy any box of Ammo this month. Maybe if everyone that subribes to Ammoland donate $25 this month to GOA it would help in the fight to the ATF in court


Why register with a pistol brace? use the regular stock. Registration means we were wrong and ATF was right. I asked congress to force them to submit regulations to them..EPA vs. WV scotus ruling. On top of that sue them…!!
Frame & Receivers regs. in shaking grounds.. I think we will win..


If you have a brace, they’ll force you to register or remove it.

Of course, after registration you’re free to put a real stock on. If your end goal is a registered SBR, then this is a good route to get there.


Giving up ANY freedom and liberty is NEVER a good route. EVER!

Roland T. Gunner

How do we stop this? Where are our representatives? Off the top of my head, I have at least 10 braced pistols, and a couple more that currently have their braces removed. And most of the components for a couple more. It’s not only about tax stamps; I dont want any more of my guns registered. I hate the hassle and burden of the trust docs and tax stamped docs. In the last 10 days, I have had 2 visits by the Gestapo, surrendering a forced reset trigger, and a handful of stainless steel muzzle adapters (which they had incorrectly… Read more »


You need to send them for a warrant if they don’t have one. Then tell them to get off your property. Go in the house and shut the door and lock it. If they come back to break door down, you go to shooting.


Look at some of these sheep below, falling over themselves to bend the knee and register their legally purchased weapons just to save on a unconstitutional $200 tax!

And when they file taxes, they will Still have to pay an extra $200 for “forgiven tax treated as income”. Haha jokes on the sheep for kneeling.

Alan in NH

If I have to SBR my pistol, why mess around with a stupid brace? Put a proper carbine stock on it. Or will we need special permission to do that? Is that why they want a picture of it in case you replace the brace with a proper stock? Wouldn’t that create two different classes of SBR’s? I would probably do one or two if they make me, I’m already on the list anyway.

Alan in NH

When I owned a Mac-11 all the ATF cared about was the registered frame. They didn’t care if you put a stock on it (I did) or a longer barrel or anything else. How then could they change the policy of regulating the PARTS on a registered Class 3 firearm when it’s the receiver/frame that is the registered item?


Because its about confiscation not compliance.


Supposedly photo with brace is to demonstrate that you were in compliance with current pistol regulations – thus eligible for “free” SBR tax stamp. Once registered as SBR it would be subject to standard SBR rules. My concerns include that they may be collecting photos as proof that you had an illegal SBR, then prosecute you instead of providing stamp. Once registered as SBR, your firearm will be entirely illegal in any state that bans NFA items. If you move you need to inform AFT in a specified way and if you want to cross state lines with SBR, even… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Finnky

Melt down all bump stocks and pistol braces and remold them as 14 inch dildos and stuff them up Joe and the ATFs rectal ports .


0b0z0 and its mate would L O V E you!


how about we mount all the atf and fbi on the fence around the white house al la vlad

Wild Bill

Kind of an area beautification measure?


Do not melt them down, just stuff them.


Why can’t the Supreme Court charge any and all government officials who enact by executive order or sign into law (president and governor), vote in favor of (members of state and federal governments) and/or enforce… any law deemed unconstitutional… with a minimum of dereliction of duty for not enforcing the constitution?

Wild Bill

Because the S. Ct is not the prosecution. In our Constitutional Republic the courts and the prosecution (executive) are separated.


they could make a public statement about illegality of a given law , which would fasttrack it . we will need to support scotus with force that means jury nullification blocking government agents and disarming them this is going to get nasty if congress does not slam some feet in doors

Wild Bill

They could, in theory, but that would violate their own rules against advisory opinions.




here is my answer, FUCK NO!
not if you can’t do this unconstitutional collection of firearms data without further burdening the taxpayers.


“Registration AND pictures? I don’t think so! GFY!

Roland T. Gunner

I’m not going to go to the trouble to rewrite my post, but be warned- the censors are up early this morning.


So here is the question that I have that I can’t find a solid answer to. If a pistol with a brace is registered under this amnesty proposal, is it registered as a pistol with a brace (which would be a new category) forever being a pistol with a brace and not an SBR that you could put a stock on? Creating a new NFA category would be a violation of W VA vs EPA. Nowhere have I seen evidence that these pistols would become SBR’s. They apparently want you to take a picture of it with the brace on… Read more »


So far, there’s not one word about breaking down the firearm into parts. Then it is no longer subject to qualification under this amnesty. Currently, if you take the brace off (I don’t like the damn things anyway) then it’s a pistol. No brace and no stock and no NFA registration. I’m certainly willing to do this and wait until this mess goes to court. You now have parts. And it’s not illegal to own parts, last time I checked. And if they want the braces, they can have them.


History repeats itself ? Beginning to sound a lot like a Long-Ago action We(Patriots) had to take to Prevent the Govt from taking our weapons – Which is their “Actual Objective”. 2 remote places called Lexington and Concord. As I recall the Govt had to “Beat-it” back to town – under fire the whole time.”I”, of course, dont have any of these but would Not give it up if I did. Hell No.


I’d reply to this story, but seeing who it is written by, not worth my time.