New Unconstitutional Handgun Carry Zones – Everywhere, Throughout New York City


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New York – -( Through the enactment of amendments to New York’s Gun Law, now in effect, New York Governor Kathy Hochul intends to take from innocent New Yorkers the only effective means of self-defense available for them, bestowed on them by the Divine Creator, and guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution, while doing nothing to protect New Yorkers against the horde of lunatics and psychopaths allowed to prey, at will, upon them.

If it is this thing, “Gun Violence,” that so concerns her, Hochul will do well to implement a robust law and order system—and leave the law-abiding citizen who wishes to exercise his natural law right of armed self-defense alone. She won’t do either.

The “Concealed Carry Improvement Act” (“CCIA”) ostensibly allows some people—still very few in number—to obtain a concealed handgun carry license. But even for the seemingly lucky ones, it comes at a severe cost. They must sacrifice other fundamental Rights, the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments, to obtain their prize: a New York concealed handgun carry license, and, ultimately, for all that time, money, and effort, the value of it comes to naught. It means nothing.

The language of the CCIA is sufficiently vague to support the conclusion that a person isn’t permitted to use a handgun for self-defense outside the home, even with a valid concealed handgun license in tow. And, in many areas of the State, and especially in the Five Boroughs that comprise New York City, one definitely cannot use a handgun for self-defense, notwithstanding one’s valid concealed handgun carry license.

In the most dangerous areas of New York, effectively the entirety of Manhattan Island, the Governor and Albany have created a patchwork quilt of “sensitive locations” where the holder of a New York handgun carry license cannot lawfully carry a handgun.

Consider what this Abrogation of Your Right of Self Defense Means:

Step in one block of the City, and it is lawful to carry a handgun if you have a valid license, albeit you still may not be able lawfully to use it if needed. But step into another block, and you have broken the law, for not only are you not permitted to use a handgun for self-defense, but it’s also unlawful even to have it on your person in that area.

Carry a handgun in the wrong area, and you have committed a Class E Felony. That means loss of your handgun license, the loss of your handgun and any other firearm you may happen to own and possess, and a felony record to boot. So, what good is this license for all the trouble one must go through to obtain it? And few will ultimately be able to acquire one anyway.

A valid New York concealed handgun carry license provides you no protection. Under the CCIA, it is more a liability than an asset. It is not a god-send but a booby-trap.

In fact, that Class E Felony violation is one created especially for law-abiding citizens and expressly for holders of concealed handgun carry licenses. New York has codified that felony violation in a new code section: NY CLS Penal § 265.01-e.

The tacit implication of this is plain: don’t apply for a New York concealed handgun carry license. And those with a valid concealed handgun carry license don’t bother to renew it. For peace of mind, the Hochul Government suggests surrendering the license to the appropriate police authorities because one always runs the risk of violating NY CLS Penal § 265.01-e. The CCIA has traps all through the length and breadth of it for the concealed handgun carry licensee.

Do you recall the playground game, hopscotch, a perennial favorite of children? If so, now imagine Manhattan Island as a mammoth hopscotch board with safe and non-safe squares.

One who has a valid handgun license and carries a handgun has much to fear from Hochul’s hopscotch inspectors, no less so than from the myriad lunatics and psychopaths that do not need a license to carry a gun as they hunt for prey throughout the City. The no-bail policy gives the predator free rein if they happen to be caught by the police. They are out on the streets again in no time. You, however, don’t fare as well. A felony conviction here doesn’t help the law-abiding citizen.

This is what Hochul and Albany are——

Petty-Tyrants that adamantly defy both the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights and clear and emphatic rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court.

And this is what Hochul and Albany have wrought:

A climate of fear where the armed citizen is perceived as a latent threat to the Government and a potential transgressor of State law. And that is how he is treated by the Government. And yet no graver threat to the Security of a free State and the sovereignty of the American people rests than upon the failure of the Federal Government and those State Governments that refuse to abide by the strictures of the U.S. Constitution and the rulings of the Third Branch of the U.S. Government, and who sin against the natural law rights of man as bestowed upon him by the Divine Creator.

New Yorkers were compelled to file a new lawsuit once again, ever again, against a continuously arrogant, defiant, recalcitrant, intransigent State Government.

In the immortal words of the Great Sage, Yogi Berra: “It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again.”

All because our Federal Government, this New York Government, and all too many other State Governments refuse to humble themselves to the strictures of the U.S. Constitution and refuse to accept the supreme sovereignty of the American people over Government and their Nation; and who even dare refuse the American citizen the right to exercise his unalienable right to armed self-defense.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

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uncle dudley

The next phrase out of the mouths of communists who hold office will be
if you are a gun owner you are a MAGA terrorist.
It will happen by one of these idiots.

Henry Bowman

NY is doing the exact thing that SCOTUS said they aren’t allowed to do… This is a constitutional crisis, and if Hochul isn’t smacked down HARD for her contempt of court, then we will LOSE the rule of law! At that point, there’s no reason for decent people to ‘play by the rules’ and obey tyrannical non-laws. We’re still winning, but this may come down to a shootout — Patriots vs Tyrants, Semiquincentennial Style!

The Tree of Liberty is damn thirsty.


You sure have a funny definition of winning…but then again, so did Charlie Sheen…

Henry Bowman

Haha. Not!
When I said “we’re winning”, I meant on the merits and in terms of the perfect SCOTUS decision in Bruen. But in spite of being vindicated in the courts (in case you didn’t notice) tyrants are not only ignoring SCOTUS but are openly calling on their brownshirt army to kill all conservatives (libertarians, Christians & whites too). So in that respect, this is gonna go to guns no matter what!! The Left wants to start a civil war so they can justify cracking down, and cracking down will start a civil war.


I know.. and there are other aspects as well…

Henry Bowman

Indeed, there is! Stay frosty & keep your powder dry!


scope ranged at a mile keep the shitheads well away


Call in the Barrett 50 cal. Excellent weapon systems.


and works well on idiots in a row
new play toy gm6 shoots nice

Last edited 2 months ago by swmft

You have that? That’s neato..


a bit easier than the barret on follow up shots, but not up to a mile with it yet


Thats great!


still want a maadi griffin pistol, why??? just do

Monkey Mouse

Definitely going to come down to a shootout/Civil War. Good news is Hochul will be among the first to go.

Henry Bowman

Thus always to tyrants.

Henry Bowman

Bitcoin, I guess. BTW, Ammoland has a video that will start in less than a 1/2 hour, also NY-related.

Wild Bill

It was up to $59k and change. It went down and up over the year, mostly down. Last week it was $18k and change. I don’t know what it is just now, but even the blue chip DOW is down 1400+ points from the opening. Bitcoin is more volatile than the DOW.
Everything has fallen off a cliff, today. Time to buy.

Wild Bill

The Consumer Price Index report came in and showed that inflation, across the board, was hotter than predicted by the Biden handlers. Now, the DOW is down another hundred points.

Wild Bill

I don’t know, but it was a wild day! With this train strike coming, we all better buy extra stuff, now, to get us through the bLIEden administration.


I think it’s time for all New Yorkers to become criminals, since all criminals have guns with no worries.


chase out the pollution called government, have a free and safe city


Criminals get right out of jail free with “BAIL REFORM”. “Legal” gun owners that are caught not complying with unconstitutional citizen disarmament laws get the JAN 6 DOMESTIC TERRORIST TREATMENT, and are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. (They always mandate long prison penalties for non-violent non-compliance infractions – they take their “gun control” very seriously) They do not care about violent crime, ESPECIALLY if the one commiting the violent crime is deserving of an “EQUITABLE” outcome. They do not care about the victim at all. (Unless it is a victim that is deserving of an “EQUITABLE” outcome,… Read more »


What are ‘they’ gonna do when they finish breeding us out? Whom gets what equitable treatment then?


With voting like that, they are all already criminals…


Hey New Yorkers!
YOU did this to yourselves!
YOU Elected these morons!
and YOU can fix this,
But it requires YOU to get off your butt in November and give Albany an Enema!
If you don’t want to do that, feel free to join us in Free Florida!
But Please,
Leave your Failed-Left-Wing-Liberal Policies and Ideologies at the State Line,
We don’t want them here.


Grant Parish Louisiana would be good place for them as well… To bad they’re not welcome….nah, they’d die at all the personal freedoms… It be to much for the virtue-police-commie-loving-freaks to bear.


what are you kidding…we do not want them…I want to make florida more free and having neoleftist people move in is not going to help, let them fix their own mess…we have enough like rick scott to get rid of


I dislike being a prophet of doom, but don’t get your hopes up that NY governor Hochul will be defeated by Republican opponent Lee Zeldin. The Dems are flooding the airwaves with lying ads smearing Zeldin. From Zeldin’s camp, not a single TV commercial or newspaper ad. Leave it to Republican leadership. They’re not running to win, they’re running to lose. Between this and media’s focus on Donald Trump, don’t expect a miracle. Natch, I pray that I’m wrong.


Wass, the only thing the socialists can do is lie about everything. For republicans to destroy the socialists it’s a lot easier, just tell the truth.


Yeah, but in this case, Republicans aren’t telling anything.


Wass, I sure agree with you. It’s a damn shame that the our party has turned into spineless RINO cowards.


politician tell the truth???????????? you have a better chance of catching Sasquatch


Why would anybody wanna do that anyway? Sasquatch is cool man. I smoked a Doobie with him back in the mid 90s…


Never go to New York or dc. For that matter any of the eastern bloc states. It’s too risky. Sadly our heritage is there, or what was our heritage before social-communism took over.


Yes, I would like to freely travel the United States. Mexico and Canada would be nice also…



Haha, I see what you did there… “Eastern Bloc States”… Haha, classic.. that’s great.


It is not a god-send but a booby-trap. And that is their plan..


Ummmm . . . excuse me. The CCIA applies equally throughout THE ENTIRE STATE! Big deal, Times Square does not have the option to hang a sign on the door of a business that says GUNS WELCOME! It makes no difference . . . no store anywhere will do it. If they did, and something happens, the State AG (yeah – YouKnowWho) will probably prosecute the business as if it was a TRUMP property! Without that sign – STATEWIDE – ALL private property is “sensitive”. So basically, you can’t carry anywhere.* *UNLESS you are an active or retired law enforcement… Read more »


If a government entity reduces a citizens ability to defend him/her self, that entity must GUARANTEE said citizens safety, PERIOD.


no one that does not have a security detail in nuyak is safe


So did someone create an APP for carry ? Kind of like Calis poop APP. lol This seems to cover handguns. What are the laws pertaining to carbines, rifle or shotgun. Winter is fast approaching & so is hunting season. Get the point ?

Last edited 2 months ago by Arny
Ansel Hazen

So will Katz and Waldeman join together and have Hochul arrested?