Leaked NYPD Documents ~ Assume All Concealed Carriers Are Criminals 1st

Handcuffs Arrest Resistance

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -(Ammoland.com)- Documents leaked by Project Veritas (embedded below) show that New York concealed firearms carriers will be considered criminals to the New York Police Department (NYPD) until proven innocent.

The leaked documents originated from Deputy Commissioner for Legal Matters Ernest F. Hart’s office. The documents show how the NYPD will handle encounters with the gun-carrying public now that the Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA) has gone into effect. Only a day after a federal judge said the law was unconstitutional but declined to block it, the Big Apple seems to be out to prove the judge’s point.

The New York Legislature passed the Concealed Carry Improvement Act after the Supreme Court decision in NYSPRA v. Bruen was handed down. The decision written by Justice Clarence Thomas stated that New York’s “proper cause” clause was unconstitutional. New York passed a law making most of the state a gun-free zone for law-abiding citizens and replaced “proper cause” with “good moral character.”

The Legal Bureau Bulletin highlights Constitutionally problematic areas of the CCIA to many in the gun community.

The memo asks NYPD officers to assume all concealed carry holders are guilty first & conduct searches of residents on the city streets.

Instead of the presumption of innocence, NYPD officers are instructed to assume that everyone carrying a gun is carrying it unlawfully. Additionally, officers are expected to think that anyone carrying a gun is armed and dangerous, endangering the lives of lawful CCW holders. Concealed firearms carriers are the most law-abiding citizens of any class of Americans. Yet, the police leadership is instructed to treat New York City gun owners as common criminals.

Not only are the cops in New York City instructed to assume everyone carrying a gun is breaking the law, but the officers are instructed to use someone carrying a firearm as probable cause to search anyone they suspect MIGHT be carrying a gun. This searching of citizens is a return to the racist practice of Stop & Frisk. Officers are also instructed to arrest anyone that they have probable cause to believe is carrying a firearm unlawfully. The problem is that the officers are now required to assume any concealed gun carrier is carrying unlawfully.

The document defines the restricted locations in the state, which is most private property. It also lists the sensitive areas in the city, which is most of the island of Manhattan.

Sensitive areas include:

  • Government buildings or property used for government administration (i.e., courts, City Hall, city agencies)
  • Hospitals, doctor’s offices, health clinics, urgent care facilities, substance abuse or mental health screening and treatment centers, or other behavior health services
  • Places of worship
  • Public libraries, parks, playgrounds, and zoos
  • Facilities where child care daycare, after-school programs or foster care are Administered
  • All public and private schools, including college and university buildings and campuses, as well as preschools, nursery schools, and summer camps
  • All shelters for homeless, youth, or domestic violence victims, or areas where domestic violence services are provided
  • Adult care, nursing homes or assisted living facilities, veteran homes or school-based health centers
  • On public transportation and in public transportation facilities, including buses, bus terminals, subways, subway stations, trains, train stations, ferries, ferry terminals, airports, etc.
  • Any establishment where on-premises consumption of alcohol or cannabis is authorized, such as a bar, restaurant, or cannabis lounge
  • In or on the ground of performing arts centers, theaters, stadiums, arenas, racetracks, museums, art galleries, amusement parks, banquet and catering halls, and casinos
  • Any location being used as a polling location
  • Any public sidewalk or public area that is restricted from general public access by a government entity for a limited time or for an authorized event such as a parade or outdoor concert (signs must be posted alerting the public that the area is temporarily a sensitive location)
  • Protest demonstrations, marches, or any assembly where individuals are gathered to collectively express their constitutional right of free speech
  • Time Square, as the area will be designated by signage

The bulletin also carves out exemptions for “Only Ones.”

Off-duty and on-duty police officers, as well as retired police officers, are exempt. It just isn’t the cops that get special permission to violate the law. Judges also are not bound by the same law as the rank-and-file inhabitants of New York City.

If there are any questions about whether the law is unconstitutional, this should remove all doubt. The law violates the First, Second, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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Sooooo……do we go down the road of assuming all cops are nazis?

Will the golden handcuffs still hold when jbt’s go full totalitarian?



you can not work for a totalitarian state and say you are not part of it.

pick a side.

The other Jim

Then the brass wonders why people generally don’t trust and many hate the police.


I’m not so sure they actually “wonder”… I don’t think they’re that ignorant. I think they know exactly what they are doing to their public image and they just don’t care. They are above all that, you know, for the “greater good”.

Sadly, there are too many voters who believe that only the government should have the firearms; they see nothing wrong or disastrous with that scenario.


they are thinking they can get away with force, wait till a precinct is burned to the ground with people inside , police will quit wholesale and take guns with them …how many have already walked , how many have left nuyak , the goon squad is forming and will start a real riot , city “leaders” will be tried on the streets and with luck burned alive


Well let them all stay in NY. and never leave to infest the rest of the country. Even the snow birds that go to other states in the winter.

The other Jim

Yes, their “wondering” is most likely an act. Just like all of the “fake” outrage the Left continuously portrays on issues. They know what is right, good and lawful, but they lie and fake outrage to get what they radically want. As you said “they’re not that ignorant”.


Keep going NYC, keep making the exercise of our natural rights more and more difficult. Let crime soar high into the stratosphere. these meatheads will have to get burnt to learn that the stove is hot.

uncle dudley

The New York governor and legislature with the no bail laws in place by them have created the need for conceal and carry, they are responsible for the crime wave sweeping the state, yet these same bozos don’t want honest law-abiding people to be able to protect themselves.
Why would any sane person want to go there let alone live there.


And… If memory serves, NY recently made body armor illegal for all but LE and the select elite. So not only can you not arm yourself before entering their subway systems, but you also cannot protect yourself from those who will not obey ‘sensitive area’ the laws. Unfortunately, I don’t think most NY voters have a clue just how screwed they are. It wasn’t always that way… I was born and raised in southwestern NYS – never never had a desire to visit “the City”. I walked down the streets of the small city where I grew up, openly carrying… Read more »


I would hope that most of their cops would have the good sense to ignore these directives. Sadly, even in a southern “red” state, we have a fair amount of idiot cops who would be all in on this. A friend told me of a female cop in the tiny town of Irmo, who boasted on occasion that she disarmed ALL CWP holders she had occasion to accost, for whatever reason. I recall thinking she had no business whatsoever wearing a badge. Whether because she was that scared of her job and the citizenry she purportedly served, or whether she… Read more »


The standards for admission to the NYPD club are very low (and once in, if the “job” makes you uncomfortable you can always switch to FDNY without any penalty). Courage to forego the pay, lifetime benefits, perpetual chance of winning the “disability lottery”, and self-recognition that there is little likelihood that any one individual could replace “all that” in the “real economy” … “voluntary servitude” is the answer and synonymous with “civil service” (“sworn” or not). If in prison, most would be “trustees”. … Need to de-certify all “government / municipal” unions. And, yet there are some naive, innocents who… Read more »


people need to start jailing the real criminals in ny the people in government all of them ,maby walling off the city and using it as a jail is the answer , put all the criminal police and government people in the city every one else back in free world . no fuel or electric in the city water and food they can scrounge, there are plenty of rats


So, in conclusion, why would citizens trust a government that does not trust its own citizens?


I’m not surprised the cops in NYC get abused and humiliated. In the beginning I thought it was outrageous so wrong, but now I understand the people’s deep resentment for the Blue. They are the persona of thuggery.

Wild Bill

Unfortunately, there is a long, long history of NY police corruption. Theodore Roosevelt made a career of being a reform police commissioner.


Nobody should be surprised that NY would craft such Draconian legislation.


More elitism. Exactly what they got spanked for in the first place.


All that’s left now, NY mandating private businesses, retail and otherwise, ban guns on premises. When that happens, maybe, just maybe, the public and those pols, who pay lip service to obeying the Second Amendment, will understand that, as the late supreme court justice, John Paul Stevens opined, “The Second Amendment was a mistake by the framers”, is the antis’ true inspiration. And you are a felon for even considering carrying.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wass

CCIA defies the Supreme Court and keeps the old system in place. . . . as usual, in NY State . . . active and retired law enforcement officials are EXEMPT from the restrictions . . . so, it is business as usual in NYS. The right of law enforcement officials, active and retired, to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Everyone else, SCREW YOU! It won’t hold up in court. I just hope it doesn’t take ten years. I’ve been waiting a decade for the NY SAFE Act to be overturned & I’m STILL WAITING! And yes,… Read more »


Anyone that would live or travel to that toilet of a city is out of their mind.


Unfortunately, these laws apply TO THE WHOLE STATE!
. . . and the NYPD is not the only police department that has gotten very used to , and was very happy being, “THE ONLY ONES”.
It’s a big problem.


Montana is a red state but the nearest town to me is Democrat controlled and the keystone cops here could not catch a cold if thier life depended on it .

Wild Bill

Exactly the kind of place to avoid. Like NY, NJ, Mass, Cal. etc.


Oh yeah, and keep “Backing the blue.”


Dear lord, not this clown again!


The legal system in NY is upside down. Progressive socialist alternate reality dystopia. Violent criminals are released immediately to reofend through “bail reform”. Legal concealed carriers caught in a retail establishment that has been declared a “SENSITIVE SPACE”, and ALL OF THEM have been declared a sensitive space, will be charged with an E Felony, jailed, high bail, made an example of, prosecuted, fined, and sentenced to the full extent of the law. Forget violent criminals, legal gun owners that refuse to comply with CITIZEN DISARMAMENT LAWS, are PUBLIC ENEMY #1 in NY. It is the top priority of the… Read more »


Poll: Lee Zeldin only down 5%. Blue moon opportunity due to covid thuggery, overreach, freeing killers etc. To ACT – not just bloviate – donate to Zeldin for gov.

Even if he loses, Ds will spend many X your donation to beat him, leaving other Ds vulnerable, which helps save the USA.

On zeldinfornewyork.com:

Hochul was an A-rated, NRA endorsed Member of Congress who is now trying desperately to pull off her best Jane Fonda impression.”

Same corrupt crap NRA pulled for “A” rated Gillibrand who F’d us after she won. THX AGAIN NRA!

NRA treason 5.png
Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r