Oregon Ballot Measure 114 : Weapons Bans, Mandatory Training, Social Media Snooping

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)-As you know, Oregon is facing a ballot measure, Ballot Measure 114, that will create the most extreme restrictions on firearm rights in America.

“The measure requires a “class” with live fire training before a person can apply for a permit to purchase a firearm. There are virtually no facilities that will be available for this training. For first time gun buyers this could well require that you have a gun before you can get a permit to buy a gun.

The measure only allows those approved by police to provide the required “training” to apply for a permit. Police in Oregon are underfunded and understaffed. There is no plan in place to actually provide any training and virtually no police have the facilities or manpower to provide classes. Police in urban areas are already not responding to most violent crimes. Police in rural areas are spread thin and rarely have the facilities for the required class.

The “permitting agent” can demand “any additional information” to issue the permit opening up endless opportunities for abuses.”

Media: You Have Nothing to Worry About

The cartel media is all in on promoting this measure as a simple “permit to purchase”… a “minor inconvenience to keep people safe.”

In fact, this measure will make it almost impossible to purchase a firearm in Oregon. Not only will gun buyers be locked out, but it will also destroy gun dealers.

In the last few weeks, the proponents of this dangerous measure have ramped up their fundraising and now have raised considerably more than we have. With the media in the tank for them, they will not have to spend much on spreading their message, while we have been forced to spend a lot.

An excellent video produced for us is being denied digital distribution because it “involves guns.” Of course, it does. It’s a gun-ban ballot measure! That has forced us to confine our media buys to radio. We are in the process of acquiring yard signs and expect to have them available for supporters at the Albany Gun Show this weekend.

Please visit the Stop 114 website. We must share this info with as many people as possible.

The media is doing all it can to mislead Oregonians about what Measure 114 does. The STOP 114 website contains vital information and downloadable fact sheets to share.

You can make a much-needed donation to fight the gun grabbers here:

The elections are coming. The gun grabbers are determined to ensure people cannot protect themselves even as the police no longer respond to violent crime. Please help us stop them.

Share the Stop 114 website and donate today.

About Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no-compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

Oregon Firearms Federation

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Ban Antifa, ban BLM, ban the DNC as they’ve all caused more damage and loss of life.


Vote them out, o’biden has already declared war


You don’t “vote them out” when they are committing criminal acts. You demand the State AG indict them through the Grand Jury. If the AG won’t do his/her job, you act to remove them as well… NOW! You don’t wait!


This is why I am glad I live in Montana , please if you are from Oregon and hold these liberal gun grabbing values . STAY THE HELL OUT OF MONTANA . We don’t want your delusional mental lapses in our state . FJB and all Democrats !


I’ve been thinking of moving there recently.


You’re always welcome to come to Texas. We have freedom and liberty over here and the socialists know that we will fight to keep it that way.And I don’t mean by holding rallys and booing and hissing at people or TV screens. I mean FIGHT!

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Mystic Wolf

Next thing you know they will be going after the knives and many other tools out of the tool box. They already want nail guns registered because why not it has the word gun in its name (nail gun) . The SATAN WORSHIPPING DEMONCRATS have never kept quiet about what the intentions are with guns, they want to shut everything down when it comes to weapons , they do not even care if the military has ammo or not just as long as the populace does not have any. When the government says to sit down that is the time… Read more »


Tes, they are satanic.


I want to hold my own sign up beside theirs and it says



Ban politicians who ABDECATE their OATH-OF-OFFICE!!


It’s a high crime. Hve them indicted, investigated and prosecuted. If YOU don’t do anything about it, NOTHING will get done!


It’s a high crime. Have them indicted, investigated and prosecuted. If YOU don’t do anything about it, NOTHING will get done!


Guess I will NEVER move to Oregon!


Another previously unaware gun owning Oregonian.

I just came across this the other week and have been trying to share with friends. Shit is crazy.

My question is, like other over stepping gun “control” measures, other than the I5 corridor cities, what LE will enforce/back up this.
Also wouldn’t this basically end gun shows?


All of them will enforce it. They will do what they’re told.


Kain assaulted able with a rock, no cry out for assault rocks



There, I fixed it for you.


I’m sorry.


It really is a shame…the whole radicalization of a beautiful area…


Yeah… I’ve often wondered how it got like that… I mean, the port is there…you’d think there be some real men there…


What? Sailors? Do you know ANYTHING about the Navy? (JK Squids!)


Always said we need a county electoral. Especially when the cities are coating on stuff for the rural counties that has no effect on the cities. Like voting on stuff for the eastern side. I am in Columbia Co myself, in Vernonia. We are our own little enclave but the city people are moving here in droves really pushing for the same city bullshit.


Sounds like you need a HUGE wave of Veterans to move into the state?

American Cynic

Let’s be honest, when used for offense, all firearms are assault weapons; and when used for defense, none of them are. According to Cornell Law, “Assault is generally defined as an intentional act that puts another person in reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact.” So, if you draw your weapon first, before there is an imminent threat to you, then you may be guilty of assault with a firearm. According to the legal definition of assault, it could be with a knife, a baseball bat, a brick, bare hands, a rock, etc… And when it comes to a rifle,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by American Cynic

Ban IiberaIs.


Keep voting in the dumb asses that you have doing this to YOUR freedom and liberty and suffer the consequences… Or get up off your apathetic asses and TOSS THESE CRETINS OUT OF OFFICE… NOW! Don’t “wait to vote them out of office” like the victims you have allowed yourselves to become!


Praying that the “God of San Andreas” sends the west coast into oblivion!