New Jersey Carry-Killer Bill Bans Way More Than Handguns!?

Ban Everything
Ban Everything
  • Bans Hundreds of Common Tools Used Throughout Society
  • Bans Knives in Restaurants, Scalpels in Hospitals, Utility Knives Everywhere
  • Bans Axes, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Nail Guns, Heavy Tools
  • Bans Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Golf Clubs
  • Bans Mops, Brooms, Bricks, Lumber
  • Bans Chainsaws, Free Weights, Tire Irons
  • Bans Pens & Pencils
  • Bans Anything That Can Be Misused to Inflict Serious Harm

New Jersey – -( October 25, 2022. The geniuses in Trenton who concocted the carry-killer bill (A4769/S3214) were in such a frenzy to ban the right to carry handguns for personal protection that they made a serious drafting error with far-reaching, absurd consequences — which could prove fatal to politicians’ careers if it goes uncorrected.

In their now-infamous list of contrived “sensitive places” (used as an excuse to ban carry everywhere), they banned “weapons” generally instead of limiting the ban to “handguns.” The distinction between the two terms is immense under New Jersey law, and as it now stands, the legislation prohibits and criminalizes hundreds of common everyday tools and implements used in every facet of society.

The legislation bans them in all “sensitive places” – essentially everywhere.

N.J.S. 2C:39-1(r) defines “weapon” as “anything readily capable of lethal use or of inflicting serious bodily injury. . . . “ It doesn’t ACTUALLY have to be used lethally or to inflict serious injury – it only has to be CAPABLE of that to qualify as a “weapon.” It’s a thoughtless and nonsensical definition to begin with, demonizing tools themselves rather than those who misuse them. But that’s the “wisdom” of lawmakers in the Garden State, it’s the law here, and the chickens have now come home to roost on that one.

Legislators made a colossal blunder in the new bill by banning all “weapons” in sensitive places, when they apparently intended the ban to apply “only” to handguns. Not only does the bill ban every tool or implement that COULD be misused, but it imposes serious criminal penalties carrying years-long jail terms if those tools are found in “sensitive places” – essentially, everywhere.

New Jersey lawmakers have outdone themselves and, in the process, proven the sheer absurdity of their handgun carry ban by extending it to common, everyday objects that “could” be misused.

Now that the general public is being victimized by the same mindless rules that have been weaponized against honest gun owners for decades, perhaps they will begin to understand how gun owners have long been persecuted merely for wanting to exercise a Constitutional right.

While there are hundreds of tools and circumstances that would be impacted by this lunacy, below are just a FEW examples of what the brain trust in Trenton has cooked up for New Jersey’s 9+ million law-abiding citizens. This is not empty rhetoric or mere hyperbole – this list is absolutely real, and any claims to the contrary are a lie:

  • KNIVES & CUTLERY Steak knives in restaurants, scalpels in hospitals, utility knives used by tradesmen, cutlery in the kitchen, cutlery in stores and supermarkets, pocket knives, pen knives, Swiss army knives, multi-tools, and the like.
  • AXES, CHAINSAWS, HAND-SAWS & WOOD CHIPPERS No more tree services, utility work, firemen’s tools, post-storm tree clearing, or firewood creation.
  • COMMON HAND TOOLS No more hammers, screwdrivers, awls, wrenches, drills, nail guns, hand-saws, power-saws, or the like in “sensitive places.”. They’re all banned.
  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT No more baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, lacrosse equipment, hard balls, or pucks, specifically forbidden in schools, stadiums, and arenas, in addition to everywhere else. No hockey sticks for the NJ Devils.
  • ROCKS, STICKS, MASONRY, LUMBER Better not have bricks or lumber in public places, or in private places without the written permission of the owner. Better not touch any stones or fallen tree branches.
  • WEIGHTS & GYM EQUIPMENT No more free weights, dumbbells, barbells, or training equipment that could be used to injure someone. Nope, not in “sensitive places.”
  • SCISSORS & SEWING EQUIPMENT No more scissors, needles, knitting tools, or related equipment in “sensitive places.” If you live in an apartment, you’d better get the landlord’s written consent first if you don’t want to go to jail.
  • CHAINS, TIRE IRONS, LUG WRENCHES Obviously, these are evil instruments that should be banned in a “civilized society.” Lug wrenches on school buses to change flat tires prohibited.
  • ROPES, WIRES & POWER CORDS Can be used to strangle.
  • GLASS BOTTLES, FLASHLIGHTS, PIPES & TUBES Can be used as blunt objects to strike someone.
  • CAUSTIC, TOXIC & ACIDIC SUBSTANCES Janitors kill. So do lab scientists. And painters. They all must be stopped to protect the public.
  • LANDSCAPING TOOLS Pruners, hedge trimmers, limb cutters, shovels, rakes, saws, post-diggers, machetes, fencing materials.
  • SLEDGEHAMMERS, PICKAXES, HEAVY TOOLS Banned in “sensitive places” (that is, everywhere).
  • PROPANE TORCHES & LIGHTERS Can be used to set lethal fires.
  • MOPS & BROOMS Their wooden or metallic sticks can be used as weapons.
  • PENS & PENCILS They can be used to stab someone.

Please forward this email to all NJ lawmakers (click here for the list). Tell them that banning common tools just because they can be misused is as nonsensical as banning the right to carry for trained, law-abiding citizens.

Tell them to vote no on this absurd legislation.

About Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. is the official NRA State Association in New Jersey. Our mission is to implement all of the programs and activities at the state level that the NRA does at the national level. This mission includes the following: To support and defend the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. To take immediate action against any legislation at the local, state, and federal levels that would infringe upon these rights. Visit:

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs

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It’s what leftists do. They make everything a crime.


The problem could be solved by just banning Democrats permantly from holding any public office . Now that’s a ban I could get behind 100 % .


Once again, NJ politicians have proven themselves to be totally USELESS.


60% of the people of New Jersey would re- elect these idiots.


thats hard to believe, but its true, it must be the polusion from the cities


They must be the same kind of scum that would vote for Fetterman.


my lord they forgot cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, go-carts, airplanes, roller-skates, ice-skates, sail boats, motor boats, wave runners, surf boards, race cars. did i forget something


Shinyo, I wonder if fists and feet are banned in these sensitive places?


Shinyo, I wonder if fists and feet are banned in these sensitive places?


Skis and snow boards -they’ve almost killed me on several occasions!


blunt instrument hammer was number 1 murder weapon for years, fbi put hammers and bats separate on the list because so many murders occurred with theses things


water.. prevent drownings


new jersey needs to put all the leftists in a cell and wall it up


oh wait there would only be a few hundred people left in the state


Governor and the Democrats in the State Legislature.


sure they would be right at home




Only in New Jersey. Next, New York. Idiots sll


I tell people that come from places like that to Florida that if they come here to live, they should leave the Bull Crap there!


we need a send back policy, nancy p needs to be sent back to sanfrancisco

Roland T. Gunner

I have never been to New Jersey, and will never go to New Jersey; but if I had a dollar for every citizen from New Jersey, no longer living there, who just had to tell me how great New Jersey is…


That’s exactly what’s wrong with New Jersey and the eastern seaboard.


the scum spread from new yak and contaminated most of that area


sad to say but nj prior to 1980 use to be a decent state to live in, my best memories were going to the beach, glad i got out in the 80s


Well seems nobody can go canoeing or kayaking cause the paddles will be a deadly weapon. I guess when the state dictators sign this into law, there will be additional lawsuits, but I think the law enforcement agency will have to arrest the governor and all his cronies for possession and a judge should lock them all up!


Citizens in NJ and you too if you are a visitor to the State have NO RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE, period.


John Wick will be disappointed that he may not be able to use a pencil.