Gun Control Ballot Measure Passes in Oregon, While Iowans Vote for Freedom

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USA – -( Two firearm-related ballot measures – one bad, one good – were voted on in last week’s midterm elections. Both passed.

In the blue state of Oregon, voters were presented with Measure 114, the 12-page Changes to Firearm Ownership and Purchase Requirements Initiative, described by the NRA as “the nation’s most extreme gun control Initiative.” Among other things, it requires a law enforcement-issued “permit to purchase” to buy or transfer a firearm, requires law enforcement to maintain a registry of gun owners’ personal information (gathered from permit applications), and subjects legitimate gun owners to extra fees to exercise their rights.

It also unconstitutionally bans the use, possession, manufacturing, and transfer of magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds.  

This extreme law was supported by gun control groups Giffords, Bloomberg’s Everytown, and the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety. Law enforcement associations, state gun groups, and the NRA opposed the measure.

There was a huge funding disparity in the campaign contributions reported in relation to the measure, with $2,930,049.57 in support and $173,205.26 against. Large donations from single individuals made up most of the pro-Measure 114 funding, with Connie Ballmer, the wife of Steve Ballmer, billionaire, and former Microsoft CEO, being the top donor with a contribution of $750,000, followed by Nicolas Hanauer ($250,000), and Bloomberg’s Everytown PAC donating an additional $155,000.

Even with the spending so massively weighted in favor of the proponents, on election day, the measure barely squeaked by, with current results showing just over 50% of voters favored the law.

Iowa Freedom Amendment

In Iowa, pro-gun Amendment 1 will amend the state constitution to add an explicit guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms as “a fundamental individual right” and subject any gun laws and restrictions to “strict scrutiny” by a court. Unlike the Oregon measure, the amendment was initially passed by two consecutive legislatures before it was put on the ballot for the people to decide. The NRA and other gun rights [Iowa Firearms Coalition] supporters have worked for years to ensure that the measure completed the daunting process for a constitutional amendment through the state legislature and onto the ballot.

True to the language of the Iowa state motto (“Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”), voters in the Hawkeye State approved the measure by a very large margin, 65% for, 34.9% against [makes you wonder how it passed?], and Iowa now joins the 44 other states that have a similar provision in their state constitutions.

Anti-gun advocates are fond of bolstering their positions with allegations that a majority of everyday Americans support gun control. As recently as last week, Bloomberg’s Everytown quoted a poll claiming that “[f]ifty-six percent of 2022 voters supported stricter gun safety measures” as proof that gun control “is a winning issue.” The recent election shows, though, that when gun control measures are actually put to the voters, even a multi-million dollar campaign in a Democratic state couldn’t do better than push the measure a hair past the 50 percent point.

About NRA-ILA:

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess, and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

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Pretty sure, based on Bruen, 114 won’t pass constitutional muster…


Yep and the conservatives of Eastern Oregon will win as the SCOTUS dismisses this unconstitutional crap.


Several counties in Oregon passed an initiative to secede from Oregon and merge with Idaho. We’ll see how that goes.


Our oregon legislature has to vote on it as well as congress. The US constitution has a decree that says no new states can be formed within a state and that no two states can join each other to form a new state. It doesn’t mention one state changing it lines to add part of another state so IMO there may be a possibility of it happening, but I doubt it will ever happen. Northern kommiefornia has been trying to split off and become the state of Jefferson for years and it still hasn’t happened.


I hope you are right but I think that oregoneistan is going to go the way of NY and kommiefornia. Only time will tell. Time I don’t want to wait years for. Time to get the hell out.


Well, Scotus can dismiss anything it wants but does not have the power to enforce it. Look at NY and Hochul. Power is in the hands of those that have power, legal or not!


If we had a U.S. Attorney, DOJ and FBI that weren’t corrupt, I’m pretty sure they would take care of the issues on NY.


Yeah, if they only had a brain. I saw what Wray had to say yesterday when testifying. Moron is an understatement.


LOL, it might not pass constitutional muster but do you think what the federal government claims is law will be observed and followed as it is supposed to be? NY and commiefornia are a good example of the states giving the fed the middle finger.

Remember, all drugs are legal in oregone, all illegals are legal in oregone, abortion is legal in oregone, assisted suicide is legal in oregone. The only thing left is prostitution. I expect that to be next when they find a way to tax, oops I mean make a fee for it.


What are you talking about? The State is the Pimp and the citizens are the Johns! And by the looks of things, “prostitution” has been the main stay of you guys getting f’kd for many, many years out there!


Yes, We Did in Iowa and turned our Representation in DC Solid Red.


Darkman, congratulations in Iowa. That’s fantastic. It don’t get better than that!


this is what we need all over, pity many people vote the tv adds not their own best interest


I sure agree with that.


Many in oregoneistan are so dumbed down they vote for the TV adds and by what the analyst says because they believe that is the truth. They don’t bother to read the actual bill. Nothing was ever mentioned that the registry imposed by this measure would also be published by the police in the TV adds. It is unconstitutional to vote for my constitutional and God given right. This vote should be struck down just like the oregone government did illegals getting a driver’s license when the people of orgone voted and said no way should we provide a license.… Read more »


Shows Idaho knows what a red wave is supposed to look like.


Congrats on joining the rest of the freedom loving states that support our second amendment rights .


The article mentioned who supported the measure but didn’t bother to say it was the Lutheran’s that pushed for it to get on the ballot and obtained the necessary signatures to get it on there. I believe it took 175,000. These are the same people that support illegal aliens and house, clothe and feed them. I was born into being a Lutheran. Actions like this and their disposition towards women are why I am not a member now along with they are no different than the common person on the street. More people use God today than truly worship him.… Read more »


I KNOW Hanaueer is aWashington State resident, and I’m pretty certain Ballmer is too. WHY are these creeps pouring money into ballot issues in other states? Not their bailiwick

Hanauer is one of the main supporters/drivers for Washington’s two nastiest anti-gun laws.
I also have observed over the years that many of the anti-gun in the hands of We the People are or have been high up execs in Microsoft. They seem to take after their perverted “Daddy” ol Billy the Gates.


and with people like Mitch McConnell who needs democraps to win when your own is stabbing you in the back.


Music, I just wonder how proud the people of Kentucky are of that useless son of a bitch?


I’m shocked that they would support any RINO. What a difference between him, Paul and Kennedy. Whenever I hear Kennedy is going to be on I always record it. I would take him for president in a heartbeat.


Isn’t it insane that a wild state like Oregon lets the coast bully them?


I’m ashamed to admit that I grew up in Oregon. Sixty years ago, when I was a teenager, Ore was a totally different place. Now, I don’t want to set foot in that disgusting state. So sad.


It was 1974 to 78 for me. My dream of what it was has been crushed by what it is now. Damn kommiefornians. Now health care is a human right so I wonder if affordable health care means that if you can’t afford it, my tax dollars are going to pay for it which equates to more new illegals.


There are things about Idaho that Oregonians won’t like so becoming part of Idaho most likely will be a no go. The number one issue will be the minimum wage. The minimum wage in Idaho is quite a bit lower than in Oregon. The minimum wage will go down immediately but the cost of living will take a considerable amount of time to go down to match. How hungry are the people willing to get if they decide to become citizens of Idaho? The best option to win this unconstitutional stupidity is in the courts. Even though I believe laws… Read more »