Pelosi Family Becomes Victim of Own Policies During Break-In

Nancy Pelosi NRA-ILA
Speaker Pelosi is an outspoken opponent of the Second Amendment.

U.S.A.-( In a tragic twist of fate, the Pelosi family have become victims of their own policies during an assault at their house last week in the Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco, California.

42-year-old David DePape was arrested at the Pelosi Residence after attacking 82-Year-old Paul Pelosi, husband of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Reportedly, during the assault, Mr. Pelosi grabbed a hammer as an impromptu defensive weapon and called the police. But was overpowered by DePape.

When police arrived, “DePape yanked the hammer from Pelosi and began beating him with it, striking at least one blow, before being tackled by officers and arrested.”

For several hours, Mr. Pelosi was undergoing Brain surgery where he is expected to make a full recovery.

While Mr. Pelosi chose to not use a firearm for his defense, instead relying on the local police department’s response, that does not mean that many Americans want to experience the same thing. If something goes “bump in the night” as the saying goes, many Americans rely on their firearms as their first line of defense within their homes.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi advocates for many policies that keep firearms out of the hands of average law-abiding citizens. Often times as well, government figures and politicians like the Pelosis rely on private security, federal law enforcement, and local police for their personal defense in lieu of firearms, as they push for public policy that disarms the average American citizen.

Had Mr. Pelosi had access to a firearm, this story may have been wildly different. This tragic incident at the Pelosi family’s residence in San Francisco, California (a place with every gun control law thinkable on the books) proves that disarming honest, hard-working, law-abiding Americans does not make communities safer. Instead, it leaves many Americans defenseless and often at the mercy of those who wish to do them harm unjustifiably.

Firearms allow the old, handicapped, weak, and feeble a viable means of self-defense. Hopefully, this incident will demonstrate to Speaker Nancy Pelosi that not only is gun control an ineffective means to deter violent crime, but ultimately turns law-abiding citizens into victims who are helpless to defend themselves.

Paul Pelosi was the direct victim of a violent assault, and it wasn’t even with a firearm. Plus, the very policies his wife has pushed in no way would have stopped this. Let’s go through the list of dangerous gun control items on the books in San Francisco which she advocates for the nation:

  • Red Flag Orders couldn’t have stopped this since no firearm was used by the suspect — the weapon was a hammer.
  • Gun Free Zones would not have prevented this attack because criminals never follow the law, and it wasn’t even a gun that was used.
  • An “Assault Weapons” Ban didn’t stop this, because of all the contradictory and ambiguous definitions of an “Assault Weapon,” none include a hammer.
  • A magazine capacity ban couldn’t have stopped this, because hammers have a magazine capacity of zero.
  • Restrictive Carry Laws & Bans didn’t stop this, as one doesn’t need a permit for a hammer.
  • “Calling 911 for the police” didn’t do anything either. Why? Because when seconds count, the police are minutes to an hour away. Although the facts are still coming out, if the criminal was intent on murdering Mr. Pelosi, the police probably would not have had the time to save him.

Thankfully, Paul Pelosi is expected to make a full recovery. Although because of the speaker’s intense commitment to the cause of gun control, it is doubtful she will change her ways and learn.

But you know who will learn from this? The common American Voter. They’ll take this lesson to heart come election day.

Gun Owners of America is committed to fighting unjust and unconstitutional policies like the gun control that is advocated for by Speaker Pelosi and other anti-gun politicians.

We’ll hold the line for you in Washington. We are No Compromise. Join the Fight Now.

About Luis Valdes

Luis Valdes is the Florida State Director and the Director of Outreach for Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands for Gun Owners of America. A life-long advocate of freedom and a firearms shooter, hunter, competitor, and collector. Luis is the first of his family born in the United States of Cuban Immigrants who fled Communism and who’s family saw firsthand what gun control truly results in.Luis Valdes

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I doubt there was any break in. The more this story unfolds, the more it looks like these people knew each other and it looks like they had some sort of intimate relationship as well


Naaa…all home invaders introduce themselves to the victims so that if they can make a call to the police they can tell the police that the invader is a friend in code. LOL!


The entire event was a planned sham.

Ansel Hazen

Bit of a stretch don’t you think to lump Paul Pelosi in with honest law abiding hard working Americans.

disarming honest, hard-working, law-abiding Americans does not make communities safer.”


Well except for making MILLIONS that you or I would be caged for with insider trading, he’s a fine upstanding senior citizen. Just like his turd of a wife. They deserve each other so much!


like calling nancy honest


The hubby has been involved with TWO DRUNK DRIVING incidents that have caused EXTREME harm to others. The second DRUNKEN USHERED CRASH had a third person in the car that has since vanished. It appears that a “lover’s quarrel” had occurred. NOT a “break in”. Oh yes. WHO LET THE COPS IN? Again a vanishing third person.


If the hammer don’t fit, you must aquit!


I once heard a definition of a conservative as being a liberal who has been mugged.


Think that’ll sway ol’ Pauly?


I’m now realizing where the saying “politics makes for strange bedfellows “ comes from .


LMAO, thanks for the great start to my morning.


DePape certainly seems strange, alright. What is a multi millionaire doing with a bottom feeder like that? I guess Paulie just has a “taste” for the lower classes.

Last edited 2 months ago by TGP389

I believe the joke originally went that a liberal was a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.


Good thing we have such fine upstanding examples of decorum and morality.

nancy pelosi is a beard for her closeted homo husband. drag queen story hour every night at the pelosies

Epstien didn’t kill himself


No, he did not.


nancy or hillery got to him


So, if it smells like rotten fish, it probably is…..This whole debacle is as fishy as it gets….like everything else covered, or shall we say covered up by MSM.

Pelosi got away with a DUI and vehicular assault, and now with this latest comedy of errors where nothing makes any sense?…..Nancy is as looney as a loon. This will all pan out on the 8th, where she will lose her job as head denyer and probably will retire in ambiguity in Italy, where her and Paul can engage in whatever sordid things they do in “private”. Cannot wait!


Something is not adding up here and the MSM is painting a false narrative as ussual . Most likely we will never get the truth . It appears like a little sexual adventure gone wrong for Mr. Pelosi . While the cats away the mice will play !




And then there is the strange changing of the story from the beginning. 911…David is a friend. He knew David’s name. All attackers break in and say, Hey I’m so and so and I’m hear to attack you and rob you. Thought you should know who I am! . Glass on the outside rather than the inside. Someone besides those two opened the door. They were struggling and both in their underwear. It is claimed Paul was with a younger man when he had his wreck while driving drunk. That is swept under the rug back then. Story changes to… Read more »


OH NO!! I need to add two words so that the Pukelusies don’t sue me for a trillion dollars! most likely needs to be added! Where did the edit link go?


The little gear shape at bottom right of your comment, if that wasn’t sarcasm.


Karma’s a bitch!


So is Nancy!


I don’t believe you were there at the time this incident occurred. So basically your repeating what the lame stream media has reported.
I expect more from AMMO Land. There is way too much controversy over this to know what exactly happened!


I heard police statement immediately after the event and DA’s summary a bit later. It seems Mr Pelosi was asleep at the time and did not wake up until intruder was standing over his bed. IF this is accurate, he would have struggled to wake enough to use a pistol even if he’d had it under his pillow. Intruder made various demands, but allowed Mr Pelosi use the restroom, at which time he called 911. I find it hard to imagine that such people would not have an alarm system capable of both warning him and notifying police. It is… Read more »


And the glass laying outside the doors as to inside ? It was a lovers quarrel. Old Paul is a White Owl toker. lol


I feel about this like you do. It makes more sense than a burglary and who was the person that answered the door for the police that existed in the beginning and now for some reason has disappeared from the story?

Too many excuses and problems. If that is how well security works for the upper echelon, then we can use it as an example of how well it will not work for us that they don’t care about.


OR when times get really 4GWish, we can see how easy it will be go get to them. Of course maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to say, Hi I’m Mark and I want to be your friend. LOL!


I’ve read that that house has full security system with constnt recording,Secret Service have their own system installed, where are the files from all that? Smelling fishier and fishier.
And NO ONE has yet answered the question of hos this nutjob made his way from the Berserkeley area across the Bay Bridge into SF, then on to the Pelosi residence in a VERY swakny neighbourhood, at two ayem…….


He was standing over his bed and announced…Hi I’m David. Can we be friends? No? Well in that case, go get your phone and call the police and tell them your friend David is here and he is going to take my hammer away from me and beat me with it. Or else just bend over and take it like we agreed. Capish?


I’ll bet my post is more accurate than what MSLSD or the Communist News Network (CNN) is reporting at this time!


The fact is, you can not believe a word the media says so it is just as likely or more likely that they are covering up the real story of paul’s depravity with a bs milk toast story


Now, now…a little homo play isn’t depravity. Ask Pete Buttigieg. He’ll set you straight. LOL!


Hammers Kill, need to get rid of those real scary claw hammers!


Ball peen hammers are way safer so they shouldn’t have to be banned, only the CLAW!


Was that “ball peen”, or “bull penis”?


reply held for who knows what!


Thank you for the article even though it’s hard, no strike that, impossible for me to muster up any sympathy or empathy for the Pelosi’s. Sometimes evil comes home… I am impressed with Mr. Valdes story more than the Pelosi’s. Mr. Valdes epitomizes, IMHO, what I find to be the 21 century version of Thomas Jefferson’s quote about “the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.” I’d prefer we’d just use tyrants blood on the Liberty Tree administered by the “new blood” represented by the likes of Mr. Valdes. Mr.… Read more »


Oh, no BigFoot don’t tell us it’s hard! The story isn’t that erotic!


San Francisco and the Bay Area in general is molded in the image of the Progressive New Left. Criminals are victims, the dangerously mentally ill roam the streets, drug abuse destroys minds without consequence and homeless encampments dominate the landscape. This is a toxic formula resulting in no peace for anyone. When you disarm the law abiding in a lawless environment you can expect the worst. But magical thinking on the part of leftists disarms them of normal defensive instincts.


Or just maybe the left is stuck in their childhood playing “Let’s Pretend”!


I’m thinking the two wanted to get hammered but a dispute arose as to whom would go first. Paulie lost the contest.


LOL! I’m thinking what you’re thinking is about right!


Isn’t she 3rd in line for the Presidentcy ? Granted, she wasn’t there at the time, but spouses of high ranking politicians are entitled to Secret Service protection, aren’t they? If that’s not the case , it’s un fathomable that such a high profile politician doesn’t have a top notch security agency protecting them .
Maybe Stacy Abrams could recommend one she uses. After all, it’s you and I who pay the bills.


Yes, Speaker of the House dies have full Secret Service security, including at the “away” residence. I’ve also read “somewhere” that this house has, for a long time, had its own full video surveillance system. I cannot believe this looney Berserker was able to defeat or turn off that system. SOMEWHERE (SF PD? ) there must be enough video feed to be able to get the whole story. Which leads me to conclude, being the simplest explanation that comports with all the availble facts, that this was some sort of inside dirty business went violent, and to protect the guilty… Read more »


What’s with the photo of Pelosi? That was from the 1960’s.


This was stagged by Paul and his “friend”.


I wouldn’t put it past them. The timing is just right to try and get more people to vote against MAGA. I think this was a couple of gays at play.


Funny how they fell into their own traps she’s one for defunding the police and open borders it’s time she gets a piece of justice


Anyone here doubt for a midget minute that if Paul Pelosi had wanted to have a gun in his house there would have been one? Never mind the fact he is now “prohibited” because of his recent felony drunk driving bust. People in his category are just more equal than the rest of us.

I won’t believe another word about this “incident”until all the video from the house security cams are released. I understand that NSA also have their own security feed direct from their house because Nannie Babe is so precious.. where is THAT video file?


Considering the condition Mr. Pelosi exhibited the last time he made national news maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t have access to a firearm this time .

Tom Claycomb

Poetic justice.


The claim that the Capitol Police weren’t watching the monitors is bogus as well. This system has proximity alarms on the cameras, because there’s far too may to effectively monitor. That means the camera indoors and outdoors alarm when movement is detected, notifying whomever’s monitoring that there is activity. The only way they wouldn’t alarm, is if someone to them to turn off or to ignore the alarms.
I suspect it’s more likely some Kinky San Fran Butt Spelunking was going on, and Pelosi and DePape were arguing over who was pitching and who was catching.


I’m going to be completely blunt and honest and say, I really couldn’t care less about the Pelosis or what happened to them. I don’t care whether it was a Drug addled Left Wing Nutjob or a Right Wing Nutjob, as it really doesn’t matter. I don’t care whether they live or die, because they are not nice people, and they symbolize the Rot that has infected the Elites who assume they know what’s best for our country. They enriched themselves at the expense of others without regards to the effects it had on others in their goal of total… Read more »


Break in? Is that what they’re calling sodomy these days? That story was as fishy as a fish market after the boats come in when it first broke, and gets worse with every nugget of information pried out of the police. NBC published a report online that said the “right wing Maga domestic terrorist”, who’s actually a left wing illegal alien child molester, was in the house for THIRTY MINUTES before police arrived. In the report, they said Pelosi came to the door, let police in and BACKED AWAY from them TOWARDS the suspect, telling them everything was fine. Doesn’t… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by TGP389
Tom Claycomb

I don’t want to be a hater but… as alluded to in this article, Princess Nancy is the one that created this scenario, Illegal immigrant, sanctuary city… Also check out Epoch Times. They are reporting that despite Comrade Biden saying that he was a right Winger, the facts are that he had a BLM flag, Gay Flag etc, in his front yard. He is a flaming liberal.


I like Luis’ $6,500+/- rifle that he is holding. A Fightlite industries upper on an AR lower. I WANT ONE. Can I set up a give send go and get you guys to donate for me?