Oregon Legislative Update & Firearms Instant Check System is in Chaos

Take Action Oregon
Take Action Oregon

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Oregon Legislative session is rolling on. We are now monitoring about 25 bills that would affect gun owners.

As always, the Democrats are hard at work attempting to enable violent criminals and endanger law-abiding Oregonians.

As an added bonus, they are working to pass legislation to allow criminals to vote FROM JAIL.

Now, you don’t suppose the truly captive audience in lock-up might get some “assistance” filling out their ballots, be offered incentives to vote a certain way, or trade ballots for extra meals or privileges, do you?

Oregon’s cartel media is busy spreading stories that are either misleading or patently false about Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF). What is now published or broadcast in “mainstream” “news” sources is often comically and obviously fake. Yet, the hacks who churn out this garbage will never miss an opportunity to post nonsense if they think it can demean the people they hate,like hunters, for example. Of course, then, it’s up to you to go seek out the truth.

The people in charge are corrupt or blatantly partisan.

These battles are not about differences in ideology, they are about facts versus lies, about freedom and integrity versus corruption and tyranny.

As you can imagine, We have a lot of work to do.

First, an update on the lawsuit against Measure 114.

As you know, in a case brought by Gun Owners of America, a state judge in Harney County put a hold on all of measure 114. So, none of it is legally in effect.

However, the promoters of the measure have managed to do much of the damage they were hoping for anyway.

There are still tens of thousands of law-abiding Oregonians being denied their rights and property because the “Firearms Instant Check System, run by the Oregon State Police under the direction of the Oregon Governor, is in chaos.

While some transfers are taking place, many thousands are in limbo, waiting for a resolution.

If the OSP takes more than 30 days to issue an approval, the buyer is back to square one, and the background check has to be done again. And again, the buyer is stuck in a Soviet-like experience simply trying to exercise a right.

Many distributors are refusing to ship products to Oregon because they are concerned about Mz 114, and, as you know, Oregon’s Attorney General, an anti-rights extremest, has asked the Oregon Supreme Court to overrule the Harney Judge’s decision. The Court could issue a decision on that at any time.

Meanwhile, our Federal lawsuit is moving forward at the glacial pace they all do.

The Judge in the Federal case refused to put a hold on Mz 114 except for the permit to purchase part, which the state was forced to admit (as we all knew) was impossible to implement.

But even that hold is temporary. However, the judge did offer to skip a hearing on a preliminary injunction and go directly to a trial on whether 114 is Constitutional. She noted that the measure is on hold as a result of the state injunction.

This was not a deal the lawyers in our combined cases agreed to. Clearly, the state hold could disappear tomorrow if the Democrats who are in charge have their way, and then countless Oregonians and gun dealers would be shafted.

So the next step in the Federal case will be a hearing on a preliminary injunction in Federal Court.

Don’t feel lonely if you’re confused. That hearing is scheduled for late February.

There is no timetable for when the hearing to determine whether the law is constitutional or not would happen. These cases can drag on for insane amounts of time. We are very grateful for your continued support in this very expensive battle.

And of course, there are other cases winding their way through the courts that could impact ours and the actions of our own legislature could change everything.

Senator Floyd Prozanski, who worked side by side with Ginny Burdick for years to strip Oregonians of their rights, is carrying on her work after she left for a better-paying government gig.

Floyd has announced his intentions to implement Mz. 114. He can use any one of many anti-gun bills (or even some “pro-gun” bills) as a vehicle for this, but there are some that were clearly introduced as “place holders” to be gut and stuffed later. HB 2373 looks like a prime candidate.

As we have pointed out, the Democrats have the usual collection of anti-gun bills, including one to make gun owners criminals if they come to a rally near the Capitol while lawfully armed. In fact, if the Democrats have their way, concealed handgun license holders could be arrested merely for driving past the Capitol if in possession of a firearm. But not only the Capitol. Gun owners could be breaking the law simply because they were too close to any government building. SB 686. (https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2023R1/Measures/Overview/SB686)

If the Democrats are successful, picking up a family member at the airport while armed would get you a year in jail. Think about that.

So, given the fact that the Democrats have not only a burning desire to attack law-abiding Oregonians but also have a majority of both Houses, the Governor’s Office, the Secretary of State’s Office, and the Attorney General’s Office, what options do gun owners have to hang onto their rights, property, and freedom in Oregon?

Well, even though Oregon Republicans gave up their right to walk out without a whimper, they still have a card to play should they break with recent practice and grow a spine.

Democrats no longer have a “supermajority.” They cannot pass new taxes without Republican votes. And the Democrats are salivating to pass even more taxes to soak Oregonians to pay for new programs to address the massive problems they created with their previous programs.

Our new governor is already talking about spending MILLIONS on more failed policies to address the homeless crisis Democrats created. And since Oregonians voted for guaranteed “appropriate” health care for ALL with no plan for who was going to pay for it, you can rest assured that Kotek and the other leftists will be doing all they can to fund this boondoggle with more of your money.

But they cannot do it without the Republicans helping them.

That means, quite simply, that Republicans have the power to put a stop to all anti-gun legislation if they dig in their heels, show some courage, and refuse to go along with the Democrats’ tax madness if the Democrats insist on screwing Oregon gun owners.

This power is now in the hands of the Republican Senate Leader, Tim Knopp, and the Republican House Leader, Vikki Iverson.

Knopp is already saying he plans to stand up to the Democrats. But remember, Knopp was the ONLY Republican Senator who refused to walk out when the Republicans, under Herman Baertshieger, walked out and controlled the agenda. Knopp stayed behind with the Democrats.

Iverson’s husband attacked OFF in an email to candidates in the last election, saying OFF was a “fringe group” and failing to mention the thousands of dollars our PAC gave to Republican candidates in the previous election. (Hilariously, Iverson sent a letter to OFFPAC after her husband attacked us… asking for money.) So the new Republican “leadership” has a way to go before we’ll assume they actually will stand up. But the point is, they CAN. And they must.

Knopp and Iverson are the only things standing in the way of the Democrat’s plans to steamroll Oregon gun owners. We have to hold them to it.

Knopp and Iverson were not elected by anti-gunners. Both have said they will stand up for gun rights.

Please keep their contact information. The ball is in their court. We are looking forward to reporting that they did the right thing for gun owners and all Oregonians.

  • Senator Tim Knopp : www.oregonlegislature.gov/knopp
  • Representative Vikkie Breese Iverson : www.oregonlegislature.gov/breese-iverson

One more thing. Many of you have supported us through the charitable donations policies of Fred Meyer and Amazon Smile. While the Fred Meyer program is still functioning, Amazon has terminated its charitable donation program and no longer makes donations to nonprofit organizations when you purchase through them.

You can support our efforts to protect gun rights here.

About Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no-compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and, when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

Oregon Firearms Federation

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One hour still awaiting approval. No cuss words, no call to arms, no derogatory comments to anyone.no threats.


Two hours and still waiting.


thank you for posting my comment


Amen to that. Too much drug use, too many illegals, too many demcraps moving in from kommiefornia and Arizona/Nevada/Idaho, a government that is anitgun pro CRT, lesbian and LGBTQXYZ123, anything but normal, pro abortion and now they want to add felons in prison to the mix to get even more votes and make it legal for illegals to vote? They are deviate smart. Kommiefornia has gone to poop, it seems that now Washington and Oregoneistan are in a race to see who can make it to the bottom of the cesspool first.


Palmetto State Armory are rushing all magazines over 10 rounds and all guns to Oregone as a priority for shipping at this time. Bought two new red dots and got them in 5 days. That is quicker than anything I have ever bought from them. Don let Oregoneistans hype stop you from doing what you want to do or getting what you want to get. PSA is one of the ways.


Anex eastern Oregon with Idaho and let the rest of the state dwell in thier cesspool .


And eastern Washington.


No, Douglas county goes all the way to the ocean. It is a republican county which must be included and Idaho would love to have ocean front property. Just like the song says, I’ve got some ocean front property in Idaho. LOL


and rural oregon.. I’m in Linn Co.. you’ll remember our Sheriff was the first one to say hell no to 114


I personally wouldn’t say OSP is in ‘chaos” . they run 363 days a year 14 hour days on background checks. You can trash OSP, but I won’t. Problem is.. too many last minute gun buyers clogged up an orderly system. I started all my buying when it was simple to so… right after the ballot measure had enough signatures… rather than the week before it was scheduled to take effect. That is what is ridiculous and who to be mad at. Panic buyers. Its like when a plane is about to crash and you have the person behind you… Read more »

The Crimson Pirate

The problem is that the government won’t let you buy a gun without permission. That is the entirety of the problem. The same government that cannot, itself, obey the law or the constitution. When government does not obey the law, why should we?


Pay close attention!


I don’t think that information is quite right. I purchased a gun three months before the new law was voted on. I bought a semi-Auto shotgun with a magazine because they were on the list to be illegal just because. I found many people didn’t even know about the measure. When I bought my gun there was 11,500 people in the cue and the owner of the gun store said they had been backing up for a month already and couldn’t figure out what the problem was. He didn’t even know about measure 114. Anyone I told about it said… Read more »


What is interesting about what you said I heard echo’d .
That being, the 2A groups were vastly outspent on that ballot measure. Honestly I wonder why. It was too close of a vote and certainly, if the undervote (which was over 20K) had just voted no.. because they didn’t kNOw. Then it wouldn’t have passed. I think we as a community of 2A, need, apparently, to organize better. Not just say.. “I’ll leave it up to my worthless NRA dues”. Possibly?


awaiting approval. What I have said is the truth and fact. No cuss words, no derogatory comments towards anyone, no call to arms, no threats.


Thank you.


Do you think MANY of them might not have had the funds at the time to purchase a decent firearm because they might have been, oh, feeding their families and paying outrageously inflated prices in all areas because some dumb ass voted for a Democrat and other dumb asses don’t have the backbone to toss them out of THEIR government buildings?


The left doesn’t think past itself because that is the only thing that matters and the only thing that is important because it is all based on how it feels not facts or logic. Remember it’s leader said “we don’t care about the facts, we go by the truth”. What he didn’t say was our truth which is the only truth. Glad I wear boots.


However, there IS a “Job description” given ALL those that are working FOR The People and should they NOT be following their job description as approved by the citizens they need to either be properly reprimanded and redirected in their duties or fired. It’s a little different than any regular job because they are supposed to be working under the public’s trust and are thereby held to a higher standard. If The People do NOT perform their quality control methods to maintain a smooth running government then it is on the people for the government employee(s) failures.


Nothing argued. It’s hard to fire people when the voting system is set up to favor and is handled by the people that you are trying to oust. Oregoneistan has vote by mail only. The governor will not have the secratary clear the voting rolls. 25,000 more ballots were mailed out this last election than there were people, not voters, people in the state of oregoeistan. Republican strongholds were mailed ballots that did not allow them to vote in the primary for who they wanted. How do you try and take over something so slanted when they control every aspect… Read more »