Unemployed Rich Punks Constitute Most of the Actors in Violent Cop-City Riots


Georgia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Rich punks!

Arrested perps from recent Atlanta, GA Cop-City rioting, who are guilty of shooting police officers, massive destruction of property, and a host of other crimes of violence, as it turns out, are mostly rich, white punks from places other than Atlanta, Georgia!?

In the stark resurrection of the murderous “Weather Underground” of the 1960s, today’s violent ANTIFA thugs are primarily affluent, non-working, non-contributing children of wealthy, white families, all living comfortably on grandfather’s money.

Unemployed Rich Punks Constitute Most of the Actors in Violent Georgia Cop-City Riots
Unemployed Rich Punks Constitute Most of the Actors in Violent Georgia Cop-City Riots

This armed “Marxist political militia,” operating freely and unhindered throughout America, is shamelessly/openly employed by Democrats in a modern-day pogrom with the goal of intimidating, maiming, and murdering political opponents and destroying their property in precisely the same way Nazis used the “Sturmabteilung” in the 1930s to accomplish precisely the same goals, and in exactly the same way.

Violent political militias are supposed to be beneath us here in America, but amoral, leftist Democrats have found them (ANTIFA) all too useful, as we see.

These same Democrats simultaneously smugly insist that the rest of us should have all our guns forcibly confiscated because they want us all to be “safe.”

What they really want is for their obedient and murderous political militia to be safe from us!

“Without fail, humans will subjugate other humans, via violence. To be unarmed is to be subjugated, involuntarily. Never doubt it!” ~ Norwitz


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Anarchist Nazi Terrorists for Implementing Fascism in America.

Wild Bill

Yes, and only a federal law enforcement agency would be incapable of following the money trail to the organizers.


I’m just curious… Would ANTIFA constitute the “well regulated militia” the anti-2A boneheads are always yapping about?

As for me, I’ll just keep calm and carry.


and the left is saying they are not organized, they are not a militia and it is just a happenstance coincidence that all these people managed to get together at the same time and place. But, when the right gets together for a peaceful protest, it is a riot. Only because Antifa shoes up and makes it into one but we never hear that part on the news.


facts are not news


but the news not reporting all the true facts is as good as a lie. We all know ANTIFA is nothing but the left trying to intimidate this country into socialism and they work for the left. That’s a fact.


Remember 0b0z0 calling for a “civilian army”? IT IS HERE in the ANARCHIST – antifa group. OH! I have not forgotten about the black liVes matter. They have become millionaires. These two specific groups have been the “civilian army” of the DemoKKKratic communist party/Democratic National committee! Time to hold these TERRORISTS —– AND —– their DemoKKKratic INSURRECTIONISTS PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE. IE: Nasty Nancy, watters, shift, Cry baby, ray, brennan, learner and MULTIPLE OTHERS!!!


But, but….Brandon says…antifa is just a theory! Theory my ample ass! Out here we’ve been dealing with these theoretical punks since the early to mid nineties. They started out calling themselves Earth Liberation Front, ELF, besides sitting in trees, spiking Redwoods/Fir trees they soon started attacking Mink farms and spray painting the fur on the critters. It soon escalated to releasing the captive Minks and burning farms down. Once they started firebombing and other violence, the antifa thugs spun off and the developed a training center in Snohomish, County Washington. They actually had press reports about the “training center for… Read more »


I had assumed this much. These colleges are full of them. And Georgetown is no doubt the recruiting center.


This may sound harsh to some, but it seems to me they would be justified in shooting rioters. If they did, a lot of this crap would stop. These CRBs (Commie Rat Bastards) which incidentally are traitors to this country, have no reason for being here except to cause trouble.
Speaking of traitors, I wonder what the DEMs are gonna do next?


Harsh? Nothing harsh about it. Killing these scumbags would send the message that shooting and throwing rocks at cops , burning police cars , isn’t conducive to a long life. If those punks knew that would happen they would be no where in sight.

Last edited 5 days ago by Ope

Just the scenario that the M134 minigun was made for.




When THROWING “ROCKS”, fire bombs, fireworks and attacking with any weapons, the American Public HAS THE RIGHT to DEFEND themselves. Thinking of Keith in Washington state!


THAT used to be the protocol in Benton Harbor, Detroit and other areas of Michigan and I think in South Bend, Indiana back in the 60’s where the riots and looting started and was quickly quelled with the local PD with 12 Ga shotguns, leaving the bodies lay until things quieted down and the coroner would come in along with the investigators.


“Those who would not remember history, are doomed to repeat it!”
George Santayana


Red Diaper Doper Babies beget White Punks on Dope. It is a generational thing. Why the former do not abort the latter is beyond my understanding. They seem determined to abort the offspring of everyone else.

The other Jim

I remember that gynecologist John Norwitz, he was always heavily armed.


When you see these AHs lined up with their shields, helmets and umbrellas, you know things are going to go downhill. The police chiefs need to risk their cushy jobs for once and have the demonstrations declared an unlawful assembly, with 15 minutes to disperse. Once that time is over, move them out. Let the street cops do their job. Having the officers just stand there being targets only gets them injured. These Antifa types are brave when everything goes their way, but IMO will run like Hell if they feel threatened. A few instances where the riots are broken… Read more »


Every time we, (Veterans) stood between Antifa punks when there was police presence, (Standing between us and Antifa) we would ask the LEO’s to start leaving the area and back off a block or two away. We would explain to the officers that they put up with enough crap on a daily basis and they don’t need to get injured in this fracas. They would back away, one by one and soon the punks would realize all that stood there were armed Veterans and they would usually decide to find something else to do with their lives. We rarely if… Read more »


Norwitz had some true words there!


Could they be agent provocateurs/crisis actors used to push any political agenda ? It takes $ to travel, food, lodging & many working Americans can’t afford to travel, lodging or eat these days. Red Shirts Anti-fa was a German underground funded used to create social unrest. Seems very conceivable that twistory repeats itself just in another time & space fanned by a gaslighting JewsMedia.


You won’t hear much of that crap here in Florida! We are a “Stand Your Ground” State. “You loot, we shoot!” End of freaking story!

Last edited 3 days ago by hippybiker
China Berry

John- Now that’s some twisted hyperbole there. Arrest is not guilt and none of those were arrested for shooting anyone.

“Arrested perps from recent Atlanta, GA Cop-City rioting, who are guilty of shooting police officers


When they are there and participate — they ARE GUILTY!!!


I believe @China Berry’s point was that participation has not yet been proven. Do you support police executions based on their judgement? Once the punks have been convicted by a jury of Cop-City residents – then they will be guilty and stiff punishment is appropriate. If we do not support ALL restrictions on governmental power, we are supporting civil-rights erosion. Remember that 2A is civil-right rights protection. As (presumably) a legal gun carrier, you should support strict restrictions on police violence and investigation of every shooting. To do otherwise is to excuse officers for shooting people for having a gun… Read more »


This article was full of conclusions but not facts. Exactly how did you determain that the rich kids were the problem? Was there a study, stastics collected from arrests, , undercover agents or??


Not sure the conclusion is tht “the rich kids are the problem”. More an idealogical phenomenon. It WOULD be a true statement to say thaat in Atlanta the problem IS white rich kids iporting themselves to make a political statement”. Well their calculus was off the mark by a wide margin. Atlanta Georgia is NOT Seattle,Portland Minneapolis, New York…… This current city government handled things just about right. They did not squash protests as long as they were peaceful and harmless. But when it turned violance thanks to the “imports” they moved hard, fast, and continuously. NOW.. will the city… Read more »

China Berry

Yup, just keyboard commandos and Yahtzees trying to stir stuff up for the endorphins of being noticed.


Go back into your mother’s basement before she takes your XBox.away from you.