Team Remington Dominates NSSA’s 2023 Triple J Classic


Lonoke, Arkansas – Remington Ammunition is proud to announce that Team Remington continues to compete at the highest level with multiple wins from the 2023 Triple J Classic at the National Shooting

Connor Thigpen, High Over All 399x400, 2nd High All Around, 410 event championHouston Deshotels, 3rd High Over All and High All Around Scheaffer Stanfill, 12GA event champion
Connor Thigpen, Houston Deshotels, and Scheaffer Stanfill. IMG Remington Ammunition

Complex in San Antonio on March 9-12, 2023.

Recognized as the spring kick-off event for the National Skeet Shooting Association, the Triple J Classic drew in hundreds of shooters and outstanding competitive performances across the board.

Team Remington victories include:

  • Connor Thigpen, High Over All 399×400, 2nd High All Around, 410 event champion
  • Houston Deshotels, 3rd High Over All and High All Around
  • Scheaffer Stanfill, 12GA event champion

“This was a huge kick-off weekend for Team Remington. We are thrilled and proud to once again see Big Green on the podium,” said Team Remington Manager Mike Hampton Sr. “Stanfill, Thigpen and Deshotels, along with all Remington competitors, set the bar high for this year’s shooting season. We continue to see groundbreaking performances and shot-to-shot consistency thanks to our industry leading ammunition.”

Team Remington is comprised of an accomplished list of top shooters who continue to compete with the best in the world across the trap, skeet, and sporting clays competitions domestically and internationally. Utilizing Remington Premier STS Target Loads, Team Remington shooters continue to tally podium finishes and represent Big Green against the best shooters in the world.

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About Remington

From muskets to modern day, generations of hunters and shooters have trusted legendary Remington ammunition. Loaded in Lonoke, Arkansas by American workers, our wide array of pioneering sporting and hunting ammunition promises to get the job done every time the trigger is pulled. At Remington Ammunition, we’re here for everyone who loads a round of ammo into a handgun, rifle, or shotgun.

We’ve been here since 1816. Together, Remington and America have fought and won wars, put food on millions of tables, and brought countless generations together at the range and in the field. We are proud of each and every round that rolls off our factory line. Bringing a renewed focus to ammunition, innovation, and quality, we are reinvigorating our company so you can continue to trust our brand and our products – all while staying true to Remington’s legendary heritage and stature as an American icon.

Welcome to a New Era of Remington.Remington

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Congratulations Remington on the .410 win. The cartridges are not easy to find on the shelf. Even your website says out of stock. Maybe you should increase production.