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Mark Glaze

Mark Glaze, Former Everytown ED, Admits Regulations Wouldn’t Stop Shootings



Charlotte, NC --( Everytown Executive Director, And “Face Of The Gun Control Movement,” Mark Glaze Says “Nothing We Have To Offer” Would Stop Mass Shootings

Mark Glaze Said “Many mass shootings wouldn’t have been stopped by tighter regulations proposed by gun-control advocates” “And Mr. Glaze said the movement hasn’t solved one of its signature problems: Many mass shootings wouldn’t have been stopped by tighter regulations proposed by gun-control advocates”

Glaze said it is A “Challenge In This Issue” … “When a mass shooting happens and nothing that we have to offer would have stopped that mass shooting.” GLAZE: “Because people perceive a mismatch in the policy solutions that we have to offer and the way some of these mass shootings happened, you know, it is a messaging problem for us, I think. … Is it a messaging problem when a mass shooting happens and nothing that we have to offer would have stopped that mass shooting? Sure it’s a challenge in this issue.”

When he left in june 2014, Glaze had served as the executive director of bloomberg’s gun-control groups for three and a half years. “Now Mr. Glaze, 43 years old, has stepped away from the fight. Friday marked his last day working for Mr. Bloomberg’s organization, now called Everytown for Gun Safety, after three and a half years as executive director.”

“As the executive director of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mr. Glaze led the futile 2013 fight for expanded background checks and has been regular on cable news after each successive mass shooting.” (Reid J. Epstein, “Gun-Control Advocate: Snowden, Obamacare Hurt Our Cause,” The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire, 6/16/14)

Other Gun Control Proponents on the Efficacy of Increased Gun Control

  • Colo. Gov. John Hickenlooper said that the 2013 gun control laws passed in Colorado would not make any difference in preventing a shooting at a Colorado High School.   “But in this specific case, it’s not going to make any difference at all, right?” (commenting on the failure of Colorado’s 2013 gun control laws expanding background checks and limiting magazine capacity to stop a shooting at a Colorado high school)
  • Then Colorado State Senate President John Morse (D) lamented that limiting magazine capacity would not reduce violence. Morse was defeated in a recall election for his role in the passage of draconian anti-Second Amendment legislation. “How does a limit on high-capacity magazines reduce violence?”
  • Paul M. Barrett, writer for Bloomberg Businessweek wrote that conventional gun-control proposals will not deter those committed to perpetrating acts of senseless violence. “Forget conventional gun-control proposals” in the case of “the suicidal young man determined to express his pain and rage by taking innocent people with him.” California has “some of the toughest gun-control laws in the country” but “[t]hose laws didn’t stop, or even significantly slow” the Isla Vista perpetrator.

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