Did Illinois Concealed Carry Review Board Deny Your Carry License?

Illinois Concealed Carry License Denied
Illinois Concealed Carry License Denied

Illinois –-(Ammoland.com)- Hundreds of individuals who applied for an IL Concealed Carry License were denied by the Concealed Carry License Review Board without the board offering an opportunity for applicants to address the board or offer evidence on their own behalf.

Letters went out to applicants informing them they denied because the board determined they were a danger to themselves or others but did not state what circumstances or evidence was used as a basis for these denials.

Some denials have even been proven to be cases of mistaken identity.

IllinoisCarry, on behalf of our members, is a plaintiff in a legal challenge against the Concealed Carry License Review Board for denying licenses to individuals without due process.

We want to be prepared with a list of our member or supporters who were denied if and when the court requires us to provide it. If you have been denied without any notification of the nature of the objections or an opportunity to respond to the board on your own behalf, please reply to this email alert with the following info:

  • Name
  • Address on license application
  • License application number
  • Date of denial letter
  • If applicable, court and case number of individual case challenging denial

A copy or scan of the denial letter you received would be ideal, as it would contain most of the relevant information. Please understand we may need to provide this information to the State and/or the court and identify you as members of Illinois Carry, as this may be necessary to the extent you may want to share in any relief that the court orders in our case.

If the court rules in our favor, it will be entirely up to each member whether they want to participate in the ruling.

Thank you,
Valinda Rowe
IllinoisCarry.com spokesperson

The IllinoisCarry forum was started in April 2004. The idea was that Illinois needed a central location to communicate ideas and information regarding 2nd Amendment issues in Illinois. There are many organizations in Illinois working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Working with these groups IllinoisCarry has become the central location for information and Action Alerts. IllinoisCarry will not endorse political candidates. We simply provide information so voters can make informed decisions. Our goal is to join the other 48 states that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms. We encourage you to register on our forum and join the fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights in Illinois. Visit www.IllinoisCarry.com

  • 29 thoughts on “Did Illinois Concealed Carry Review Board Deny Your Carry License?

    1. I don’t understand why Illinois want to b so different than any other states about concealed carry permits they were force to by the supreme court to do so. the crime rate is terrible their .All those that were denied should go after the state of Illinois.

    2. I also was denied my concealed carry license.they said that I was a danger to myself and to others.then tell me why I have a foid card.

    3. I was denied my illinois cow with no explanation. The letter said I was a dander to myself or others. But i hold other states and a illinois foid card. And have no way to reply

    4. I have received a letter asking for more time from the state police. They stated 30 days for an answer from the Review Board unless more information is requested. I have not received no notice and its going on 2 months from this letter.It has been over 120 day since application was excepted. I called the State Police and claim they need 3 more members for the new Review Board.She claimed it could be months before a decision could be made, but they are getting close to making selections.What the story ?

    5. The letter says I was danger to myself and others but I’ve been a armed and unarmed security officer for over 20 years. I also have my UTTA and ARIZONA CCW. So why am I denied a CCW in Illinois ?

    6. I did my app on march 3 2015 I’m under board review they ask for 30days more to give an answer it’s been 134 days now and still under that status contacted ISP and there answer was there’s nothing they can do but wait for the board to make a decision they also stated that I’m right they have went past the time but I have to still wait is there away to contact the review board ?

      1. I am in the same boat! I just keep getting letters stating that they need an additional 30 days! I guess they can just keep sending out those letters as much as they want every 30 days! The bull crap that I am under review is because I was arrested back in 2010 BUT it was a mistake and it was thrown out, never was charged with anything! So I am guessing that because of that Will County objected without even looking at the circumstances! It is all bull****ttt

    7. I also have been under board review for over 90 days even though I paid for fingerprints to expedite the process.I keep getting letters saying the board needs another 30 days .I am a honorably discharged combat Marine 8-years of service. I have never been arrested or even pulled over by the Police .I have a valid Foid card for 22 years . So you tell me what is going on . Also I work armed security six days a week . This process does not make any good sense.

      1. Wow this is unbelievable I to spent 8 plus years in the service and Ive been waiting since mid March for my CCP Im still under board review I think we should find some king of way to band together and make them hear our voices

        1. I totally understand and agree. My CCW application was accepted on March 27th, 2015 and as of today, October 6th 2015 is still under board review. I’ve called the ISP but to no avail. I’ve served 12 years in the United States Military, worked as a licensed armed professional in the state of Illinois and in certain capacities requiring completion and passing of a polygraph examination. I have no criminal background not even a traffic citation yet It seems that the review board operates with complete impunity! Totally inefficient and incompetent!

    8. I applied in November of 2014 and was put under board review in January of 2015 it has been 9 months and still no change is there anyway I can check the waiting time with the state does anyone have any answers for us?

    9. I did my ccw in November of 2014 as of October 10 2015 it is still under board review smh call state police numerous of time still no answer for me.

    10. I had only one arrest that was expunged but cpd forgot to take it out of system, they apologized but because of there mistake I’m under board review

    11. Damn some of you guys making me nervous considering the fact you’ve been under board review for almost a year,I’ve put my application in July 27 th 2015, been under board review since August 2015, still no answer about shit, I paid 55 bucks to get my finger print scanned for a faster process, but that shit didn’t work, so I’m out of 400 plus dollars for class, application fee and fingerprints, I’m so fed up with illinois and their inconvenience, they don’t give a shit about us,they won’t even give a answer or a way to contact them!!! I just wish I can get my fucking money back and get armed in another state!!!!

    12. I paid twice the first time I got denied, that’s when there was no explanation. So after I found out they will tell you which law enforce agency objected to my application, I applied for the second time. In which it’s been since 7july 2015 I’m under board review still. Also I am a member of the Illinois National Guard Sergeant First Class. I can carry in another country but not in my own city go figure

    13. this makes no sense, they sent me an objection letter, then state that the review board makes the final decision, who is it that Objects? and what is the review boards number? I have no back ground arrest at all, and if denied, will i be reimbursed?

    14. Its all about money Ive been under board review since 5/04/15.NO convictions and my current feeling is that i really dont care anymore
      .Its all about money if they had this bullshit background first and the state issued a cert to take the training then you take the class these so call CCW classes popping up all over wouldnt be able to pray on people stealing your money..
      So you pay these so called experts a background check, fingerprints, and ooops we didnt tell you but we need more time..and here we go law abiding citizens denied why well? Who the fuck know. Whats the NRA doing about it this?
      This complete and utter bullshit..I paid this broke ass state money had a background check for state jobs, airport security checks to do my job never been convicted, have a foid card and these pussies have the balls to keep giving 30 this 30 day that. Im a law abading citizen of the United States I just live in the wrong state where criminals run free and the police and state goverment continue to overlook the second ammendent…Lawyers are scumbags who cant help your problems and tell you its going to be 5000 to right a letter and up to 100000 to get it in court.. google theses scum bags there all on the tit this ccw thing was all lies and bullshit sorry you guys were robbed like I was thay can stick my 400 and my wasted weekend up there ass..

    15. I applied the end of April, been under board review since middle of May, I received 30 day notices every month, I don’t get how the board is not following the law but we have to, I wonder if a call to Governor will.speed up the process.

    16. I applied March 22nd 2015 I keep receiving 30 day letters I’ve had my FOID card for a while I used to work for homeland security and I can’t get a CCW in Illinois what the fuc this is crazy. If any of you find a way to get some informations please post it

    17. I did my ccl application in nov of 2014 as of February 21 2016 my application is still under board review in I also received 3 letter that they need 30 aditional days smh.

    18. It seems that about 90 percent of you in the comments section here have your dunce caps on . The state is broke people ! Budget crisis ring a bell ?. Or is that just fancy talk . They can’t pay these idiots they don’t even meet anymore which is why everyone is just getting letter after letter . No a call to the governor will not speed up the process as he is the one who appointed these people in the first place .

      Don’t you guys see ?. It’s all political nonsense it’s a game for them . Btw yes resisting arrest will disqualify you .

    19. This is what I can find as of yet… I too have been in board review status for over 7 months. Calls to Illinois State Police are a complete waste of time… I am a NRA and a ILRA member in which both entities have yet to take action on this evident abuse of our 2nd amendment by these board officials. ..The following link has the names of the new appointed board that was chosen by our Governor of Illinois… I’m sure further searching will render additional information on these individuals in regards to contact information.. Click or copy and paste the link below and please share any additional information with the rest of us. Thank you.


    20. I applied for my ccl in June 2015, don’t remember the exact day. I keep getting those damn letters saying the board needs another 30 days. I thought the elapsed time was 120 day? I don’t have no serious arrest on my record last time was over 10 years ago. I also have a valid FOID card, I already bought a 9mm so what is the hold up?????????

    21. I’ve been under board review since June of 2015. I get a letter every month that says an objection was raised from a law enforcement agency. I paid all my fees and took my classes. I have no criminal convictions on my record at all. No DUI’s, and a valid FOID card. Has anyone joined in a class action lawsuit against the state about this ?

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