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Open Carry Texas Austin Jan 26 2015

Open Carry Activists in Texas Gain Ground

The movement to restore open carry to Texas has heated up in the last year and a half. It arguably accelerated with C.J. Grisham being accosted by a police officer in rural Bell County…

Newport Or Gun Turn In 'buyback'

‘Buy Back’ Gun Turn In Backfires

Second amendment supporters outnumbered sellers at the gun ‘buyback’ turn in event in Newport, Oregon. Private buyers purchased many decent guns.

Armed Woman Stops Crime Spree

Armed Woman Stops Crime Spree

An armed woman in PA stops a crime spree by a pair of criminals. Most urban dwellers know about multiple car burglaries. They are rare in rural areas.

No Permit  Justified  Jaqueline

Man Saves Family, gets Jail Time in NY

After two and a half years, a self defense case leads to jail for the man who saved his family. NY’s Byzantine gun laws and a hostile prosecutor are why.