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Beaver Attack Victim

Beaver Attacks are Serious

Beaver attacks are more common than previously thought. There have been several in the last three years. Attacking beaver are almost always rabid…

Painted Gun Cobra FS 380

Focus on Gun Color is Farcical

In recent times, firearms can easily be made in many different colors. It is a simple matter of individual choice, and should not be regulated by law

PBS poll Dec 2014

PBS Gun Poll Gets Pummeled has an Internet poll asking whether people want further restrictions on guns in their state. Second amendment supporters outnumber disarmists 24-1…

Felon Possession Florida

Felon Shot Days after being Disarmed

A felon was shot while attacking an off duty officer. He had been disarmed just a few days prior. Monitoring of felons works. Background checks don’t.

New York Police

How New York Confiscates Guns

Under the NY “Safe Act” New York State can confiscate guns without any notice or appeal process, according to this article…

Detroit Open Carry

Detroit Open Carry, Hip and Cool

An open carry group in Michigan has done a remarkable thing. They have made the open carry of long guns in Detroit cool and hip on an MSNBC video.

Seal of Nevada

Nevada Gun Control Initiative Challenged

The Nevada initiative to ban private sales of firearms is being challenged by second amendment supporters. They say initiative promoters missed key deadlines…

Katrina You Loot We Shoot

Ferguson: Where Open Carry Leads

One purpose of the second amendment is the ability to form militias to enforce public order. The ability to openly carry arms is essential for this purpose…