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Rifle Robbery LA Jarreau

Rare Rifle Robbery

Rifles are rarely used in Crime. If you are close, it is much easier to disarm someone who has a rifle than someone who is armed with a handgun…


911 Dispatchers Can & Do Give Bad Advice

The quality of the operator that you contact with a 911 call varies greatly. In any case, they are not with you, they do not know what you know about the danger you face…

Maine Sen Brakey Con Carry

Maine for Constitutional Carry?

Maine may be gearing up to pass constitutional carry. A young state Senator has introduced a bill that has 96 co-sponsors.

.558 Green Ball Ammo and Knife

5.56 Ammunition and Switchblade Knives

The ban on switchblade knives and armor piercing handgun ammunition have the same genesis: Emotional, irrational media campaigns that resulted in bad law…