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Nevada Bloomberg Background Iniative

Blooming Assault on Nevada

Bloomberg’s minions are hard at work prepping the ground for assault on the rights of the people of Nevada…

Gun Barrel Smoke

Armed Woman Stops Theft of Her Gun

Many have made the observation that it is the gun that you have with you that matters. It mattered to a woman who interrupted a thief stealing her other gun.

Obama Evil Turkey

Caruba: Thankful, But for What?

What makes this Thanksgiving different from those that have proceeded it is the reminder from President Obama that, in his opinion, America is not exceptional…

Cal City Bakery

Bakery Shootout: NO Restraints

A baker resists armed robbers South of Chicago. One is shot seven times; the other robber flees. The police Chief applauds his actions.

Dirty Hippy Obama

What Obama’s Ferguson Sermon Left Out

Obama’s first priority was to dwell on racial injustice against “communities of color,” and his first instinct was to warn police officers to restrain themselves…

Thomas Sowell

Beware of Our Betters

Jonathan Gruber’s notion that the people are “stupid” is no different from Barack Obama’s comments when he derided Americans as petty people who want to cling to their guns and their religion…

The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling

Hard Facts: More Guns but Less Crime

They say that figures don’t lie, but liars do figure. The next time you see some “research” painting guns as a public health hazard, realize that you are face to face with a liar who figures…