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Hickenlooper Blues1

The Hickenlooper Blues

Sunday’s Armed American Radio national broadcast 10-26-2014,debuted the hit song ‘The Hickenlooper Blues’…


Homicides per 100,000 in G-8 Countries

Homicide rates per 100,000 in G-8 countries vary from .3 in Japan to 9.2 in Russia. Looking at homicides only involving guns in these countries is misleading.

Right for a Reason: Life, Liberty, and a Crapload of Common Sense

Passionate About Conservatism

Right for a Reason will, I believe, appeal a tad more to women readers, but men will enjoy their straight-forward analysis & humor with which they infuse a book that is passionate about conservatism..


The Sideways Response to Terrorism

Western Civilization’s “response” to Islamic terrorism is like an alcoholic’s predictable response when confronted with the truth about his habit…

Armed Robberies

Shopping Malls, Guns And Armed Robberies

The recent spate of armed robberies in South African shopping malls have apparently surprised many, even the police. Why the police are surprised is not known…


The Islamic Madness Persists

The “religion of peace”, Islam, has not produced much peace in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world for the last 1,400 years…

Michelle Malkin

Where Was President Obama?

Now “shaken” over the death of a Canadian killed by a jihadist, our president has barely stirred in response to the homegrown Islamic terror campaign against our men & women in uniform…

Obama Ebola

No Ebola Panic Despite Media Hysteria

The Centers of Disease Control tried to both warn Americans, managing only to evoke derision. President Obama also sought to reassure Americans, but fewer & fewer believe anything he has to say…