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Rising Support for Guns Up Arrow Poll

Poll: America Says Yes to More Guns

The report went on to say that it appears attitudes are changing in support of gun ownership. It’s nice to get a glimmer of hope of rising common sense now and then…

Felon Possession Florida

Felon Shot Days after being Disarmed

A felon was shot while attacking an off duty officer. He had been disarmed just a few days prior. Monitoring of felons works. Background checks don’t.

Gun Control and Right To Own Guns

New Pew Survey shows that support for gun ownership increasing, mirrors other surveys showing that people believe guns make them safer…

Shell Gas Station Wirt Road Houston

What a Difference a Gun Makes

In April, a clerk at a Shell Station was shot and paralysed. In December, robbers targeted the same station. A clerk shot back, and a robber was hit.

New York Police

How New York Confiscates Guns

Under the NY “Safe Act” New York State can confiscate guns without any notice or appeal process, according to this article…

I Will Not Ican

I Can and I Will, Despite Youmaynots

Human evolution has resulted in the current presence, at least in Western Civilization, of three subspecies: Icans, Youmaynots, and IguessIcan’ts…

Alexandria Virginia PD Targeting Gun Owners

Alexandria Virginia PD Targeting Gun Owners

The Alexandria VA police are providing false, & inflammatory flyers to businesses about gun owners openly carrying handguns. It is not the role of the police to foment public bias against gun owners.