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Chuck Norris

Even Libs Say No to Hillary in 2016

Outside of her super-rich comrades who have clear self-invested interests in resurrecting and ensuring a Clinton dynasty a hosts of other liberals are petrified of her becoming president…

Mental Health

Backstops Are Important

Our mental-health system simply can’t be the last line of defense. There are just too many mistakes. Potential victims need to be able to defend themselves…

A Dangerous Freedom.

I Prefer A Dangerous Freedom

Turbulence can wake people up and prevent government from degenerating. As a country we certainly seem to be in a downward spiral of degeneration…

Gun Ban Group Memorializes Violent Felon

Gun Ban Group Memorializes Violent Felon

On Friday, the 19th of September 2014, anti-self-defense group North Carolinians Against Gun Violence will hosted a “Memorial Service” for convicted felon Nigel Scarlett…


Our Pathetic President

We have a President who has displayed a lack of leadership, a lack of judgment, ignorance of history, a cowardly approach to the threats we face, & who has demonstrated over & over that he is a liar..


Social Media vs Stealth Existence

Practicing the Stealth Existence for most people, requires only a small alteration in life style. It can pay big dividends helping you avoid contact with criminals in the public or the private sector.

Shiite muslim men, covered in their own blood, carrying knives and swords, chanting and praying in the streets.

Arab Muslims Suffer Mentally and Economically

Westerners are perplexed by the rise of fanatical Islam, but it comes down to a lack of entrepreneurism in Middle Eastern & other Muslim nations, combined with generations of inbreeding…

Khaled Sharrouf's school-age son brandishing a severed human head

Letting in the Wrong Refugees

Fresh terror busts in Australia expose a common Achilles’ heel of the West: Indiscriminate refugee policies turn free countries into breeding grounds for jihad…

Hillary Clinton

Go Away. Hillary

I find all the talk of her candidacy at this point to be obscene. It is an insult to the Democratic Party, but then so is Obama…

Liberal Paradise

War That Never Ends!

Universal Peace. It is to be feared! It is in the catalogue of events which will never exist, except in the imaginations of Liberals…

Freedom for All ~ Join the NRA

Secret Police ~ Video

What do you call a government that values its own survival above the rights of its people? Our nation of laws is becoming a nation of corruption…

ok corral shootout

Twenty Years of Guns On The Street

This is despite an onslaught of media coverage that experts declared was unbiased and accurate — yet it forecast bloody disasters that never occurred. No corrections were ever issued…

Ray Rice vs Shaneen Allen vs Gun Control

Ray Rice & Gun Control

Ray Rice gets treated like a non-violent offender for beating his fiance while Shaneen Allens gets treated like a violent criminal for making an honest mistake…