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Scofflaw Colleges in Idaho

Idaho colleges are actively searching for strategies to ignore and/or undermine the second amendment and the new law supporting it passed by the Idaho legislature.

Malkin: My Message to Girls: Be Bossy!

The key to female empowerment lies with girls & women finding the courage to speak & act on their beliefs & principles without regard to their detractors’ opinions…

American Flag Guns

America’s Gun Culture, We are America

We are the culture upon which this nation was built & has thrived. We are still the dominant culture, but that will only remain true if we continue to cling to our bibles and our guns and fight back…

Gun Barrel Smoke

Twenty Years of Brady Law Failure

Of the 72,659 prohibited persons who illegally attempted to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, only 62 were considered worthy of prosecution, and of those only 13 were found guilty…