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Obama Global Warming Lie

It’s Not Just Brian Williams Lying to Us

Not only are all the children in our schools still being taught utter garbage about it, but none who have graduated in recent years ever lived a day during the non-existent “global warming” hoax….

Gun Rights Haters Try To Learn About Guns

Gun Rights Haters Try To Learn About Guns

At a meeting of one of the major gun rights hating groups in the Philadelphia area the speaker debunked one of the biggest lies that gun rights haters put out…

Paul Craig Roberts

The Cowardly and Despicable American Presstitutes

Ask yourself why a journalist’s false memory episode of an insignificant event is important to the American presstitutes, while Barak Obama’s extraordinary, blatant, and dangerous lies are ignored…

Nuclear War

The Future of War

In the 21st century the United States must prepare for three kinds of warfare: Standoff war, Hands-on war, and Cyber war…

Venezuela Police

Where Open Carry is Dangerous

There are places in the world where the obvious, open carry of firearms is dangerous. This happens where incomes are low and the police are despised.