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.558 Green Ball Ammo and Knife

5.56 Ammunition and Switchblade Knives

The ban on switchblade knives and armor piercing handgun ammunition have the same genesis: Emotional, irrational media campaigns that resulted in bad law…


How To Provoke a Bad Shooting

In the Rite-Aid shooting in Virginia, it appears that both men could have broken off the encounter at different times. The video shows both men exhibited aggression and bad judgment…

Utah Rep Curtis Oda

Utah: Constitutional Carry With a Twist?

An variation on constitutional carry has been introduced in the 2015 Utah legislature, with carry of an “unloaded” firearm under Utah’s peculiar definition.


How Switchblades Were Banned

It was a stupid and pointless law that had no serious effect on criminals, but which ensnared tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people…