Smith and Wesson: Model 22A Handgun

Smith and Wesson ®: Model 22A Handgun available with Realtree® APG camouflage finish.

Smith and Wesson ®: Model 22A Handgun

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (October 2nd, 2008) – For plinking, small game hunting or just plain fun, there’s no better choice than a Smith & Wesson® 22A. This year, the Smith & Wesson pistol is available with a Realtree® APG camouflage finish.

Built on an aluminum alloy frame, the .22 LR pistol features a stainless steel barrel and slide. The single action pistol is equipped with a 5 ½ inch barrel and measures 9 ½ inches in overall length. Each pistol is standard with a patridge front sight and an adjustable rear sight for enhanced accuracy.

The Model 22A’s compact size and lightweight design are well suited for first time shooters and long days in the field. For easy handling, each pistol is standard with a soft touch grip. The pistol features a 10+1 magazine capacity and the magazine release has been conveniently located at the front of the grip. The Smith & Wesson lifetime service policy is standard with each pistol.

For more information or location of the nearest Smith & Wesson authorized retailer, call (800)
331-0852 or go to

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Dr. Strangelove

I have a 10 year old 22A, and although I had to send it back once because the cast receiver broke at the recoil spring stop, it has been very accurate and not at all picky about ammo.