Grand Opening (Feb. 6-8) of Silver Eagle Group

Grand Opening (Feb. 6-8) of Silver Eagle Group; Nation’s Largest Indoor Law Enforcement Training Venue & Sportsman’s Club
The perfect scenario for government and private citizen training – silver eagle group set to launch “scenario area” as final phase of nation’s largest indoor shooting club and training venue.


Silver Eagle Group
Silver Eagle Group

ASHBURN, Va. – -( The Silver Eagle Group – the nation’s largest indoor training facility – will debut its state-of-the-art Scenario Area designed for law enforcement, military agencies and private citizens, February 6 – 8, as part of the official public Grand Opening of the new venue in Ashburn, Va.

The Silver Eagle Group ( is located at 44620 Guilford Drive in Loudoun County, Va., in the Beaumeade Industrial Park. For information on memberships, passes, directions and hours of operation, visit the website or call 703-723-5173.

The Scenario Area is the final piece of the puzzle for the 65,000 square feet, industry-leading venue. At 22,000 square feet, the Scenario Area is an enormous multi-level and multi-functional space featuring many common situations facing law enforcement, military personnel, and private citizens on a regular basis.

The Scenario Area features:

– Two-story, single family home – Office – School – Bar / nightclub – Modular wall area capable of being reconfigured to any scenario – Indoor vehicle movement area – Viewing platform – Alleyways throughout the entire space

The Scenario Area has the capacity to hold several vehicles, including large buses. The venue also can accommodate an airplane fuselage.  The Scenario Area is capable of “operation” in low-level lighting and also complete darkness.  In addition, the Scenario Area has camera and microphone recording systems that allow for day and low-light recording with playback for debriefing.

The Silver Eagle Group (SEG) is the nation’s largest indoor training center and private club. Located in Ashburn, Va., SEG is a state-of-the-art shooting sports venue and executive club with a capacity in excess of 65,000 square feet.  The SEG combines the amenities of an executive club – including a coffee bar and a wide array of merchandise – with more than 30 shooting lanes and a 22,000 square-foot Scenario Area offering unparalleled training for law enforcement/military personnel and the public sector.

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D. Sharrer
D. Sharrer
12 years ago

It seems to me that any organization that takes the time to create an amazing GUN facility is obviously pro-gun and progun- owner. Donations to political parties are a matter of business in most large company arenas and the reference to "TONS of MONEY"…I checked…I think it was more like $100-$150. Not exaclty tons. The only people suffering are those who don't shoot there. It is an amazing place and everything gun owners and gun enthusiasts have ever wanted but never took the time, effort or money to create. They are simply yet another advocate for the firearm industry. You… Read more »

12 years ago

DON'T SHOOT HERE. The owners of Silver Eagle Group and their parent company MVM, Inc. Security Services (the Marquez family) have donated tons of money to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Demoratic Party, and several anti-gun congressional candidates. The more money you spend there the more money they have to give to people who want to take away your guns. These guys aren't interested in the rights of the private gun owner, they only care about getting government contracts. Check it out on

12 years ago
Reply to  blackaddder

Please show us some documented proof?