Sightmark Introduces the Tactical 1.5-5×30 Riflescope

Sightmark Introduces the Tactical 1.5-5×30 Riflescope
Designed for the AR and large caliber platforms.

Sightmark® Tactical 1.5-5x30 Riflescope
Sightmark® Tactical 1.5-5x30 Riflescope

Mansfield, TX – -( Sightmark, a leader in gun accessory designs, has introduced a new riflescope that compliments the already strong, riflescope lineup.

The new Tactical 1.5-5×30 Riflescope offers a wide field of view and compact size that is highly desirable for use in close combat situations. The riflescope has all the features law enforcement and military require.

This riflescope features a mil-dot reticle as well as first focal plane to make ranging targets as easy as possible. The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has recently given this riflescope the ‘NTOA Tested and Recommended’ seal of approval.

As with all of Sightmark’s riflescopes, the Tactical 1.5-5×30 is waterproof, fog proof and nitrogen purged.

The riflescope also features a 30mm tube that creates the widest field of view possible and increases light transmission which is especially important in close combat situations where lighting varies dramatically

Sightmark has seen an increased demand for over-sized turrets and has incorporated this into the design. A NTOA member from Maryland stated, “…the adjustments can be made in ¼” MOA adjustments, a great feature even for a scope with 5x magnification. The knob also gives a very distinct ‘click’ with every adjustment.” Furthermore this NTOA member stated, “It also has a bump notch to catch my finger on when making an adjustment. I found this to be a nice ergonomic feature.” Sightmark’s goal was to make an operator friendly riflescope that can be adjusted quickly and accurately. Additionally, the optics are fully multicoated to create the sharpest and clearest image possible which translates into quickly acquiring targets.

The Tactical 1.5-5×30 riflescope has more than just close combat potential. People should not shy away from using it on larger caliber weapons and double rifles. This riflescope should be used not only for home defense but also for big game hunting.

This riflescope is compact, lightweight and can be used on a multitude of applications. James Sellers, CEO of Sellmark, says, “We have designed a riflescope that works well on the extremely popular AR platform and that was our goal. This riflescope will excel in 3 gun matches, home defense, African safaris and urban combat situations.”

Sightmark products are inspired by military and law enforcement applications. All products are produced to be the most effective weapon accessories possible.

Sightmark offers a wide range of manufactured products that include red dot scopes, range finders, riflescopes, laser sights, night vision and award winning flashlights and boresights.

Sightmark takes pride in bringing the highest quality tactical, hunting and shooting accessories to the shooting enthusiast.

Sightmark is headquartered in Mansfield, TX U.S.A. For more information on Sightmark’s products, log on to