Tred Barta’s Continued Stroke Recovery

Tred Barta's Continued Stroke Recovery

Eagle's Tred Barta took his first shots with a bow at Craig Hospital in Denver last week. Barta's torso is being held steady by a pair of straps the folks at Craig designed for him. By the way, Barta was hitting bulls-eyes at about five yards after not shooting for a month, and never shooting from a wheelchair. Scott Miller/Vail Daily
Eagle's Tred Barta took his first shots with a bow at Craig Hospital in Denver last week. Barta's torso is being held steady by a pair of straps the folks at Craig designed for him. By the way, Barta was hitting bulls-eyes at about five yards after not shooting for a month, and never shooting from a wheelchair. Scott Miller/Vail Daily

DENVER — Tred Barta is just learning to use a wheelchair. But he's still pretty good with a long bow, and looking forward to his first horseback ride since a spinal stroke last month cost him the use of his legs.

After a stay at Denver Health Medical Center, Barta's now working — and working hard — at Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Denver. The product of that work could keep him on TV. More important, he expects the work he's doing now to let him hunt, fish and explore the backcountry again…..

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    1. Tred just wanted to say i recently picked up all longbow from a friend a soon discovered your shows and interviews. I was amazed to find out we have much in common ive been doing things the hard wy my whole life. Ive been in trouble with the law for quite some time but recently found hope in god and nature.You are a true insparation to me roll model in a way. Stay gnarley peace.
      Ben Zawacki


    3. Mr. Barta….I live up here in the State of Washington and just heard today at work of your condition,it was on my mind throughout the day and felt bad that I had not found out earlier.Its the guys like you that keep the tradition going in this day and age of hunting.I have hunted with the same partner for 28 years and if there was anyone else that I know that I could hunt with that we would click it would be you.The hunting God has plans for you…you and your family are in my prayers.I will keep up on your progress..Chuck

    4. I was very relieved to see your two shows (Sail fish, and Trout fishing) that have aired since your malady. Your fly fishing in the snow and heavy rain was nuts! I salute your tenacity, courage, and spunk! Your early shows is what got me back into archery (with a long bow) and now hunting. I know I’ve got no right to ask it, but I sure hope you get back to hunting with Dan Harrison. You two are very entertaining together. Maybe strapped on horse back? Or maybe you could just accompany Dan sometimes and let him hunt with a longbow and re-curve while you accompany him on horseback? Anyway, thanks for setting the bar for all of us!
      – Art

    5. Capt. Barta,

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
      God speed on your recovery.

      With that said, Will you please get your ass back to the East Coast…

      We miss ya out there in the deep blue…

      A family of huge fans…

    6. Tred,

      You are the real deal. I wish for you to get well again and spoof and hard play your way into our hearts soon…

      A fan

      Angel B

    7. Cap, Barta. When I first saw one of your shows on Versus, I thought you were one cocky, arrogant SOB. After seeing several more shows I havent changed my opinion. But you are one of those rare individuals that are really in touch with your quarry. No matter if its sailfish on 4lb test or bowhunting moose, you have what I like to call natures wavelength. Plus the gear and the knowhow, two very important but often overlooked factors. I wont submit my condolences about what has happened to you, Life can be both a blessing and a bitch. I just want to see more of the best and worst of you. This is just another chapter. ONE ON

    8. My five year old son and I just got done watching your episode in Guatemala with the Cordon Blue chef. He laughed the whole time. You are still touching lives. Keep up the fight! God Bless! You’re biggest fans in Texas.

    9. Dear Tred
      Tonight my son and I found out about your illness; you have always inspired us with your work ethic and persernace in pursuit of your quarry. I hope these quality’s will aid you in your recovery and allow you sucess in the future. You will be in our thoughts and prayers may god bless you and your family in these troubled time.

    10. Tonight my son and I found out about your illness; you have always inspired us with your work ethic and persernace in pursuit of your quarry. I hope these quality’s will aid you in your recovery and allow you sucess in the future. You will be in our thoughts and prayers may god bless you and your family in these troubled time.

    11. Hi Tred,
      I have been following you and your adventures for years and wish you all the best. Keep up the fight, we are allpraying for you!

    12. Dear Tred,

      I learned of your stroke last week while watching your TV show. I have been deeply moved by this and I have had you in my prayers and thoughts since. I admire your fire and passion for life. May God bless you and your wife with the strength and courage to face the challenges that you now face. Remember Tred, with God ALL things are possible (Mathew 19:26). Keep fighting my friend,


    13. Tred,
      It’s amazing how you, and your show can move people! And today it is my turn. I caught your show this morning and it truly did move me. I hunt, I fish, I do everything that I can to get out and into the woods or to get out on the water. I, like you, “can’t stand being inside”. I have a business partner who went down in a small plane in South Dakota. He put the plane down in a standing corn field. He is your age, and he has your determination. He too, is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He lives his life like there is no tomorrow. He hunts, he fishes, he lives…..Perhaps, too often we need some life changing event to receive that message. Tred, I got your message today loud and clear. Keep the faith man, and whether you get your ass up out of that chair or not, keep hunting, keep fishing, keep going, and for God’s sake, keep doing it the Tred Barta way!!! When you get back to your show, and your producing that show about inspiring people who haven’t stopped living due to some unfortunate turn of events………..give me a call, I have a guy for you! Keep the faith Tred. You are truly and icon to many. You are in me and my families prayers!

    14. Tred,
      A few months ago I saw something about you having cancer and I just turned on Versus tonight for my “Huntin” & Killing” TV as my wife calls it and I was blown away to see a show on you and your current situation.
      First off I wish you Annie and the rest of your family the best. I will send you the best vibes I can. You have been my hero for years!

      I live in Dillon, CO just over Vail Pass from you in Eagle. I am an avid bowhunter, fly fisherman and general outdoorsman. Like your self I try to always do it the hard way! I hunt wilderness areas (no motorized vehicles/atvs!) for elk, mule deer and black bear here in colorado. Last fall I blew out my knee (ACL and MCL) while hiking out my elk from the Flattops Wilderness Area. Incredible hunt to say the least. I would ove to tell you about it some day.
      I have surgery scheduled surgery for the first week of April to take care of my knee but I should be up and running with in 6 weeks and would love to take you out for a float on my boat. I own a 15′ raft that is rigged to fish. It’s got giant pontoons and is very safe. I take my 2 1/2 year old daughter down class III rapiuds with out ever sweating it.
      If you are EVER feeling like going for a float down the Upper Colorado, Lower Blue, Eagle River or even the Arkansas never heisitate to drop me a line. I have a very good friend who has crippling Rhumatoid Arthrites and I take him down tha river at least a few times a year with no problems. I would cherish the opportunity to put you onto some trout!

      I’m not sure if you will ever read this but I had to reach out to you.

      Shoot Straight and Tight lines!

      Derek Gamburg
      [email protected]

    15. Tred — you’re the man! You were the man then, you are the man now, and you’ll always be the man!. God’s put a great heart in you, and given you faith and a good woman. Kathy and I pray the Lord’s healing, comfort, and strength. Hang in there.

      Dave Berger
      Ferndale, WA

    16. Dear Tred, Family and Tred’s close friends, Sorry to hear about your stroke! You’ve always been an upbeat, never-give-up guy. That’s a good thing, especially now. Keep up the good fight and continue doing the things you love to do. God Bless you all. You’re admirers, Dennis and Maryann Lyman.

    17. Tred, Keep up your hard work. You WILL pull through this. When you signed your photo for me last Feb at the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA, you wrote “NEVER SAY NO”. I know you are keeping this in mind for yourself. I just watched you catch that nice sailfish in Central America!

      God Bless & Keep The Faith, Doug

    18. Dear Mr. Barta,
      I’ve always loved your show and your dogged determination to do it your way. I know that with Gods help and all that are praying for you, I being one, you will make a full recovery. We are all praying for you and know that you are loved by our God and all of us. In Jesus Name the Name thats above any other. jp

    19. Dear Mr. Barta,
      I was devastated to hear about you spinal stroke, but I was immediately reassured that you would be just fine. From watching numerous of your shows I know you are not a quiter and that you will not let this whip you. You are a strong and determined man. Just remember that God is control of all things. Look to Him for strength and guidance. Forever lean on Him. My best of wishes and prayers are with you. God bless you and your’s.

      Tsgt. Caleb D. Thorne United States Air Force

    20. Tred

      I wish you all the luck in the world with this but i no you can over come this set back my best buddy is in a wheelchair do from a broke neck. but he can still hunts and fish he lost the feeling from his chest down and has very little in his hands but he takes black tape and tapes his shotgun in his right hand and pulls the trigger with his left hand to bird hunt the rifle is a little easier he can rest it on the gun rest and pull the trigger with his left the same with fishing tape it in his hand and every now and again take it lose so the blood can flow we help with bait and fish removal but that just to save on black tape my friend Tim is not handicapped he just cant walk so you hang in there I cant wait to see you first show after this .

    21. Tred,
      I also enjoyed your show and wished I could be you. No longer can physically hunt or fish as in the past, but still go. I would someday like to hunt or fish with you. Keep fighting.

    22. Tred,
      I have enjoyed your Barta Way show on versus. Your inspiration and determination are a gift to us all. My prayers are with you and your family. May God grant you the recovery you need and allow you to get back to the outdoors, that you love so dearly. Remember … “His Eye Is on The Sparrow” … and have a blessed and wonderful Christmas !

      Rich Waller aka Whiff O Smoke ,,, Havre de Grace, Md.

    23. Was shocked to see last Friday’s program and was still upset on Saturday. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy your program and want you to know you are in our prayers. Jeremiah 29:11. He’s not done with you yet. God Bless. Never give up.

    24. Dear Tred,
      Two days ago I saw your video at Family Video and was glad to see a hunting video and snatched it up. For the past two nights, I’ve had the time of my life watching both discs, saying to myself, “I’d love to hunt with this guy!”. I live in central Wisconsin, don’t have cable, and had never seen your show. I also hunt the hard way ‘The Barta Way’ about half the time. I build and hunt Osage Native American bows with flemish twist strings, and homemade arrows with self noks and lashed on turkey feathers. A while back took a nice little 7 pt whitetail with it on the ground at 6 yards. What a thrill.
      I am visiting your website today for the first time. I have no words to describe my surprise. I wish you the very best in your recovery. You and your family will be in my prayers as well as in the prayers of my church family.
      Just from viewing that one video, I am so impressed with you, your determination, and character. You’re a potent voice for hunters and anglers everywhere. Keep up the good work and keep your spirits up. If anyone can beat this, I believe you are the one who can do it. Looking at these letters of support, I can see that you represent the best of all of us. All these letters represent just the tip of the iceberg of your supporters. I can see genuine love comes through in them. Of course, we’re all sportsmen. We ‘get it’. I like how you describe the outdoor experience. Maybe through your descriptions more people will ‘get it’.
      I will visit the website often to check on your progress.
      May God bless you and your family.
      Matt Michalicek, Wisconsin Rapids, Wi.

    25. Tred – You are a tough old bird like me ,and I know you will make the best out of the cards you were dealt. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Annie. You are in my prayers , hope to see you in the woods.
      Greg B North Port Fl.

    26. Dear Tred,
      Have your doctors checked for a tick born virus? Tick born viruses can cause paralysis and can be treated with antibiotics.

    27. Mr Barta, just watched your show on versus about your sickness. What a shock, I love watching you on your show because of the ethics you dispay, and the joy of life you have. Sir my prayers are with you and we will pray daily for a speedy resolution.
      God Bless
      Don Neill
      p.s. get better and lets go hunting at Land Between the Lakes

    28. dear tred My buddies and i were watching your show just like we allways do and saw what happend to you.all of our jaws droped we were all in disbelief our hero cant walk.we are so sorry that this has happend to you and we are praying for your recovery.if anybody can recover it will be you tred you are one tough dude and we wish the best to you and your family. my buddies and i are going to be doing it the hard way for the rest of duck season here and dedicating the rest of the season to you. you are a true legend to me and my faimly. god bless and we will continue to do it the barta way. josh from stright meat duck club

    29. Dear Tred, I am a parapligic due to a short curcit in my spinal cord about 8 inches above my belly button and am confind to a wheelchair. I still enjoy hunting and the outdoors. I saw your show about your condition and was amazed at your tanacity not to let it beat you! For the six months, I did the POOR ME THING! then my wife told me not to sit in the house and rot, get out and learn how not to let this beat me down. my friends built me a ramp on my house. I built a chopper trike to continue my love of motorcycles, I went on to learning how to drive my truck. I still could go out shooting, and with a little help from my friends I could still go out hunting and go to the black powder shoots. it took some major changes in my life to get things back in order, I have my life back in order, and with the help of my wife and my band of friends, things are back on track. You have Annie and Dan, who I see are your legs, and God bless them! Tred, I wish you, Annie and Dan all the best, my prayers go out to you all, God Bless. jeff.

    30. Tred,
      We are very sorry to hear of your stroke. We are faithful Fans are love your show especially the one about the Sand Hill Cranes. When we watched the show about your storke we broke down and cried together. We pray for you daily and know in our hearts that you will over come this. You have a strong will to survive. And that you will. You will also return to hunting, fishing and all the outdoor activities that you love. We know that if there is a way for you to get back to the woods, you will find it because you never give up!
      God will be helping you every step of the way.
      Stay strong and never give up. You are an inspiration to us all!
      Sincerely, Tim & Cathy George

    31. Dear Mr. Barta,

      I did not learn about your condition until I watched your show on 18-Dec., which left me impressed and inspired. I started watching your show several years ago and have always enjoyed your embrace of traditional hunting methods and tools as well as your display of sportsmaship and honesty. You have accepted your current challenges with optimism and a fighting spirit which sets a good example for everyone – with or without disabilities.

      I wish you many long years of enjoyable hunting. I hope your show will continue, and I hope to see you in the field or out on the water!

      Best wishes, -Karl Gelotte

    32. Dear Tred
      At first watching your show last night was like a punch in the stomach, but as the show went on I began to realize if there was anyone anywhere strong enough to battle through this, Tred you are the man. 185 lbs of blue twisted steel!! you can get through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Several years ago a friend of mine pushed me into traditional archery, I never looked back. Your show really hits home I have loved every episode I ever watched and am looking forward to new episodes of the Best and Worst of Tred Barta. Keep fighting The Hard Way The Barta Way.

      Good Luck
      The Stark Family
      hooper Utah

    33. Dear Tred I just learned about about your condition last night while watching your show. I just want you to know that our family is praying for you, and we wish you the best!!! You are the toughest man I know!! Don’t ever give up, we are looking forward to more of your great shows and your positive can do attitude.

      God bless we love you
      The Petrovich Family
      suffield ohio

    34. Tred
      My thoughts and prayers go out to you. You are an inspiration to alot of people. My daughter and myself watch your show every friday, the passion you have inspires us to hunt the barta way. She just turned 13 and she and was close to shooting her first buck but was unsuccessful, what did she say , well as tred would say thats hunting.
      Tred grab life by the horns and live it to the fullest. You have a good wife and friends around you. Never give up I know you’ll pull throught this. Thanks for the inspiration

      Mike from WI.


    36. Dear Mr. Barta-

      You are a certifiable bad ass SIR! I have watched your shows for some years now and I have never been disappointed. It’s that “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP” attitude of yours that will get you to the next level everytime. You can do anything that you want if you just do it “YOUR WAY, THE HARD WAY, THE BARTA WAY”! GOD has a unique plan for you sir; just find it and relish in it. HE will show you the way.

      MERRY CHRISTMAS with my prayers for your family and you for your continued recovery! GOD bless you all!

      Kent Adams

    37. tred, sorry to hear about the stroke. just to let you know there’s hope, I had my spinel cord riped in surgery 2 yrs ago. It cost me my legs….but only for six months. I dident give up and pushed forwerd even aginst my wifes wishes and now I can walk 1,000 ft per day. I can’t pull a bow back but can get arround it with a cross bow. I’ve been disabled for 16 yrs …the worst was the last two. My accdent was when a tree fell on me working in the woods.
      here’s something to remember. the qualty of life you live is what you make it!!! don’t give up.
      God bless, your in my prayers.
      Rev Steve Machado

    38. Tred you are an inspiration to me. I had an unexplained storke on the 28th of September 2009 I lost my language at the age of 55 years old I could not count to ten and could not say the alphabet, I had trouble walking and standing. I have responded well to therapy and my speech gets better every day. I’m walking better and getting stronger. I just keep telling myself that I have to beat this thing. I have been a hunter all my life and as I lay in my hospital bed with my Nevada deer tag that it took 3 years to draw in one hand and my cell phone in the other looking at the pics of my hunting partners deer. I just knew that I was going to learn to speak and read and walk again so I could keep my job and pay the bills. Most of all so I could get back out hunting with my partners making new memories. As I watched your TV show the tears would not stop. You are in my prayers. You have a good wife and friends to help you. One thing I have learned is I have to lean on my friend until I can stand on my own. It has taken over an hour to type this but I did it by myself and that’s a good thing.

      Richard Lange Carson City Nevada

    39. Dear Tred and family,

      I to have just seen your show about your spinal stroke. My prays are with you. You are an inspiration to a whole generation of outdoor sports people! I hunt and fish the Barta way! I teach my 2 girls and my 3 grandkids the Barta way the hard way to hunt and fish. Grabbing life by the horns and living to the fullest. I love your shows. I know you will keep them coming hell or high water.
      God Bless you and keep working hard. Good things will come your way. I just know it!
      I can’t believe you got 3 pheasants with your long bow. Great job!

      Happy Holidays,

      Jeff Grzesiak

    40. Dear Capt Barta,

      My husband and I just learned of your illness tonight while watching your show. We had caught one of your shows when you went black bear hunting in Alaska and thought you were hilarious. We thoroughly enjoyed that show.

      We wish you and your wife the best and hope that God will see fit to heal you, but in the meantime please keep your wonderful outlook and optimistic attitude.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

      Sandy and JC Stiles, Centreville Virginia

    41. Dear Mr. Barta,
      I have just learned of your condition I am terribly sorry to hear. I often watch your show and love your positive and noble outlook on life. I am a contractor so for much of the year I am working dawn to dusk with no time to watch venture tv. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I hope you do understand that we the younger generation need great role models such as yourself to be in the public eye. I have found sobriety in the last years and often relate your thoughts to many of the principles I try to live every day. Mr. Barta I hope you keep active and stay familiar there are not enough honest men in this world any more, and certainely not enough that carry the message you do a true inspiration. The Barta way the hard way the right way the honest way. To thine own self be true -Shakespear
      Truly yours,
      Justin m Ross

    42. Dear,
      Tred my prayers are with you . I broke my back in 1999
      and worked until 2002 . Then in 2003 I had a double spinal
      fusion and no longer work . And acquired foot drop and now
      I am only 39 . But I still get to hunt deer some only thing
      here to hunt . My wife don’t like me to go buy myself but
      I still go hunting . There are times I find my self in the wood’s
      saying do it the Barta way ! ! ! . So Tread take your time
      get well give us some new shows of Tred Barta .

      God Bless Take Care Get Well !!

      Robert Of West Virginia

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