Laserlyte Kryptonyte .50 Bmg Green Laser Cartridge Bore Tool

Laserlyte Kryptonyte .50 Bmg Green Laser Cartridge Bore Tool
Saves .50 Caliber Enthusiasts Time, Money And Ammo

Laserlyte KRYPTONYTE .50 BMG
Laserlyte Kryptonyte .50 Bmg Green Laser Cartridge Bore Tool

Cottonwood, Ariz. – -( The LaserLyte Kryptonyte .50 BMG green laser cartridge bore tool (K-50) helps sight-in .50 caliber rifles quickly and economically. Getting the user on paper the first shot, (3-4 inches from center at 100 yards), the K-50 fits inside the chamber and when the bolt is closed the laser automatically activates. The daylight-visible 532-nanometer laser creates a dot that can be seen up to 100 yards with the naked eye.

Manufactured to the highest degree of .50 BMG match grade tolerances, each unit is checked with LaserLyte’s custom-made gauge. The K-50 is powered by one CR2 battery (commonly used in digital cameras) that provides 1.5 hours of continuous on.

The extreme accuracy of the K-50 coupled with the high visibility of a green laser make this the must-have bore tool for any serious .50 BMG shooter. Whether it is initial sight-in or checking to see if the rifle is still on target, both can be achieved with time and ammo savings. MSRP $199.95.

LaserLyte K-50 Specifications:

• Product Number: K-50
• Compatibility:.50 BMG Match Grade rifles
• Power Output: 532nm
• Battery: 1-CR2
• Battery Life: 1.5 hours continuous on
• Activation: pressure activated primer button
• Minimum Diameter: 0.80 in., 20.3 mm
• Maximum Diameter: 0.25 in., 6.35 mm
• MSRP: $199.95

LaserLyte, the leader in laser technology, is the shooting and hunting division of P&L Industries. The company strives to heighten the experience of shooting by offering high quality, competitively priced lasers and other firearms accessories. For more information about LaserLyte and its complete line of products contact: LaserLyte, 101 Airpark Road, Cottonwood, Arizona, 86326, 928-649-3201,