Gun Safety Legislation

Gun Safety Legislation
Gun Safety Legislation is anti gun speak for Gun Control.

Manasquan, NJ –-( Gun Safety Legislation what is it? Does it really make us safer? Maybe Gun Safety Legislation is some new bunch of gun bills, state or federal, that we never heard of that will forever put to rest the debate about the second amendment?

WRONG!! Gun Safety Legislation is a sneaky new tactic by the gun banning politicians and Brady loving gun banners to take the buzz word “Gun Control” and replace it with the seemingly wholesome word play “Gun Safety Legislation”

Gun Safety Legislation is often seen paired up with other gun control politician’s safe words like, “illegal guns“, “curbing gun violence“, “sensible measures” or even “common sense“.

Who would not be in favor of Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation. We gun owners must be irresponsible assholes or worse yet, gun toting psychopaths, if we cannot be for Gun Safety Legislation.

Instead gun owners are smarter than that and are willing to take on those who think that they can fool the pro gun majority of the US population, that know that they have the right to keep and bear arms, by changing a few words.

Cemetery’s Gun Blob said, “I’ve noticed the term *gun control* being morphed into *gun safety legislation* on NJ Governor Jon Corzine’s website, referring to his press release regarding NJ’s One Gun a Month bill that is the beginning of his latest gun control *gun safety* package. *CORZINE AND DEMOCRATIC LEADERS CALL FOR ADDITIONAL GUN SAFETY LAWS.*  Is it just me? Has this type of flim-flam switch-a-roo been going on for sometime?

Apparently it has. Congresswomen Carolyn McCarthy (D – NY) can’t get enough of the word. Her page on “Gun Safety Accomplishments – 111th Congress” uses the words Gun Safety Legislation over and over again in all kinds of variations.

It should be noted that Mrs McCarthy is a constitutional hating gun banner from NY, the home state of MAIG, and in no uncertain words states that she is in support of all the following Gun Safety Legislation.

Gun Safety Legislation:

  • Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act
  • Gun Store Employee Background Checks
  • The NICS Improvement Amendments Act
  • Closing the Gun Show Loophole
  • HR 2401, the “No Fly, No Buy” Act
  • The Foreign Felon Gun Prohibition Act.
  • Legislation permitting access to certain information in the Firearms Trace System database.

We have seen this tactic before.  Take the case of another attempt by anti hunting group, NJARA, to take a pending NJ bill, Assembly Bill A 595, that would reduced the current bow safety buffer zone surrounding homes and other occupied dwellings to a safe 150 feet, and spin it into an issue of death, destruction and human safety to rally support for their cause from unsuspecting NJ home owners.  Again, were talking about safe backyards how could they be wrong? Well they are!

So this is a heads up to the stupid word smiths that think they can fool smart law abiding gun owners with a few nice words to disguise the true intent of all their speak which is banning all guns, gun rights and all rights to self defense.

Gun Safety Legislation = Gun Control.

Pass it on lets own this phrase before they do.

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keith suddes

I have designed a chamber flag to reduce accidents during law enforcement and military training. The K5 weapon safety device glows in the dark, is flexible and one size fits almost every caliber handgun semi auto rifle and carbine. It is also ideal for the home and the range.
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bigger government

Gun Safety Legislation is vital for the survival of expanding government. It has been shown that the majority of crimes is committed by the same career criminals. Yet for years, the average voters have been scared into voting for the annual "crimefighting" bonds and tax increases to solve the problem. These bonds also cause more and more government bloating (annually). With the state of the economy, people have been cutting back, and finally realized that government needs to do the same. Local and state governments are beginning to get the message by noticing that the latest bonds and taxes have… Read more »

Gun Lover

The best gun safety is to teach everyone to shoot, keep guns and ammo cheap so everyone can afford to practice regularly, and to build lots of shooting ranges so people have a place to go and practice.