Illinois Supreme Court Rules a Vehicle Glove Box is a Gun Case

Illinois Supreme Court Rules a Vehicle Glove Box is a Gun Case

Illinois –-( In a huge win for Illinois gun owners, the Illinois Supreme Court, in a unanimous judgment, announced this morning that an enclosed center console of a vehicle is indeed considered a legitimate case for transporting a firearm within the meaning of the IL Criminal Code sec. 24 -1.4(c)iii:

(iii) are unloaded and enclosed in a case,
firearm carrying box, shipping box, or other container by a person who has been issued a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card; or

The case in question, People vs Diggins, involved the transportation of two unloaded firearms and two loaded magazines in the console of a vehicle driven by an individual in possession of a valid FOID card.

In unanimous agreement the justices ruled the trial judge erred in denying defense the right to argue that a console is considered a “case” or “other container” under sec. 24 -1.4(c)iii and for instructing the jury that the console is not considered a “case”.

This ruling would also seem to resolve the question as to the legality of transporting unloaded hanguns in the glove box of a vehicle by IL citizens in possession of a valid FOID card.

Because there is a disagreement between the arresting officer, defendant, and a witness at the scene as to whether or not the console was completely closed at the time, the Diggins case has been remanded back to the lower court for further proceedings.

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If you create a device attached to the inside of the door of the glove box, that upon opening said glove box loads the previously unloaded weapon, does that still meet the requirement? While the door is closed, the weapon is unloaded. (credit to Shroedinger’s Cat)

Ron Asrian

Give us our rights, let me protect my family and Biz. In il.