Does Your Mayor Belong To An Anti-Gun Group?

Does Your Mayor Belong To An Anti-Gun Group?

Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance
Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance

Troy, ID –-( Most of you are probably aware that a very important firearms case, McDonald v. Chicago is currently pending before the United States Supreme Court.

In this landmark case, the Supreme Court is expected to strike down Chicago’s draconian gun ban and finally hold that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms applies to states.

This is going to give pro gun advocates a powerful tool to challenge state and local gun restrictions across the country. An array of groups ranging from 38 state attorneys general (Idaho’s included) to Safari club have submitted briefs supporting the plaintiffs’ position in this case. Our own Idaho State Rifle and Pistol Association has joined with other state associations in filing an amicus brief in this case.

Good job!

A much smaller number of briefs have been filed which oppose incorporating the Second Amendment against the states.

To demonstrate how out of the mainstream this position is please note that the Brady Center submitted a brief that does not oppose incorporation of the Second Amendment but argues for a lower standard of scrutiny for firearms regulation.

While most of the anti-2nd Amendment amicus briefs were filed by the “usual suspects” (anti-gun politicians, professors, and activist groups) there is one brief that should be particularly troubling to those of us that respect the US Constitution:

  • The U.S. Conference of Mayors has submitted a brief that argues (among other things) that “gun control laws play a central role in fighting violent crime” and “The Second Amendment protects a largely obsolete eighteenth-century right”.

The mayors of several cities here in Idaho and across the US are members of the US Conference. If you live in one of these cities with Mayors in this organization please consider contacting your mayor and asking them why they would belong to a group that is blatant in it’s disregard for the constitutional right to possess and use firearms.

Michael C. “Mike” Brown
Executive Director/General Counsel
Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance

The Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance is the only statewide group dedicated solely to advocating for the interests of gun owners and recreational shooters in Idaho. Visit:

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Most mayors view their cities as their personal fiefdoms, since most cities do NOT have term limits. This, of course, invites corruption and with it, governance with an iron fist. Most big cities, especially in the Northeast and Midwest are police states. That's why McDonald v. Chicago is so unsettling to these mayors. An opinion to incorporate the Second Amendment against the states and cities by SCOTUS, will strip mayors and their police dogs of much of their hold over their constituents. Who in Chicago will rely on a police officer, if their own gun will do a better job?


From what I've read and heard up to now about The U.S. Conference of Mayors, is that no matter what they say, they are anti-gun and would, if they had the power, curb the use of guns for the law-abiding private citizen.