Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance Mobilized & Ready for 2010

Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance Mobilized & Ready for 2010

Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance
Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance

Troy, ID –-( In the past two years Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance (IDSSA), has had remarkable success.

Idaho now has some of the strongest range protection laws in the country. Instructors, match directors, and match officials no longer have to fear nuisance lawsuits that threaten to put them out of business. Firearms laws are now required to be uniform throughout the state. With your help we will add to these successes in 2010.

We are currently drafting bills which (among other things) will remove some location prohibitions on concealed carry and offer an opportunity of rehabilitation for certain people under Federal firearms restrictions. When the legislative session in Boise starts we will monitor the legislative proposals and report to you on bills that have the potential to affect firearm ownership and use or shooting ranges whether obviously firearms related or not. Finally, as part of our core mission, we continue to work with multiple government agencies and elected officials to improve funding for shooting ranges and locate land for new ranges.

We could not have accomplished anything without you, our members. Your continuing support is what makes our efforts possible going forward. If you or your club has not renewed your supporting membership yet please take this opportunity to do so. No one takes a salary and all membership funds go directly to supporting our mission. Membership support is our sole funding source.

As always: thank you again for your support and if any Idaho gun owners, or gun club members have any questions or concerns about issues that they would like to see addressed please feel free to give IDSSA a call.

The Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance is organized under IRS Code section 501(c)(4). Contributions are not tax-deductible because of our lobbying activities.

Best wishes in 2010,
Michael C. “Mike” Brown
Executive Director/General Counsel
Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance

The Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance is the only statewide group dedicated solely to advocating for the interests of gun owners and recreational shooters in Idaho. Visit:

Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance
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