Grauer Systems Launches New Integrated Grip Rail System

Grauer Systems Launches New Integrated Grip Rail System
IGRS provides the ultimate Weapon Enhancement Platform for AR/M4/M16’s

Grauer Integrated Grip Rail System
Grauer Integrated Grip Rail System
Grauer Systems
Grauer Systems

Las Vegas –-( At this year’s annual SHOT Show, Grauer Systems is launching IGRS™, an innovative Integrated Grip Rail System designed to enhance the overall performance and effectiveness of existing AR’s.

IGRS provides maximum flexibility for improving weapon control for a wide range of shooting situations by enhancing the ergonomics of commonly used weapon holds without any compromise. Grauer has also incorporated additional capabilities into IGRS, allowing for superior rail loading, improved laser/light/switch integration and an advanced flared magazine funnel. Rugged and lightweight, IGRS can be field installed on any existing mil spec carbine length AR.

The company will be exhibiting IGRS production units for the first time at the SHOT Show (booth #10873) from January 19 – 22, 2010 and will begin taking orders from dealers during the show.

John Brixius, founder and president of Grauer Systems, stated “IGRS was designed specifically for warfighters and law enforcement professionals by evaluating ways to improve usability in stress situations and incorporating their feedback into the final product. The results have been dramatic – equipping an AR with a Grauer IGRS immediately expands the overall performance potential by improving how the shooter controls, manages, and fires the weapon. By making these tasks more ergonomically intuitive and efficient, IGRS enables a higher level of synergy between the warfighter and their weapon.”

Perfecting the “Magazine Hold”
Grauer’s evaluations found that many warfighters actually use their weapon differently in combat than how they were trained – by grasping the magazine well area with their non-shooting hand.

This “magazine hold” is often preferred even with weapons equipped with vertical fore-grips. Warfighters do this for very intuitive and ergonomic reasons. But grasping the weapon this way is problematic with current AR configurations. The hands are placed too close together for adequate control and the non-shooting hand comes into contact with the magazine, which could lead to jams.

Grauer developed the IGRS to embrace and improve upon the widely used magazine hold – while fully addressing both of these shortfalls. IGRS spreads the hands further apart, providing an ideal natural balance to the weapon while improving overall control. The design also keeps the shooters hands off the magazine using this hold, avoiding potential jams.

But the unique integrated platform approach used in designing IGRS has allowed Grauer to provide additional capabilities that improve the usability of existing AR weapons:

  • Superior Rail Loading – IGRS eliminates the need for a vertical grip, which reduces forward weight and frees up the lower rail position for better light integration.
  • Flared Magazine Funnel – Grauer has integrated the most advanced magazine funnel available for weapons today. Its unique asymmetric shape maximizes functionality while minimizing bulk. The result is a much faster reloading with smooth, slam-it-in, eyes-on-target confidence.
  • Laser/Light Switch Integration – IGRS provides maximum flexibility for routing wires internally to laser and light devices and pressure switches. This snag-free approach allows positioning of remote switches at desired thumb and finger locations for both magazine and horizontal holds, as well as positioning of the light/laser anywhere on any of IGRS’ rails.
  • Improved “Horizontal Hold” – IGRS was also designed to provide enhanced ergonomic control for the traditional horizontal hold. While holding the weapon with the non-shooting hand in its forward location, IGRS provides a means for applying better, more natural rearward force for better weapon control during shooting.
Grauer Systems Integrated Grip Rail System
Grauer Systems Integrated Grip Rail System

About Grauer Systems

Grauer Systems creates advanced weapon products for the modern warfighter. Grauer’s multi-discipline team embraces a unique product design approach that integrates advanced proprietary technology in ways that enhance the usability of existing weapons platforms. These innovative products increase the effectiveness of soldiers in real combat situations.

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