Iowa Flirting With No Permit Needed Concealed Carry

Iowa Flirting With No Permit Needed Concealed Carry

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Iowa –-( In the middle of America, you wouldn’t expect it to be so difficult to get a concealed carry permit.

But in Iowa, it is — especially if the local sheriff doesn’t like you.

That’s why I’m glad to introduce you to a great new organization fighting on this issue. Iowa Gun Owners has been pushing for a major reform of Iowa’s “Might Issue” concealed carry laws.

Not since Alaska (in 2003) has a state passed a no-permit-needed concealed carry law, enacting real carry freedom for law-abiding gun owners.

Iowa Gun Owners burst on to the scene in their rural state because for too long nothing had been done about their atrocious gun laws.

Compared to most of the smaller states, Iowa has some of the worst firearms laws in America, and no one in power seemed to care (though local gun owners have wanted change for years).

But in early 2009, State Rep. Kent Sorenson (R-Indianola) sponsored a bill to end the demand that Iowans beg permission to carry concealed.

And Iowa Gun Owners took action.

Surprising pundits throughout the state, Iowa Gun Owners brought Sorensen’s bill within 1 vote of passing their State House.

Now, in an effort to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the institutional gun lobby has offered a “compromise.” To many, that comes as no surprise, but it will spell defeat for any real concealed carry reform in Iowa.

Why would I write every gun owner in America for help on this issue?

First, Iowa is truly a pivotal state. Its early Straw Poll and Caucuses make it our nation’s most watched political barometer.

Second, rarely does the chance come to pass historic legislation like this.

Every freedom lover in America should be excited about the possibility.

It’s not just about one more “Shall Issue” state, but rather it’s about Iowa becoming a bellwether for liberty in the very heart of our nation.

I often hear “the Second Amendment is my permit to carry”, and I couldn’t agree more. What, after all, is the right to “bear arms”, in a modern context, if it is not to carry concealed?

But those are just empty words if the law makes a mockery of the Constitution.

With that in mind, I encourage everyone who truly embraces the Second Amendment’s right to “bear arms” without infringement to jump on board and help out Iowa Gun Owners.

Seriously, it’s that important.

To carry the tools of self-defense in Vermont and Alaska, you don’t have to undergo a background enema, be fingerprinted like a common criminal, pay for state-mandated firearms training or have your name and address end up on some list.

You don’t have to beg for your God-given rights. That’s what the Second Amendment REALLY means!

Unfortunately, some of the elitist gun owners in America — the head-honchos of the institutional gun lobby — have trouble understanding that. In many states, they even directly oppose Vermont-Alaska real concealed carry.

Their opposition to freedom is nothing but a self-serving “I’ve got mine” attitude, seasoned with a dash of “not EVERYONE should be able to carry a gun.”

But let’s examine that attitude: it means they don’t really oppose gun control.

They just oppose gun control when it’s imposed on them. Give them their own little tin-pot dictatorship, and they’re happy to limit your freedom.

Understand that real concealed carry doesn’t allow a criminal to carry concealed legally, since that criminal is already ineligible to possess a firearm in the first place. Enacting a Vermont-Alaska law simply affirms a God-given right, which is secured by the U.S. Constitution and all but 6 state constitutions.

While it’s true that permitless carry does not provide a mechanism to carry across friendly state lines, it does remove the hoops-and-hurdles in the home state. If one is worried about reciprocity acquiring a permit will still be an option.

So what can you do to help?

Donate to Iowa Gun Owners with a one-time gift through NAGR’s special Iowa Freedom! Donation Page. Or, if you prefer, donate directly to Iowa Gun Owners.

As a fledgling group run by a young man of the highest integrity, Iowa Gun Owners is an organization I fully endorse — in fact, I believe it’s so important to help Iowa Gun Owners that I’ve donated directly to them myself.

So join me in making a generous contribution today!

In Liberty,
Dudley Brown
Executive Director
National Association for Gun Rights
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I have no illusion that Montana will allow "concealed carry" in town where I live; they shot that down last year (2009), though we can still carry concealed without permit outside incorporated areas – what is an oxymoron other than a right one has to seek permission [and pay huge sums of money] to exercise!? Despite that, I defy any politician to tell me my rights end merely because I am inside the boundary of the town in which I live! So much for "power to the people" mantra the leftist liberals used to scream from the rooftops. Now that… Read more »

Bob Sawyer

This is a step forward for all Gun Owners and the Protection of the Second Amendment….

let's hope other State's will follow suit …!


Oh yes, I forgot. the president and congress will have to enrol in the social security system just like their bosses. I mean we elitists want congress and the president to have the same grand perks the bosses have. Yeeeaaaahhhhhhh.


what a great thing. If I were not so close to hand to mouth, I would gladly donate to this cause. I am already donateing to the cause of freedom. I publish my own little news letter called “The Sheep Dog Rag” It runs 22-24 pages full of comments news jokes and sayings. I am of the firm belief that nobamma is not a citizen of the US. I believe that because the Constitution says ours is a government OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE, all elected officials are employees of the people. their hirelings are… Read more »