Uberti 1883 Lever-Action Rifle

Uberti 1883 Lever-Action Rifle

Uberti 1883 Lever-Action Rifle
Uberti 1883 Lever-Action Rifle
Uberti Firearms
Uberti Firearms

ACCOKEEK, MD –-(AmmoLand.com)- The Burgess was Colt’s answer to Winchester’s popular lever-action rifle.

But when Colt introduced their lever-action rifle in 1883, it literally set Winchester Repeating Arms Company back on its heels.

In American corporate gun-making history the Burgess is significant because of the furor it caused between Winchester and Colt.

When Winchester began gearing up to make pistols to compete with Colt, high-level politicians stepped in to put pressure on both companies to avoid disaster.

Folklore has it that this was one of the first big-level “back room” deals ever made between two large gun companies. By the time this agreement was reached Colt had produced 6400 Burgess lever actions, but that’s all that were ever made.

Colt agreed to drop production of the Burgess and Winchester canceled their pistol project, and the rest, as they say……is history. Now, Colt’s Burgess comes to life again with Uberti’s 1883 Lever-Action rifle, chambered in .45 Long Colt, and available with either 20- or 25 1/2-inch barrels.

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This looks interesting! I would like to see tests made by professionals and see the analysis in black and white. This would be a welcome addition to lever action collectors and perhaps, 3-gun competitors. Additionally, when will it be on the shelves and what is the price?