Uberti Firearms Celebrates 50 Years of Gunmaking Excellence!

Uberti Firearms Celebrates 50 Years of Gunmaking Excellence!

Uberti Firearms
Uberti Firearms

ACCOKEEK, MD – -(AmmoLand.com)- In 2009, A. Uberti, the world’s premier manufacturer of classic replica American firearms, will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. A. Uberti, S.r.l. was founded in 1959 by gunsmith Aldo Uberti in his home village of Gardone in the Italian Alps. Planning for the centennial of the American Civil War, Uberti’s first replica firearm was an exact reproduction of the famous Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver. Over the years, as the quality of his factory and the experience and skill of his craftsmen grew, Uberti expanded into replicas of other classic cap-and-ball revolvers and Old West-style lever-action rifles.

Fifty years later the Uberti line now includes Winchester lever-actions, single-shot target and hunting rifles, slide-action Colt rifles, Sharps breech-loaders, from carbine to Buffalo Rifle and faithful copies of the frontier army’s Trap-door Springfields. Uberti’s extensive list of handguns now includes scores of re-created landmark handguns, including Colt & Remington black powder cap-and-ball models, early cartridge conversions and more than 100 variations of the Colt 1873 Single-Action Army revolver. Other handguns include .44-caliber Schofield style top-break revolvers and a selection of exciting new Single-Action Army small-bore and hand-tuned full size models.

All Uberti firearms are exacting replicas, down to the finest detail, but with modern machinery and materials, they’re actually better and safer than the originals. Uberti cartridge arms are fully capable of standing up to all modern commercial ammunition loads. From Civil War reenactments to Cowboy Action Shooting, Uberti makes the guns of the past both affordable and available to modern shooters. Now, as a member of the Benelli USA family of companies, Uberti firearms are available in America directly from the source. Only Uberti firearms marked “Stoeger” are fully warranted for 5 years and can be serviced by factory-trained gunsmiths using genuine Uberti parts right here in the U.S.A.

Please join us this year in celebrating the first half century of Uberti, the gunmaker that has restored the joy of owning and shooting many of the greatest historic firearms ever designed.

“I know that I can speak on behalf of the entire Benelli family of companies, and I’m sure, for fans of historic recreation firearms everywhere, in congratulating Uberti on their landmark 50th Anniversary,” said Stephen McKelvain, Benelli’s VP of Marketing & Communications.” Over the past half-century, Uberti’s superb recreations have restored the ability to own and shoot many of the greatest American firearms ever made.”

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Douglas D DiToro

Uberti imported their 38 spl cal derringers up until the CGA 1968. They came under the Continental name. There are some around but hard to find. I finally picked one up some 3 years ago after looking for some 25 years. Bond and American Derringer make great derringers. They can be found at most gun shows and gun shops. Most of the SASS members shoot the Old Ubertis from what I have been told. I would stay away from the Davis and Cobra ones. I do not think they are worth the money. Stay with quality.

karl burditt

I have been looking for information on a reproduction line of “new derringer ”
It’s date code looks to be 1957 with a S/N 93 other than the new derringer 22cal.short
there seems to be no other markings. I do know Uberti made new derringers in 22and
38 cal but am unable to find any more on them other then hearsay . Can you assist
Me on this please ? Thank you for any help you can give .r

John Hicks

Have a Uberti copy of Sharps 4 barrel derringer .22 short, s/n 17703, am unable to find any info on this item,or locate it in the ( complete listings ) of Uberti products. Could you assist with any info.Many thanks.JH

Lloyd Gower

Sir ,I have a Uberti rolling block with a streight grip stock , I would like to purchase a set trigger assembly for it . ?