Coming Up On Armed American Radio – February 07 2010

Coming Up On Armed American Radio – February 07 2010
The Official Voice of the USCCA
by Mark Walters

Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Jackson, WI –-( Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve heard me say this before but NEVER has it been said in this vain before…IF YOU MISSED LAST WEEK’S AAR BROADCAST, YOU BLEW IT!

I was fortunate enough to be joined by American Guitar legend, rocker extraordinaire, NY Times best selling author and NRA board member Uncle TED NUGENT.

Ted was scheduled to join me for the complete second hour and had SO much fun on AAR that he, and this is almost unheard of, agreed to stick around with me for the COMPLETE THIRD HOUR AS WELL! NO one says it like The NUge so if you missed last week, please head over to and LISTEN TO THE PODCAST VERSION OF LAST WEEKS SHOW!

THIS WEEK…tough to top the NUGE, I know BUT we have a great one lined up for you! Super Bowl Who? Super Bowl What? The heck with football. Too much is at stake in this great country and freedom must ring without a BREAK, EVER! I will joined this week by PA. Gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Sam Rohrer. Pro-gun and pro-freedom. A nice combination!

Also joining me will be the Executive Director of America’s NO COMPROMISE pro-gun organization, Gun Owners of America, Mr. Larry Pratt will be here. In addition, Mr. Rob Pincus will join me for the entire three hour show and it promises to be a GOOD ONE!

Be there THIS Sunday and forget the football game. That’s what they makes DVR’s for! For more info and to stay up to date on AAR’s incredible growth, visit us at and check us out on FACEBOOK too!

I’ll see you on the radio THIS weekend! Be there!

Armed American Radio is the most free-thinking, politically incorrect radio station in the U.S.A. We discuss liberty, self-defense, weapons, family, friends, and life. Visit:

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