VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Sells Out To Anti-Gun Lobby

VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Sells Out To Anti-Gun Lobby

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-( It is always painful to report the painful truth about our so-called friends.

In this case, it is even more painful because it appears that a former friend of the 2nd Amendment has begun the all-too-familiar process of selling out and trying to get votes for future races from both sides of the fence.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli submitted a brief to the Supreme Court of Virginia in Rudolph Digiacinto vs. George Mason University defending the Universities ban on carrying a firearm inside buildings such as the campus library.

However, when Mr. Cuccinelli ran for Attorney General he told gun owners that the university lacked the legal authority to issue such firearms bans. He even went so far as to suggest that the way to challenge the ban was in court.

Now that Mr. Digiacinto has taken Mr. Cuccinelli up on his suggestion, Mr. Cuccinelli turns around and stabs him in the back.

Mr. Cuccinelli has not only stabbed the defendant in the back but all those gun owners who voted for him.

Am I saddened by this? YES! Am I surprised? NO!

A few years back VGOC was the ONLY gun lobby to publicly challenge Mr. Cuccninelli’s distorted notion that innocent gun owners should be held liable in civil court for crimes committed with guns that had been stolen from them.

Mr. Cuccinelli backed down in that case but did not apologize. He handed his Blame-Innocent-Gunowners Bill off to an anti-gun radical in the Virginia Senate.

Will Mr. Cuccinelli back down this time and withdraw his brief? We won’t know unless we ask him.

What is even more important is that Mr. Cuccinelli hear loud and clear that gun owners are aware of his betrayal and will remember it when he runs for office next time.

If Mr. Cuccinelli gets away with this without a large outcry from gun owners it will only embolden him to sell out even more.

Please call Mr. Cuccinelli at 804 786 2071 and urge him to WITHDRAW his brief defending the GMU campus gun ban and resubmit it along the lines of his campaign statements.

As always please make a donation at to help keep us in the fight for the 2nd Amendment.

For Liberty,
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC

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