NRA Gives Buz Mills an ‘A’ Rating

NRA Gives Buz Mills an ‘A’ Rating
Highest rating for non-incumbent.

Buzz Mills For Arizona Governor
Buzz Mills For Arizona Governor

Arizona – -( The National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has given Republican candidate for governor Buz Mills an ‘A’ rating, which is the highest rating bestowed to non-incumbent candidates for office.

The NRA-PVF rates candidates with sole regard to their position on Second Amendment issues and not where candidates or incumbents stand on fiscal or social matters. In rating Mills, NRA-PVF Chairman Chris Cox wrote:

“Your dedication to gun owners is demonstrated through your operation of one of the leading firearms training centers in the country, which every year trains thousands of shooters of all experience levels. As a member of the Board of Directors of the NRA, you work to provide a strong future for the rights of gun owners in Arizona and across America.”

Mills is a lifetime member of the NRA and has been a member of the NRA’s 76-member Board of Directors since 2009. At the most recent annual meeting in 2010, Mills was elected to the Executive Committee. Since 2009, Mills has also served on the Board of Trustees of the NRA Foundation which sponsors numerous shooting competitions and raises funds for firearms safety education benefiting youths. Mills operates Gunsite Academy north of Prescott which provides firearms training for the military, law enforcement, and qualified civilians.

Mills has the endorsement of former NRA President and former Arizona Attorney General Bob Corbin. Other endorsements include former Governor Fife Symington, former Coconino County Sheriff Joe Richards, current Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh, and former Yavapai County Sheriff Buck Buchanan.

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E. C. Watts

If it is good enough for the NRA, it's good enough for everyone. We should all be exempt from this horrible bill. In other words, we need equal justice under the law, not exemptions for some and not for others. If NRA wants to be exempt, then we should all be exempt. The next thing you know they will take away the exemption and not even tell you they are doing it. You will just wake up one morning and it will be gone….just like all our liberties. Wake up America!!!

steven hanisch

hey folks,the N.R.A. needs our help now.our n.r.a. leadership has done nothing wrong and are fighting a desperate battle for our freedom. to quote gen.washington at a time when things looked very bleak,like they do now"these are the times that try mens souls,the summertime patriot and the sunshine soldier will shrink in our hour of need,but those who bear it now deserve the love and respect of man and woman….gen.washingtons address to his troops at valley forge,pa. " patrick henry23 march 1775 'give me liberty or give me death" i sincerely hope to meet these men if god lets me… Read more »