NRA Sells Out Grassroots To Congressional Anti-Gunners

NRA Sells Out Grassroots To Congressional Anti-Gunners

NRA Sells Out Grassroots To Congressional Anti-Gunners
NRA Sells Out Grassroots To Congressional Anti-Gunners PIC: John S P
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA – -( The NRA is fully prepared to sell out grassroots gun organizations across the nation, including VCDL, to the anti-gun Democratic leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives by not fighting a bill that will gag the free speech of those who criticize members of Congress.

The NRA, in a news release, has said it will turn a blind eye to H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act, since it exempts the NRA.

Bottom line: the NRA has been bought off.

Here is the criteria in the bill for an exemption:

  • More than 1 million members
  • Has been in existence for more than 10 years
  • Has members in all 50 states
  • Raises 15 percent or less of their income from corporations

It appears the ONLY gun organization to meet that set of criteria would be the NRA – not GOA or SAF or CCRKBA, much less VCDL.

VCDL rarely criticizes another gun organization, but on this issue we cannot, and must not, hold our tongues.

Let me not mince words – this appears to be an unholy alliance between Nancy Pelosi and the NRA, which would wipe out the NRA’s competition.

If you snuggle up with a rattlesnake you are going to get bit. The NRA is playing a fool’s game if they think they will survive this unscathed. Nancy Pelosi is not their friend now, nor will she ever be.

For their own self-interest, the NRA is apparently choosing to drive, or at least ride in, the bus that is going to run over the rest of us.

The NRA must NOT turn a blind eye to this scheme and MUST fight it to the bitter end. Either all gun-rights organizations are protected or none are protected. We hang together or we will surely hang separately.

The irony of the NRA’s position is that if they anger enough gun owners, they could fall below the magic one million member mark and then they would lose their exemption and end up being crushed under the same bus that they threw us under.


  1. Call the NRA at (800) 392-8683 and demand that they ACTIVELY OPPOSE HR 5175, S 3295, or any other bill that politically silences the voices of gun owners!
  2. Contact your Congressperson and tell them to vote against HR 5175 (thanks to GOA for the prewritten message/delivery system):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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Bernadette B

In view of NRA supporting HB 5175 I am not renewing my membership with NRA. What a bunch of traitors!!!


The NRA are definitely traitors. I have several family members who belong to the organization, and I will be actively trying to convince them to drop their membership and support of this group. I hope that many NRA members end their association with the NRA over this.

Donald R Hohman

This is an absolute lie and before you continue this disinformation read the denial presented by Wayne LaPierre on the NRA web site catagorically deny any deal with the progressive Democrats on the DISCLOSE act or any similar bill. Donald R Hohman CWO USA (Ret) POW LIFE MEMBER NRA

Bill A

In his February 19, 1999 speech to the Harvard Law School Forum, Charlton Heston said,

"As I have stood in the crosshairs of those who target Second Amendment freedoms, I've realized that firearms are not the only issue. No, it's much, much bigger than that. I've come to understand that a cultural war is raging across our land, in which, with Orwellian fervor, certain acceptable thoughts and speech are mandated."

Today's lesser lights in NRA leadership should listen.


Gotta love how the NRA koolaid drinkers try to spin every act of treason as some great victory


Forgot to add; this agreement shows that the Democrat party does not see the NRA has a threat to their agenda.

Do any of you believe the Democrats would make the NRA the lone voice if they thought the NRA was a force against their agenda?

The NRA are traitors


Pro-liberty groups are educating and informing people all across this nation to the need of restoring the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We call these groups tea party, oath keepers, 3% and others.

What the Democrats are doing is silencing these groups by using the greed of the NRA.

The NRA has undermined liberty by promoting reasonable gun control.

In Illinois they allowed HB5832 to pass unchallenged.

Now gun owners that forget to renew their FOID cards can go to prison for 1-3yrs.


Dann… The way GOA have always acted against the NRA, you'd think they are a branch of the Bradys.

Remember: No Compromise really means "Not one gain for the Second Amendment but we still collect your monies."


It's not often you see the Brady Campaign and the Gun Owners of America take the same stance and stand shoulder-to-shoulder against the NRA.


Let me get this straight, the Democrats offered a "carve-out" to the NRA which allows the NRA to keep protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, a bill that if made law, will effectively silence the Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, and Bloomberg's Mayor's Against Illegal Guns and this is a sell-out?