A Classic South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Involves A Crowd

A Classic South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Involves A Crowd
From the field: get ready with this account from last season …

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt
The more the merrier when you hunt with the Governor & friends.

South Dakota – -(Ammoland.com)- Hopefully, safe and amiable folk who share their shots and become friends by the end of the hunt, even if they weren't when everyone climbed into the truck that morning.

But this wasn't one of those groups. Sure, it was all of the above, but times two. Or ten.

Movers, shakers, and the rest of us, from the four corners of the world and every discipline from diplomats to media moguls.

All drawn together by a love of pheasant hunting and South Dakota's hospitality.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt
Yep, it's a crowd, but it works in South Dakota.

Big Labrador retrievers rumbled through grass, battered their way into cattails and slobbered their way into our hearts. Our first drive, it was clear the easy birds were on vacation.

We earned every flush, every feather puff and retrieve by human and canine. With most of the crops still in the fields, most pheasants were hunkered down there, not in the low spots and CRP.

Our hunt party of big shots and small, regular guys and headline makers, began the day with a head start in the friendship department: dinners and talk lubricated the camaraderie prior to our donning blaze orange Saturday.

We shared some values, learned to say “thank you” in Arabic, and made plans for future visits to the United Nations and once more to South Dakota … the single commonality among us.

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