John M. Browning Firearm Designs – 1885 to 1926

Popular John M. Browning Firearm Designs – 1885 to 1926

Browning Firearms
Browning Firearms

Morgan, UT –-( Without doubt, John M Browning was the world’s foremost designer of firearms.

While other designers also made extremely significant contributions to firearms design and production, those designed John M. Browning have seen longer and wider service than any other guns in history.

He was granted more than 100 patents during his lifetime and many of his designs, like the 1911 pistol, continue to be the design of choice in competition, law enforcement and the military.

The Browning 1911 was just another revolutionary gun by one of the greatest gun designers of all time, John Moses Browning, the founder of today’s Browning Arms Company.

John M Browning with Shotgun
John M Browning with Shotgun

His major firearms designs included:

Single-Shot Rifle:

  • Winchester 1885

Bolt-Action Rifle:

  • Winchester 1900

Lever-Action Rifles:

  • Winchester 1886
  • Winchester 1892
  • Winchester 1894
  • Winchester 1895

Slide-Action Rifles:

  • Winchester 1890

Recoil-Operated Semi-Automatic Rifles:

  • Remington Model 8 and 81

Blowback-Operated Semi-Automatic Rifles:

  • Browning 22 Semi-auto

Double-Barrel Shotgun:

  • Browning Superposed

Lever-Action Shotgun:

  • Winchester 1887

Slide-Action Shotguns:

  • Winchester 1897
  • Remington Model 17 (later the Ithaca 37)
  • Stevens 520

Recoil-Operated Semi-Automatic Shotguns:

  • Browning Auto 5 / Remington Model 11

Blowback-Operated Semi-Automatic Pistols:

  • FN M1900
  • Colt 1903/1908 Pocket Hammerless
  • FN 1906 Vest Pocket/Colt 1908 Vest Pocket
  • FN 1910
  • Colt Woodsman .22

Recoil-Operated Semi-Automatic Pistols:

  • Colt 1902
  • Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer
  • U.S. M1911
  • FN G.P. 35 Hi Power

Gas-Operated Machine Guns:

  • Colt M1895
  • U.S. M1918 BAR

Recoil-Operated Machine Guns:

  • U.S. M1917/M1919
  • U.S. M2 Heavy Machine Gun

Automatic Machine Cannon:

  • Colt Browning 37mm



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The Guns of John Moses Browning
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Margene Rossi

Of course this move is risky but so is every move in the NFL from draft picks to free agency. The difference here is that the 49ers and the rest of league had Garropolo highly rated before he was drafted. He has had the opportunity to learn how to be a pro and his game is tailored to what Shanny wants in his offense.This is a good trade for both teams and I can wait to see Jimmy G, mio paesano play!

E Szlek

I would like to purchase the Browning firearm poster, but the link doesn’t work. Can someone help me with this??

[email protected]

Tracy Johnson

Really would love to find a book on his lifetime achievement s


something like…Legacy of browning… its a great book… can’t remember the exact name….

i love all things john browning…. i clean guns for my family… the auto loaders shotguns all have john brownings design from 1890’s… the mechanisms for the current autoloaders are all from his designs …. weatherby…..berreta… all have his design….

thats not even going into his design of the superposed……… he was a GENIUS of his field……

David Mills

You want “John M. Browning – American Gunmaker” by john Browning and Curt Gentry. I think it is for sale at the Browning Gun Museum in Ogden, Utah (easy to find with Google). They also have a video/dvd of his life narrated by none other than Fess Parker (a.k.a. “Davey Crocket” of the 1950s Walt Disney era.