Indiana Senate Approves Bill To Help Align Firearms Rules

Indiana Senate Approves Bill by Sen. Jim Tomes To Help Align Firearms Rules
Bill 292 would prohibit local government bodies from enacting stricter gun laws than firearms regulations already set by the state.

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Indianapolis, Indiana –-( State Sen. Jim Tomes’ (R-Wadesville) proposal created to help align firearms restrictions across Indiana is now on its way to the Indiana House of Representatives after passing the Senate today by a 38-12 vote.

Tomes said Senate Bill 292 would prohibit local government bodies from enacting stricter gun laws than firearms regulations already set by the state.

“Currently, Indiana is a patchwork quilt of gun laws, allowing for potential confusion among Hoosiers,” Tomes said.

“This bill makes it possible for firearms owners, law enforcement, gun dealers and collectors to have a fair and consistent code of regulations applicable throughout the entire state.”

Tomes’ legislation would exempt courthouses and allow local judges to use their discretion at such a venue. Tomes said the idea for this bill came after learning of several local government entities trying to enact and enforce their own firearms restrictions. Officials in Elkhart, Gibson, Vanderburgh and other counties have attempted to adopt ordinances prohibiting firearms on county-owned or county-leased properties.

“Some regulations put into place by local governments may be contrary to state law, putting the rights of licensed gun-carrying Hoosiers at risk,” Tomes said.

“Guns laws aren’t posted like speed limits and many might be unfamiliar with which properties are county-owned.”

As added protection, Tomes’ bill would allow citizens unfavorably affected by local government firearms ordinances to seek legal action against the responsible political party.

According to Indiana State Police officials, an estimated 250,000 Hoosiers currently hold firearms licenses in the state.

Tomes said full copy of the Senate Bill 292 can be found online at

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on webster, since I live nearby, the statement in the warsaw paper had me wondering, if this is over what you stated john, its apples and oranges, firearms laws pertain only to firearms last I knew, fyi warsaw already has a restriction on the above inside the city limits, the thing I want to see, is webster to make up specs for a airgun or bow range, thats reasonable and safe(it would not take all that much materials,. along with a garage , house behind the range backstop to catch anything that misses the backstop,) then allow people to build… Read more »

John Routh

The Town Council in North Webster, IN wants to pass a ordinance that makes it illegal to fire BB, Guns, Pellet Guns and Bows and arrows in the town limits — what a bunch or morons!!!! I hope Bill 292 passes in the House in Indiana