NO Photographs for a Concealed Handgun Permits

NO Photographs for a Concealed Handgun Permits

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League


I cannot believe that we are still having some localities photograph Concealed Handgun Permits applicants!

There is NO authority in the law for the Circuit Courts or the police to make you submit to a photograph to get your concealed handgun permit.

If you are told they need to photograph you, REFUSE, and then get in touch with VCDL ASAP.

I have just learned that Botetourt County is requiring these unlawful photographs and we will be in touch with them about this on Monday. Apparently they have been doing this for years!

If you don’t tell us when there are abuses like this, then they won’t get fixed. If you refuse to submit to unlawful requests, then, if push-come-to-shove, there is standing to appeal to a higher court.

Renew your CHPs no earlier than 180 days and no later than 90 days before expiration. If you do that, then your new CHP’s expiration date will be exactly 5 years out from the expiration date on your expiring permit. IF YOU WAIT UNTIL THERE ARE LESS THAT 90 DAYS UNTiL EXPIRATION, your new Concealed Handgun Permits will have an expiration 5 years out from when the judge signs it – possibly causing you to lose weeks on your expiring permit that you had paid for 5 years ago. There is a THREE-MONTH window – don’t miss it!

Only first-time applicants for a CHP can be fingerprinted. There is to be NO fingerprinting on renewals. Also, fingerprinting is up to the locality – if they pass an ordinance authorizing it, then new applicants are fingerprinted, otherwise there is no fingerprinting. Currently only about 1/3 of localities require fingerprinting of first-time applicants.

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