Refreshing Idea Time – The No-Gun Permit Law

Refreshing Idea Time – The No-Gun Permit Law

PHOENIX, AZ –-( My co-author on Sunshine Gun Laws — a tongue-in-cheek list of great gun laws we ought to have — has just come up with another beauty. Rock on with your bad self, Mark Moritz!

If you can demonstrate (to the local sheriff, state police or other proper authority) that you have a good reason why you should not carry a gun, then after attending a 40-hour class, paying a fee, being fingerprinted and photographed, and having your background checked, you can get a card that says you have permission to not carry a gun.

Anyone caught not carrying a gun, without the permission slip to be unarmed, can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor. In any contact with a police officer, you must declare that you are unarmed, and you must show your permit. Failure to show the permit is a misdemeanor.

Showing bad attitude toward the officer is grounds for an additional charge of reckless endangerment, since going unarmed is known to aid and abet the criminal element. After enactment, newspapers are authorized to publish the names of all people who have no-gun permits, for safety.

This is not to be confused with the Gun-Free-Citizen Act, in which a person can, of their own free will, be permanently banned from even touching a gun, under penalty of felony arrest.

See all the Sunshine Gun Laws,, some of which have actually been enacted. See also Model Firearms Legislation, seriously proposed, to advance our rights and the cause of freedom, suitable for any of the states in the Union.

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Charles Nichols

From 1792 to 1903 Federal law required you to own a gun, ammunition and to practice with your local militia. Google Militia Act.