Battle in the Saddle – A Blast

Battle in the Saddle – A Blast

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association

Columbia, TN –-( CMSA Contestants traveled from all over for a chance at the $10,000 added at the Battle in the Saddle.

Arriving in the heat of 110 degrees this event was HOT!

With a total of 47 contestants and only 20 making the finals, competition was fierce and nobody was backing down.

After the three stages of the main match was completed only 3 riders with a miss made it into the Top 20 Showcase. Cody Clark proved why he is the youngest Men’s Level 6 winning both the Main Match High Overall and the Showcase High Overall.

This showcase proved to be the most exciting of the week with ONLY .272 seconds separating the top four riders- fans were on the edge of their seats cheering on our mounted shooters!

The new divisional payback allowed CMSA to purchase a one of a kind Battle in the Saddle buckle for the six divisions and give larger checks to the divisional winners. Here are your divisional results:

Ladies Limited

  • 1st Place Calleigh King – $325.00

Men’s Limited

  • 1st Place Heithe Williams – $731.25
  • 2nd Place Jeff Potter – $438.75

Ladies Express

  • 1st Place Lisa DeGeare – $585.00
  • 2nd Place Deana Miller – $390.00

Men’s Express

  • 1st Place Zane Chunn – $731.25
  • 2nd Place John Shelton – $438.75

Ladies Masters

  • 1st Place Andra Olson – $682.50
  • 2nd Place Dawn Smitley – $455.00

Men’s Masters

  • 1st Place Cody Clark – $845.00
  • 2nd Place Charlie Little – $633.75
  • 3rd Place Marcus Wadley – $422.50

AQHA Results:

  • Youth – 1st Place Lisa DeGeare
  • Novice Amateur – 1st Place Allan Watt
  • Amateur – 1st Place Heithe Williams
  • Amateur Select 1st Place Brady Carr
  • Open – 1st Place Charlie Little

After the two stage final in the showcase and one rifle stage the winners are as follow:

  • 1st Place Cody Clark – $3,600 23.863
  • 2nd Place Rock Clark – $2,700 23.954
  • 3rd Place Chad Little – $1,800 24.050
  • 4th Place Andra Olson – $900 24.135


  • 1st Place Chad Little – $500 & Trophy Rifle from Taylor’s & Co., Inc.
  • 2nd Place Dan Byrd – $300
  • 3rd Place Zane Chunn – $200

CMSA would like to thank all of the Battle in the Saddle contestants for supporting the 1st AQHA/CMSA shoot at the Battle in the Saddle. Also, a huge thank you goes out to our sponsors AQHA, Starline Brass and Taylor’s & Co., Inc.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association® is the Fastest Growing Equestrian Sport in the Nation. Mounted contestants compete in this fast action timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared blank ammunition. The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association “C.M.S.A.” has a variety of levels of competition for everyone, ranging from novice levels to the seasoned professional. Visit: