Canton Ohio Police Shocking Overreaction to Ohio Concealed Carry Holder

Canton Ohio Police Shocking Overreaction to Ohio Concealed Carry Holder
Duty To Inform “Promptly” only works if the “Only Ones” Shut up and listen –

Ohioans For Concealed Carry
Ohioans For Concealed Carry

Ohio –-( We’ve all wondered what our first armed traffic stop is going to turn into. For me I was driving a 1996 Ford explorer with 4″ tall white letters that read: OHIOCCW.ORG across the back of my hatch.

The officer stepped out of his vehicle and approached my car in a rather large arc so that when he could see into my doorway he was easily twenty feet away from my car.

We were each other’s first armed traffic stop and as I realized what was taking place I chuckled and said “So, Obviously you know, Right?”

That didn’t happen to a man in Canton, Ohio who had his license for just 30 days on June 8th of this summer. What happened is a problem we’ve heard all too often.

Police are trained to own control over a situation, to refuse to get into a discussion with you that would distract their awareness, and to command you into compliance. Often, this leads into unintended consequences where a concealed handgun licensee trying to “promptly inform” the officer that they’re armed is shouted down, ordered to shut up, or told to look away from the officer’s direction.

The seventeen minutes of dash camera footage we are now able to show you will likely horrify you.

In this case the driver remains in his vehicle while the officer, in what appears to be an illegal search at first glance, enters the rear of the vehicle. The licensee tries to turn his head and notify and is promptly told to turn away and shut up.

Later, when the second officer approaches his door he can be heard on camera saying “I have a conceal..” at which point the officer barks at him that he “Better tell the truth”, which thwarts the driver’s attempts to notify and confuses him into saying why he is truthfully where he is at that hour.

As he exits the vehicle and the officers realize he is armed their reaction is absolutely horrific.

The treatment of the driver while he is detained, handcuffed, and placed in the back of the cruiser is truly hard to watch. After you watch this video, please go to and consider a donation to the legal defense fund.

We need your help to fix this injustice, and we need your help to use these events to repeal the law in Ohio that puts you into a shouting match with an officer who doesn’t want to hear you speak.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media please consider helping us spread this video to everyone you know.

Discussion is here in – If you use other forums, cross post!

Ohioans for Concealed Carry, founded in 1999, is a grassroots political activist organization. When founded, the primary goal of OFCC was getting concealed carry passed into law in Ohio. With that accomplished, our mission became to refine the concealed carry law and to expand and preserve the rights of all gun owners in Ohio. Visit:

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Randy Coleman

The Officer was out of line. As a retired officer my experience tells me that the officer involved needs further training at the least with an extended probationary period. I found fault with his stop beginning with his approach to the occupied vehicle. His gun hand was filled with a flash light. That move alone could have cost him his life. Now getting to the heart of it, his title is police officer not, the “Avenger” of public wrong doing. His officer safety was extremely lacking, as was his demeanor. He used the term idiot when referring to the suspect,… Read more »

Robii Dawn

As a former law enforcement officer, I am thoroughly disgusted with the procedure and attitude this officer displayed. This is the reason so many in the general public don't trust us or support us.


Shit like this, would have made me a rich man!!


I have unfortunately worked with officers just like this dickhead. It is real hard to deal with. It creates a very dangerous situation for everyone involved. This officer needs to be put at a desk job for six months with retraining and a years probation . Also he needs to man up and, give that CCW citizen a sincere apology. That cop deserves a chance to turn things around now that he has been caught. In fact i would have him teach and use that video as a training tool for new recruits . Now on another note, OMG I… Read more »


I never heard the officer read this man his Miranda rights. When this officer started acting like this, the guy in handcuffs should of said I'm done talking to you and I want my lawyer. I have been stopped once and i had my ccw and was armed. I know somebody called on my because they saw the out line of my weapon under my shirt. I saw the officer sitting in his car with it parking lights on somewhat close to my truck when i exited McDonalds with my 5 yr old son at the time. I knew he… Read more »


The first thing these cops should have done was to verify if any of the subjects they were dealing with had weapons of any kind. The one cops lacadaizical, sloppy perfomance of his duties when he initiated the contact can't be undone by his hotheaded over-reaction after he realizes the mistake he made.

It scared the sh*t out of him, and his emotions overtook his response. The cop lost his head, which in his profession, might cost him his life someday. He should look for another line of less dangerous work.

chip s

send these bums to alaska and let the state police show them how a profesional works with someone carring a gun


the texas law requiring notification to police officers during a traffice stop was changed last year. we are no longer required to notify the stopping officer, but it is a courtesy to consider. i have been stopped twice since then, and even though the information is immediately available to the stopping officer, neither (one was a city police officer, the other was a sheriff in another county) of them even inquired about my concealed handgun license or whether i was carrying (i was). this is how the law should be nationwide.

willie allen


Andy o brien

This police department should be held responsible for hiring idiots like those two thugs. They are not officers. What everyone understands these days is a good lawsuit. Make the department pay and make the two dumbasses pay and make sure they never work in this field again. They have what you would call a small penis syndrom. Let's help this gentleman out and guide him in the right direction. Centrist is mine said the CCW holder. Make an example out of these idiots. Thanks to our state government here in Alaska, with god given right to protect ourselves, we carry… Read more »


I gave up being a cop because most of the ones I worked with should have been in a cage. They get a gun a badge and big stick and think they are king kong. Really sad. I obey the law and try to be a good american, I have a gun permit and carry a weapon. I pray nothing like that ever happens to me. I can yell just about as loud as any officer I ever met. Good luck to you and I hope you can get this A!! hole of the streets.


The cop is a nut case, shouldn't even be on the street.And not to smart letting all that get recorded,but the remark about executing the guy was the icing on the cake.


My take is that this officer (and in his case that title imparts no respect) is besides a very stupid and dangerous human being probably a coward. If he is so shaken that someone may have a weapon on his person he is indeed in the wrong profession.


But there is a larger, much more overarching problem this shithead cop's attitude demonstrates, a lack of general education and an increased (uneducated) belief that government is an answer to society's problems. We have to start re-educating ourselves or we will find our future leads only to enslavement or fighting. There is no black and white here, Government is always an evil, and will always lead to the enslavement of the governed if they do not act positively and intentionally against this natural trend. This would well be understood if our schools and colleges really worked. As it stands now,… Read more »


Administrative leave, with pay. I love this. I f any of us would violate a rule at work we would lose our pay, and if exonerated, maybe we would get compensated. If this officer, would have paged in on his up to date computer, it might have shown that the driver was carrying a CCW. In either case the bull crap coming from his big mouth should not have been said.


most people don't want to believe it but this is not the exception but more the norm.they train these guys to act this way and expect them to so that they stay safe.unfortunately they also don't teach them common sense,as to when to use the take control at all cost method and they treat all the people they encounter this way .most cops now are just bullies with a gun and the power to put you in jail for whatever lie they want to make up.


This cop is more dangerous than the gentleman he arrested and probably most of the criminals on the streets. I had a S.C. Highway Patrol Officer act just like this ASSHOLE several years ago. It wasn't anything to do with posession of a gun or anything serious. He was just a big ASSHOLE!! I followed up with a call to his superiors. I got a letter back from a captain stating that displinary actions were taken. I urge everyone who thinks they have been unfairly mistreated by law enforcement to take a stand. Thes kind of ASSHOLES don't need to… Read more »


All I can say is he is a real. ASS HOLE


I have several friends who are law enforcement officers. They have a very tough job to do and I have the utmost respect for what they do and what they have to put up with. These two officers in the Ohio CCW Stop are not the norm. The one cop in my opinion is simply a bully. It is obvious that he likes to intimidate the people he interacts with. His partner seems to be dominated by him and just follows suit with whatever he says. Many cops realize if they make a mistake, they correct it by letting the… Read more »


dont get mad but one day do get even


Had that happened to me, I would be out to end that officers career. I can understand being cautious as that is an inherently dangerous profession to be in. Under no conditions would I tolerate someone in a position of authority treat me unprofessionally like what I just saw. Clearly that officer is biased towards the private ownership of firearms and CCW holders. We don't need officers like that in the field. I would give that department a choice in my law suit. Pay me 10M (or what ever a court agrees is fair) for violating my civil rights or… Read more »


I have known quite a few police officers and unfortunatley, there are far too many of them with this exact same attitude towards civilians. This cop was just stupid enough to let us see the real him on video. Now talk about your dumbass.


This makes all cops look bad,, and makes me ashamed that I used to be one of them. Thes cops should not have a job for another day,, not even as dog catchers. The man plainly tried to tell this idiot that he had a conceal carry and was armed, but the shit faced officer shut up. This kind of officer makes it a lot harder on the good ones that treat people with respect. The rule is you respect me and I respect you, cops across the nation are loosing respect because too many are like this one. Fire… Read more »


First, 06AL, I think you are confused, It wasn't this guy in the video with the CCW sign on his vehicle. That was the guy who wrote the short article posted here with the video, asking for money to support his organization, who had the sign. He was very unclear in explaining it, and I don't know why he couldn't separate the two matters a bit more clearly. The stop in the video ws made because the officer(s) recognized a female who was a known prostitute, up next to a vehicle, talking to someone inside, and who tried to hide… Read more »


Gonna donate to to make the PO unemployed. He doesn't deserve any more taxpayer salary.


This Officer violated the Constitution and his oath….he should be hanged.

He's a traitor! Remember George Washington words after overthrowiing the King!

"Guard with jealous the public liberty suspect anyone whom approaches that jewel" Patrick Henry 1776


These two Cops are real jerks…


It's one thing to be cautious when stopping a vehicle as officers never know what to expect, but when the driver is respectful and tries to communicate to understand the purpose of the stop the officer should act the same way. It's obvious this person was stopped only because of his sign on the back of his vehicle, which tells me that this officer is 100% prejudiced, has no respect for CCW holders nor the CCW law, is anti-Second Amendment, has no class and is a discredit to his profession. He should be fired! If he doesn't like Ohio carry… Read more »