Try a Stealth Vision Hat this Deer Season

Try a Stealth Vision Hat this Deer Season

Stealth Vision Hats
Stealth Vision Hats

USA –-( Even the best camouflaged hunters can be betrayed by a simple blink or the whites of their eyes.

The makers of the Stealth Vision Hat are aware of that problem and have developed what they believe to be a real game changer, especially in the bow-hunting arena.

For years, hunters have relied on conventional hats in conjunction with facemasks to camouflage their head and facial features.

Although effective to a certain degree, the hunter's eyes often give away his presence to the prey. The result is a blown opportunity to harvest one's quarry.

Fortunately, the unique design of the Stealth Vision Hat allows the hunter to maximize the bill's ability to shield his face.

Stealth Vision Hat
Stealth Vision Hat

The astounding difference is that the Stealth Vision Hat bill is made of mesh material allowing the hunter to see through the bill of the hat and monitor animal activity without being detected because of his or her own eye movement.

While in a tilted-down position, the hat's bill also camouflages the face minimizing the need for facemasks that are often hot and uncomfortable. This amazingly simple, affordable and extremely effective concept is receiving strong accolades from both veteran and novice hunters alike.

The proving ground for the Stealth Vision Hat has not been merely aloft from a tree stand but also from ground blinds where total concealment is essential.

Ground hunters are realizing that the Stealth Vision Hat is a long-awaited accessory to compliment their wardrobe of run-and-gun apparel when immediate concealment without losing eye contact is necessary to close the deal on the wariest of game.

This season take to the woods with a Stealth Vision Hat and make sure you are the one doing the looking!

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