Off Grid Survival – Preparedness & Survival Training

Off Grid Survival – Preparedness & Survival Training
A great resource for people who are interested in survival topics and Off Grid Living.

Off Grid Survival - Preparedness & Survival Training Blog
Off Grid Survival - Preparedness & Survival Training Blog
Off Grid Survival
Off Grid Survival

South Western, USA – -(’s featured Gun Blog is the Off Grid Survival found at ( )

The Off Grid Survival blog is resource for people who are interested in survival topics and Off Grid Living..

Off Grid Survival’s main goal is to provide readers with the knowledge they need to survive in any SHTF situation.

Robert Richardson is the owner and author of Off Grid Survival.

Robert provides a lot of great survival related gear reviews, but he belives the best thing you can have in any survival situation is knowledge.

“Knowledge is the key to survival, without it you don’t stand a chance!”

Off Grid Survival Blog Interview:

Q: What is your Blog’s Official Name?
A: Off Grid Survival

Q: What is your Name?
A: Robert Richardson

Q: Where are you located?
A: I live in the desert in the Southwestern United States

Q: What is the point of view or purpose of your blog?
A: The main purpose of my site is to give people the skills they need to survive in any situation. We encourage people to be prepared for whatever the future holds and we try to give them the survival skills that they need to survive in any environment.

Q: How long has your Blog been active?
A: I started the site back in 2007 and I have loved every minute of it. I have met some really great people and we have received a number of emails from people who have actually used some of the skills that they learned on our site in a real life survival situation.

Robert Richardson Off Grid Survival
Robert Richardson Off Grid Survival Blogger

Q: What do you do for a living or is your blog a full time job?
A:The site is starting to become a full time job, but I also own a small sign shop that takes up some of my time.

Q: Do you have a specific agenda or goal of your blog?
A: I guess the main goal of the website is to encourage people to be prepared for whatever the world has in store for them. While I talk a lot about survival and preparedness topics my other mission or goal is for people to fall in love with the outdoors. I’m an avid hiker, hunter, fisherman & backpacker so the site is really a labor of love.

Q: As a survival expert what is the hardest step or task for people to accomplish when prepping for a survival situation?
A: I think there are a couple of things. The biggest obstacle is usually a lack of urgency. People tend to put off prepping until it’s too late. They usually start thinking about it when their stuck up on their roof after a hurricane or some other disaster has taken place..

The second problem is actually the notion of prepping itself. Prepping without preparing yourself mentally and physically can actually become a big downfall in a survival situation. One of the most common things that I come across is people who stock up on thousands of dollars worth of gear and then somehow think they are prepared.

Having survival gear and other preparedness items sure makes life easier in an emergency but there’s nothing that can replace training and good old fashion knowledge.

Q: What is one thing that you want your readers to know about you?
A: That I practice what I preach. When I’m not blogging (or working) I can usually be found out on a trail somewhere hiking, hunting or fishing. I do this for a couple of reasons. First, I absolutely love the outdoors and have been living this lifestyle since I was a very young kid. Second, I realize the importance of training and staying fit. All of these outdoor activities keep my mind and body in peak physical condition and prepared for whatever may come.

Q: What was the best thing you did on your blog that got the most reaction from your readers?
A: I guess it would actually be something that you guys are doing by interviewing me and some of the other guests that you have on your site. I think people appreciate when bloggers expose their readers to other points of views or stories. People always seem to like when we have guest bloggers or recommend other survival related websites.

I think knowledge is power, especially in a survival situation, and the more information we can give to our readers the better our site becomes.

Q: What was the worst thing you did on your blog that got the most reaction from your readers?
A: Well I’m not sure if it’s the worst thing I ever did, but I did a post awhile back that was critical of certain so called survival T.V. shows. While some of these shows are entertaining to watch, they often give people a warped sense of what it really takes to survive.

I wrote an article that pointed this out and also talked about how dangerous some of the things presented on these shows would be in a real survival situation. I guess some fans of the show didn’t like the article and we got a lot of pretty nasty comments.

The thing about my site is I run it less as a business and more as a way to educate, inform and have fun. I’m going to say things that make some people mad from time to time, but if I worried about pleasing everyone I don’t think my site would be a fun or informative place to visit.

Q: Obviously since we are featuring you your blog is Pro gun? What do you think the outlook is for the future of gun rights in America?
A: Well I could probably rant on this subject for awhile but for the sake of this interview I will try to be brief.

Yes, is very pro gun. I think it’s one of our fundamental rights as Americans and in my opinion one of the most important right that we have. I think George Washington summed it up better than I can when he said” Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.” Without the second amendment the rest of our rights wouldn’t stand a chance.

That being said, I think our current political environment is very disconcerting. As a gun owner I’m very worried about what laws may be passed in the coming years. The laws that are currently on the books are confusing enough, especially if you travel or hike with your firearms. I think gun owners really need to pay attention to what is going on in Washington D.C..

Q: In general what is your favorite firearm and why?
A: Well I know I’m running the risk of seeming a little less than manly with this answer, and a few of the people who read this may fall off their chair in laughter, but my favorite gun is probably my Ruger 10/22. The reason why has a lot to do with survival (and the fact that I’m cheap and I like to shoot a lot). In general I think it’s probably one of the best all around guns in a survival situation.

Q: What would be your choice of firearm in a survival situation?
A: Now this is a question that can usually cause very heated debate among survival minded people but If I could only bring one gun it would probably be my Ruger 10/22. There are a couple of reasons that I really like it as a “survival gun.”

First, if you’re planning on carrying a rifle in your survival bag you have to think about how much ammo you can comfortably carry. I can easily carry my Ruger and a couple hundred rounds of ammo without adding an amount of weight that would make the gun a burden to carry. Second, the reliability and the ease in finding parts are both reasons that this gun is at the top of my list. Third, in a survival situation it’s often easier to find small game which makes this gun a winner in my mind.

Q: What hunting or shooting sports hobbies do you have?
A: I love to hunt and fish so I try to get out there as often as possible. When I can’t find the time for hunting I often head out into the desert to shoot at some targets. I had someone blog on my site about 3 Gun competitions so if I can find one I might check those out soon.

Q: Of the topics you cover what do you enjoy writing about the most?
A: I love to write about anything that has to do with survival or the outdoors, but lately I really like to write about the challenges of urban survival. I think it presents a number of challenges that often make for interesting and thought provoking articles.

Q: What things would you like to do or expand in your blog to in the future?
A: I just added a tactical section to our site. In the future I want to build out that section of the site to include more articles that are related to self defense in an urban environment.

Q: What would you like to say to those that are anti gun or maybe just unsure of the purpose of guns in our society today?
A: Well to those that are antigun I would tell them that nothing they do is going to prevent people from committing crimes. I often wonder what makes them think that passing more laws in going to stop one criminal from getting his hands on a gun? There called criminals for a reason, they have no respect for the law and passing more laws does nothing to help the situation. All it does is ensure that law abiding citizens will have a harder time protecting their homes and families from danger.

As for the purpose of guns in our society today, I still believe that it’s one of our most important rights that all other rights hinge upon. On a less political note, there are still a good number of people in this country that rely on their guns as a tool to help feed their families.

Q: What parting remarks or comments you would like to make or promote?
A: I would just like to thank everyone at AmmoLand for the opportunity to talk about the importance of preparedness and survival training. If you would like more information on what it takes to survive in any situation I invite you to check out my website at

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5 years ago

My survival,consist of locking the doors ,outing the lights ,and getting comfortable on the sofa with my 12 guage and
1911,AND waiting for some asshole to take whats mine,it helps to have a supply of cold beer

Survival Food
Survival Food
9 years ago

I checked out your blog and you have a lot of interesting articles. Highly recommended to anyone and everyone out there! I especially liked your article titled – Survival Food – 56 food supplies from the store.

David in Oklahoma
David in Oklahoma
10 years ago

One man's survival is another man's way of life. A man that can hunt with a .22 can survive; with a good sharp knife, he can live well. Camping, trapping, fishing and hunting are skills we all need to be proficient to survive in nature. Robert has a good thing going here for the beginner or not. We all sometimes need a refresher or maybe a better idea. I am glad someone has already set this up and we all can benefit from Robert's efforts and experience. Keep up the good ideas. Thanks.

Wild Bill
Wild Bill
5 years ago

@David in Ok, Yes, if it is just one man. If everyone that can hunt, did hunt 365 days a year, the game would soon be gone. Stores empty in three days. No re-supply. The neighborhood dogs, and cats eaten. What will the horde of people turn to for food. Yes, the local prepare, but also long pork. I think that the long term survival equation requires more than living off the grid, or storing up food, of siting in your garage with a 12ga. I think that a plan to sew society back together, before the disaster, invasion, EMP… Read more »

Wild Bill
Wild Bill
5 years ago
Reply to  Wild Bill

Damn spell check: it should read, “… the local PREPPER…”

10 years ago


Prob is not the gun(s) but the BULLET! WET… hell, just "moisture" (humid climates like down south) getting in the AMMO CAN– mold/mildew starts to build around top of case under bullet.. in less than a year!! moisture gets into shell case regardless.

.22LR designed for "Plinking", NOT SURVIVAL!!! STICK with a REAL PCC (Pistol-Caliber Carbine) like the 9mm KEL-tEC SUB2000… or better yet: the INCREDIBLE THUREON DEFENSE (Glock-compatible) carbine!! [] DESIGNED – for survival, designed for the BIG BOYS!!

10 years ago

It really is more than just installing the necessary components, living off grid is a way of life. Camping is about as close as I get personally! I'm heavily involved with Solar and have lived off grid before also.

Great News!!

Off the Grid News

10 years ago

Good interview. Thanks for profiling Robert and his blog.

10 years ago

I know a lot of people that prefer a 22 rifle for survival.

A lot of times people survival mixed up with resistance.

If you go to South America you will find that a lot of people have 22 bolt action rifles many of them are older rifles.

My dad (former polices officer) always said that given a choice he would rather carry a 22 for survival.

He also would say that a 22 can get you something bigger if it’s needed.