Rare Collection of Vintage Military Firearms To Go Up For Auction

Rare Collection of Vintage Military Firearms To Go Up For Auction
Notable Firearms From Second World War to Be Auctioned by Craig Gottlieb Military Antiques.
By Peter Suciu

Collectible Howard Hughes Luger
Collectible Howard Hughes Luger

Michigan –-(Ammoland.com)- While there is no shortage of gun shows and even online auctions for firearms, it isn’t every day that collectors will get an opportunity to bid on such rare and sought after items.

In September gun collectors will get a chance to bid on vintage military firearms from the First and Second World Wars, including a German Luger BYF 42 “Black Widow,” a Broomhandle “Red 9” Mauser C96 and an American 1911 Government .45 ACP by Colt.

These are among more than 40 vintage firearms that will be up for auction in September from Craig Gottlieb Military Antiques.

“Collectors don’t get an opportunity to bid on this quality of military firearms every day,” said Craig Gottlieb of Craig Gottlieb Military Antiques. “Each of these firearms is in pristine condition and would make a welcome addition to any collection.”

September’s firearms auction from Craig Gottlieb Military Antiques will also include a rare German Luger pistol once owned by aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. The iconic handgun was used in the 19309 epic World War I film Hell’s Angels, which Hughes directed.

“When you play back the scene frame-by-frame, you can easily make out the unique features of this rare model Luger,” says Gottlieb, noting the slender barrel, unique grip safety and the shape of the other features, which are unique to this rare pistol. “If Hughes had used a regular Luger, we would never know if this was really the same gun.”

Other firearms included in the auction include a German issue Hi-Power with Holster, a P38 Mauser by byf44, a Luger PO9 1917, JP Sauer Model 1913, a P38 CYG, Browning 1922, 1921 dated Luger PO8, Government Smith and Wesson 1917 .45 LC, Japanese Nambu Type 14, Mauser Model 1910, Polish RADOM VIS Model 35, DWM Commercial Luger PO8, Japanese Type 26 Revolver, Mauser HSC 7.65, Nambu Type 94 with matching magazine, French 1873 St. Etienne Pistol, Browning 1922 with Nazi stamps and Luftwaffe Holster, 1917 Steyr, P38 AC41 Walther, Colt New Service .45 Lend Lease proofed, Government Smith & Wesson Victory Model .38, Russian Nagant Revolver and Hungarian P37 Femaru. Additional items include a Dummy MP40, with original parts build on a solid aluminum receiver; additional MP40 parts; and an MG-34 Dummy Gun built from original 1944 dated parts on a solid aluminum receiver.

“Many of these firearms simply don’t show up every day,” says Gottlieb. “Collectors seldom see firearms of this quality at their local gun shows or even on GunBroker. We are starting the auction with low opening bids, no reserves, no buyer’s premium and most importantly lifetime guarantee on the authenticity of each item.”

The firearms auction on Craig Gottlieb Military Collectibles will begin on September 1 and continue through September 17 at cgmauctions.com.

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