Activist Talking Points For Municipality Building Gun Bans & No Gun Sign Postings

Activist Talking Points For Local Municipality Building Gun Bans & No Gun Sign Postings

Wisconsin Carry
Wisconsin Carry

Wisconsin –-( With the plethora of municipalities taking up gun-bans/posting of government buildings, in preparation for the new concealed carry law to take effect Nov. 1 we have seen scores of municipalities take up this issue.

Some have made wise choices and ALLOWED guns in local government buildings (city hall, library, etc)

Unfortunately, many have chosen to follow ignorance and emotion and decided to post city buildings:

I have been asked by a few members for talking points to use when they attend their local meetings to push back/advocate for the common sense of allowing carry by the law-abiding.

Here are some suggested talking points that you might get an idea or two from that perhaps you haven’t already. As you attend your local city council meetings when these issues are discussed, feel free to use some, or all of these in addition to your own ideas.

First: As a matter of principle, its immoral for the city government to deny a citizen their constitutionally guaranteed HUMAN right to self-defense in buildings that the very citizen pays for through their taxes. Those are not private buildings, they are government buildings, but a government “of the people”. Ultimately they ARE the people’s buildings. If we embrace a government “of the people” how can we deny citizens a constitutional right to carry in their own buildings? Its immoral. They mayor doesn’t own the building. He didn’t pay for it. The city council doesn’t own the buildings. They didn’t pay for it. The taxpayers paid for it.

Second: I would ask the council members if they honestly believe that a sign will stop a deranged lunatic from coming into the city hall (or the city library, etc) with a gun. In an era of growing frustration with government, the potential for a lunatic on a shooting rampage does exist (we saw it in Florida at a school board meeting, we saw it in Missouri) A deranged shooter will ignore the sign and every law-abiding person inside will have left their means to defend themselves in their car.

I might pose the question to the council, if some lunatic is unable to pay their property tax bill and decides to go on a suicidal shooting rampage at the city council meeting, do you want to be sitting where you are with no means to defend yourself or would you wish that someone in that room stop the threat and save lives.

I would tell them “god forbid what happened at that board meeting in Florida or in Missouri happens here”, but if someone lunatic comes in and points a gun at you and starts shooting. As everyone dives under the desk, in that moment, will you regret that you prohibited EVERY “good guy” in the room from having a gun who could save your life. Will you (city council members) regret that your signs not only created an environment where should a lunatic come in and start shooting, no one will be able to stop it, but your signs will ALSO give a lunatic a sense of confidence that the city council meeting is a GOOD place to go on a shooting rampage because the prohibition on guns means everyone in there is unarmed.

Its noteworthy that around the country, deranged lunatic’s DO NOT go into police stations [or gun shows] and start shooting. They go in schools and universities and school board meetings, and city council meetings where guns are PROHIBITED. I don’t think this is coincidence. I think lunatics want easy prey. If they just wanted to die, they could kill themselves. They want to inflict mass casualties before they do. That’s why they usually don’t go on shooting rampages in police stations where there are guns that could stop them.

They find places where guns are prohibited and they go on a rampage there.

Tell them to be COMPASSIONATE towards the men and women of (your city here) who want to protect themselves from the crime that will inevitably someday seep outward from (insert nearest major city here) and not to impose these bans on their ability to be carrying when they go into a city building.

Tell them that fearing a law-abiding citizen who carries for self defense and would never draw a gun unless a life was in danger MORE than they would fear a lunatic criminal who would be hell-bent on mass casualties lacks any logic what-so-ever.

Lastly, you could tell them that places with “no guns” signs posted would make the parking lot a target for thieves because they know there is a high likelihood that guns would have been left in the vehicle because they are prohibited in the building. A city council meeting at night that lasts several hours would give a criminal ample opportunity to break into cars in the parking lot to steal guns left there.

One quick announcement:
The “Uninfringed Liberty Group” is hosting its 3rd annual right-to-carry tea-party. It will be held on October 22, 2011 from 1 – 4 pm at the band shell at Lakefront Park in Hudson, WI. It doesn’t appear their website is updated with any other information at this time, but check in the near future for more details. Open-carry encouraged but not required at the event.

Carry On!

Nik Clark
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